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Do you give prizes for games at bridal shower?

Planning a bridal shower is an exciting and fun endeavor. From choosing the perfect venue to picking out the perfect decorations, there are endless details to think about. One of the many decisions to make has to do with games. Bridal shower games are an excellent way to break the ice, get people talking and laughing, and celebrate the bride-to-be. But what about prizes? Should you give out prizes for games at a bridal shower? In this blog post, we will explore this question in detail and offer some insights and tips to help make the decision a little easier.

The Pros of Prize-Giving

First, let’s consider the advantages of giving out prizes at a bridal shower. One of the primary benefits is that it creates a sense of friendly competition among guests. The promise of a reward can motivate people to try harder and participate more actively in the games. It can also make the games more exciting and engaging overall for everyone involved.

Another significant advantage of prize-giving is that it adds an element of fun to the event. A well-chosen prize can be a source of delight and amusement for the winner, and the rest of the guests. It can also serve as a keepsake or remembrance of the day, which is an added bonus.

Additionally, giving out prizes can be an essential part of creating a memorable bridal shower experience. Guests will likely remember the playful competition and the excitement of winning long after the event is over. It can be a way to connect with others, have fun, and make lasting memories with the bride-to-be.

The Cons of Prize-Giving

On the other hand, there are also some potential downsides to giving out prizes at a bridal shower. First, there is the added expense that comes with purchasing or providing a prize for each game. Depending on your budget, this may or may not be feasible, or it may mean sacrificing in other areas of the bridal shower.

Another disadvantage is that the promise of a prize can lead to some individuals becoming overly competitive or even aggressive. This competitiveness may cause hurt feelings or animosity among guests, which is never desirable. You want to plan games that are fun and exciting without causing negative outcomes for anyone participating.

Finally, prize-giving may put pressure on the host or hostess to select prizes that are appropriate and will appeal to a wide range of guests. Choosing prizes can be time-consuming, and it can be challenging to find something that everyone will love or appreciate.

Alternative Approaches

If you’re concerned about the drawbacks of giving out prizes, there are some alternative approaches to consider. First, you might choose to only give out prizes for certain games. For example, you could have a grand prize for the overall winner at the end of the event. Alternatively, you could have a prize for the winner of each game, but keep them modest or homemade so that the cost doesn’t get out of control.

Another approach is to use non-monetary rewards instead of traditional prizes. For example, you could offer the winner the chance to choose the next game, or to select from a range of fun challenges or tasks that the losing players must perform. This kind of reward can be amusing, engaging, and doesn’t require a significant financial investment.


In the end, the choice of whether to give out prizes at a bridal shower is entirely up to the hostess and the preferences of the bride-to-be. Prizes can be a great way to add excitement, fun, and a sense of competition to the day. However, there are some potential downsides to consider, including cost and negative outcomes. If you do decide to give out prizes, be sure to choose something that is appropriate, enjoyable, and won’t create animosity or bad feelings. With careful planning and consideration, you can make the bridal shower an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


Are you supposed to give favors at a bridal shower?

Bridal showers are a pre-wedding festivity to celebrate the bride-to-be with her close friends and family. It’s a chance to shower her with gifts and extend your heartfelt congratulations as she prepares to start a new chapter in her life. While bridal shower favors are not mandatory, they can add a thoughtful and personal touch to the event and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Bridal shower favors are small gifts that the hostess(s) give to guests as a thank you for coming to the celebration. They range from sweet treats and scented candles to personalized keepsakes and more. Bridal shower favors can also serve as a name card holder or part of the table decor.

Giving bridal shower favors is always a gracious and kind gesture that lets your guests feel appreciated as they participated in the event. It’s an excellent way to highlight the meaning and importance of their presence, participation, and support to the bride-to-be. The favors can also serve as a take-home souvenir and a reminder of a fabulous day celebrating the bride and the guests’ love and friendship.

Bridal shower favors are a thoughtful way to thank your guests and show your appreciation for their presence in your pre-wedding festivities. Whether you choose to give a small trinket or a personal keepsake, the gesture will undoubtedly be cherished by your guests. However, it’s important to note that the favors are not obligatory, and the most important thing is to have a great time and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

How much should I spend on shower prizes?

If you’re planning a baby shower, you might be wondering how much you should budget for shower prizes for the party games and activities. It’s important to strike a balance between providing fun incentives for your guests while staying within your budget.

It’s important to consider your overall budget for the baby shower and allocate a portion of it towards shower prizes. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to provide fun and thoughtful prizes for your guests.

One simple approach is to choose practical and affordable gifts that are universally appealing, such as lip balm, nail polish, or a cute coffee mug. You can often find these items at dollar stores or online retailers for low prices.

Another option is to consider personalized prizes that relate to the baby shower theme. For instance, if you’re having a nautical-themed shower, you can give away small sailboat figurines or anchor keychains. If you’re having a gender reveal party, consider giving out pink or blue-scented candles or soaps.

You can also consider gift cards as prizes, which is a versatile option that allows guests to choose their own prizes. A $5 or $10 gift card to a coffee shop, craft store, or a popular online retailer is an appreciated prize that most people will enjoy.

The amount you should spend on shower prizes depends on your budget and personal preference. For most party goers, a $5- $10 prize is more than enough, and remember the focus of the shower should be on celebrating the mom-to-be and having a fun time with family and friends.

What is the standard bridal shower gift amount?

When it comes to attending a bridal shower, the big question for most guests is how much to spend on a gift. The truth is that there is no set amount that one needs to spend on a bridal shower gift as it can vary depending upon factors such as the bride’s relationship with the host and the guest. However, the general consensus among experts and bridal shower attendees is that an average gift usually falls somewhere between $50 to $75.

Of course, some people may choose to spend more or less depending on their relationship with the bride and their own financial situation. The amount spent on a bridal shower gift also depends on the gift-giver’s personal preferences. Often, the amount spent varies based on the choice of gift as well. For example, a group of friends could split the cost of a more expensive gift, or an individual could opt for a less expensive, but still meaningful gift.

It is important to keep in mind that the amount spent on a gift should not break the bank or put undue financial strain on the gift-giver. If you are uncertain about what to spend, it is always perfectly acceptable to ask the host or other guests for a general idea of what is expected. Additionally, what matters the most is the thought and effort you put into the gift itself, rather than the price tag attached to it.