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Do the Rolling Stones have any love songs?

The Rolling Stones are one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, known for their rebellious nature and hard-hitting rock anthems. However, many people wonder if the Stones have any love songs among their vast catalog of hits. While they may not be known for their romantic tunes, surprisingly, the answer is yes.

‘She’s A Rainbow’

One of the most well-known love songs by the Stones is ‘She’s A Rainbow’. Released in 1967 during the height of the ‘Summer of Love’ and the psychedelic movement, this song has a dreamy, romantic vibe and features beautiful lyrics such as “She comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow.”

The song is a tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of a woman who is the object of the singer’s desire. The piano melody and choir harmonies perfectly complement the lyrics and create a joyful and uplifting tone throughout the song.

‘Wild Horses’

Another classic love song by the Stones is ‘Wild Horses’. This slow, melancholic ballad was released in 1971 and has since become a timeless classic. The song features heartfelt lyrics that express a deep, emotional connection with a lover, and the struggles that come with trying to hold onto that connection over time.

The beauty of the song lies in the intimate and honest nature of the lyrics, which speak directly to the heart. The simple melody and acoustic guitar make for a perfect blend of music and lyrics, delivering a stunningly powerful performance.


Released in 1973, ‘Angie’ is another love song that showcases the softer and more vulnerable side of the Rolling Stones. The song is rumored to have been written about the end of Mick Jagger’s relationship with his wife, Bianca Jagger.

The song features a haunting piano melody and emotional lyrics that express the pain and sorrow of a lost love. The chorus, “Angie, Angie, ain’t it good to be alive?” provides a glimpse of hope and faith in love, even in the face of heartbreak.

‘Beast of Burden’

While not traditionally considered a love song, ‘Beast of Burden’ has been interpreted as a song about a complicated relationship that ultimately perseveres. The song was released in 1978 and features a groovy, blues-inspired melody that perfectly complements the lyrics.

The lyrics speak of the difficulties and challenges that come with being in a relationship, but also the love and commitment that keeps it going. The chorus, “I’ll never be your beast of burden, my back is broad but it’s a hurting” showcases the singer’s willingness to endure the hardships that come with love.

‘Fool To Cry’

Released in 1976, ‘Fool To Cry’ is another love song that showcases the Stones’ ability to create emotional and honest music. The song features a soulful, piano-based melody and lyrics that express a feeling of heartbreak and longing for a lost love.

The song’s chorus, “It’s hard to be a lover when the TV’s on and nothing’s in your eyes” paints a picture of loneliness and the struggle to keep a relationship alive. Despite the sadness expressed throughout the song, the melody and performance are stunningly beautiful and moving.


While the Rolling Stones may not be known for their love songs, they have certainly created some of the most beautiful and emotional music in the genre. From the dreamy and uplifting ‘She’s A Rainbow’ to the hauntingly melancholic ‘Wild Horses’ and the soulful ‘Fool To Cry’, the Stones’ ability to express the joys and sorrows of love is evident in their music.

When listening to their vast catalog of hits, don’t overlook the softer side of the Stones. You may just find a new favorite love song that speaks directly to your heart.


What is the #1 song on Rolling Stone?

Rolling Stone, a highly respected music magazine in the United States, has named “Respect” by the legendary Aretha Franklin as the number one song of all time. This signature hit was written by Otis Redding and originally recorded by him in 1965. However, Aretha Franklin’s rendition, which was released in 1967, became an instant classic and an anthem for the civil rights and women’s liberation movements.

“Respect” is a powerful song with an irresistible groove that showcases Franklin’s soulful, emotive vocals and her incredible range. The lyrics are simple yet profound, expressing the universal desire for respect and dignity in all aspects of life. The iconic refrain “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me” has become a cultural touchstone and a symbol of empowerment for marginalized communities.

Rolling Stone’s decision to name “Respect” as the number one song of all time reflects its enduring popularity and cultural significance. It has been widely covered and sampled in countless songs, movies, and TV shows over the years, cementing its status as a timeless classic. Moreover, Aretha Franklin’s legacy as the “Queen of Soul” and one of the greatest singers of all time is also celebrated through this accolade.

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin stands as the number one song of all time according to Rolling Stone. Its timeless appeal, powerful lyrics, and iconic performance by the “Queen of Soul” have made it a cultural touchstone and an inspiration for generations of fans and musicians alike.

Did the Rolling Stones have a hit with Like a Rolling Stone?

“Like a Rolling Stone” is a famous song, but it was not a hit for The Rolling Stones. Instead, it is a Bob Dylan composition that the Stones tried to cover during recording sessions in 1965, as Brian Jones, the band’s multi-instrumentalist, was a huge Dylan fan. However, the band wasn’t happy with the result, and the track remained unreleased until 1995, when it was included in the album “Stripped.” Dylan, himself, recorded the song in 1965, and it became a huge hit, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Though the Stones didn’t achieve commercial success with their version, it is still appreciated by fans for their unique take on the song. the Rolling Stones didn’t have a hit with “Like a Rolling Stone” as it was a Bob Dylan song that became a hit when he recorded it in 1965, while the Stones’ version remained unpublished until 1995.

What did John Lennon say about the Rolling Stones?

John Lennon, the legendary musician and member of the Beatles, once commented on the Rolling Stones in an interview. When asked about his thoughts on the Stones, Lennon made a rather controversial statement regarding their music. In his response, he chose not to focus on their appearance but rather on their musical style. According to an interview published in Rolling Stone on February 4th, 1971, Lennon said, “I like the butch stuff, and I don’t like the f*ggy stuff.”

While the remark may have caused some controversy at the time, it is important to consider the historical context. It is well-known that during the 1960s, there was a lot of tension between and competition among the various music groups of the era. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were two of the most prominent and successful groups in this scene. While their music shared some similarities, there were distinct differences in their style and approach.

Lennon’s offhand comment about the Stones can be interpreted as a reflection of his personal musical taste, rather than a calculated dig at the band. It is worth noting that Lennon himself was not shy about expressing his opinions, whether they were popular or not. He was known for being an outspoken critic of the establishment, and his comments about the Stones could be seen as a reflection of that attitude.

Despite the controversy that may have surrounded Lennon’s statement at the time, it is clear that his impact on the world of music cannot be underestimated. As a member of the Beatles, he helped to shape the sound of an era and influenced countless musicians who followed in their footsteps. His legacy continues to be celebrated, long after his untimely death in 1980.

Who was bigger Beatles or Stones?

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are two of the most iconic bands in the rock and roll genre, and their music has stood the test of time. While both have left their mark on the world, the question still lingers: Who was bigger, the Beatles or the Stones?

When it comes to album sales, the Beatles rank as the best-selling band in history. They have sold over 183 million units in the US alone and over 600 million worldwide. Their studio albums are still considered some of the most influential in the history of both popular and rock music, and their success transcends generations.

The Rolling Stones, on the other hand, have sold over 240 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time as well. They have been releasing music for over 50 years, and their albums continue to sell well today.

When it comes to touring, the Rolling Stones hold the record for the highest-grossing concert tour in history. Their 2005-2007 “A Bigger Bang” tour grossed over $560 million worldwide. This is in part because the band has been performing consistently for over 50 years, with their live shows being some of the most sought-after in music history.

Despite the statistics, when it comes to influence and impact, the Beatles take the lead. Their 1964 appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” is often cited as one of the most significant moments in the history of rock and roll. Their music changed the face of popular culture and inspired countless artists, bands, and musicians who came after them. They were also the pioneers of the concept album, breaking new ground in how music could be produced, recorded, and consumed.

The Rolling Stones, on the other hand, were known for pushing the envelope when it came to music that dealt with controversial and taboo subjects, such as sex and drugs. They helped define the rebellious spirit of rock and roll, and their music continues to inspire generations of fans.

While both bands have left an indelible mark on the world of music, the bigger band between the Beatles and the Stones is subjective, depending on the metrics used to measure their success. The Beatles were trendsetters who introduced a new form of music that evolved into rock and roll, while the Stones were known for pushing the boundaries of rock and roll music. It could be argued that both bands were equally significant in their own way, and each had a profound impact on music and popular culture.

What did Keith Richards say about The Beatles?

Keith Richards, the renowned guitarist and founder of the Rolling Stones, has given his opinion on the greatest bands of all time. When he talked about The Beatles, he stated that they were an obvious choice, meaning that they were one of the greatest bands ever. It should come as no surprise that The Beatles are listed among the top bands, given their impact on music and the legendary songs they produced.

Richards and The Beatles have a long history together, with their respective bands frequently being compared to each other in the 1960s. Richards was particularly close friends with John Lennon, one of the founding members of The Beatles, and is said to have been devastated by his untimely death in 1980.

It is worth noting that when Richards refers to The Beatles as an obvious choice for the greatest band of all time, he is speaking subjectively. The topic of the “best” band is often debated, and opinions can vary significantly depending on personal taste and the criteria used when assessing music. Nonetheless, it is impossible to deny the significant influence and contributions that The Beatles have made to the world of music, and their status as one of the all-time greats is almost universally accepted.

What percentage of people prefer the Rolling Stones to The Beatles?

According to a poll conducted in 2019, the majority of Americans prefer the Beatles to the Rolling Stones. The poll surveyed a representative sample of over 1,000 adults in the United States and found that 50% of them preferred the Beatles while only 33% preferred the Stones. The remaining 17% had no preference or were unsure.

Interestingly, this trend held true across all age groups, with both young and old Americans showing a clear preference for the Beatles. Among those aged 18-29, 52% preferred the Beatles while only 25% preferred the Stones. For those aged 30-49, the numbers were 50% and 35% respectively. Among those aged 50-64, 51% preferred the Beatles while only 32% preferred the Stones, and for those aged 65 and over, the numbers were 56% and 27% respectively.

The poll also found that both men and women preferred the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, although women showed a stronger preference by a margin of 53% to 29%. Men, on the other hand, preferred the Beatles by a smaller margin of 47% to 38%.

It’s worth noting that this poll is just one data point and may not be representative of the entire population or global preferences. However, it does provide some interesting insights into the musical tastes of Americans and suggests that the Beatles continue to hold a prominent place in the hearts of many music lovers.