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Do first dance songs have to be slow?

The first dance as a married couple is one of the most unforgettable moments of any wedding celebration. It’s a moment that encapsulates the love and bond between two people. Most couples opt for slow, ballad-like songs for their first dance. But does it always have to be slow? In this post, we’ll explore the options and explain why the first dance doesn’t have to be slow.

The Tradition of Slow First Dances

Traditionally, slow first dance songs have been the norm. The tradition likely springs from the first dance being seen as a romantic and intimate moment between the newly married couple. A slow song allows for close physical contact between the couple, which often leads to emotional and tender moments.

Additionally, slow songs are generally more suited to ballroom dancing, a traditional dance style common at weddings. Ballroom dances require smoother, more controlled movements, which are best suited for slower songs.

Why Break with Tradition?

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with slow first dance songs, it’s important to remember that the first dance is meant to reflect the couple’s personalities and relationship. If the couple has a fun, upbeat attitude and loves to dance to faster music, a slow song may not capture the spirit of their relationship.

Moreover, not every couple feels comfortable with the intimacy of a slow dance in front of an audience. A faster dance can be equally dignified and elegant while allowing couples the freedom to express their love and style in a way that feels authentic to them.

Alternatives to Slow First Dance Songs

For couples considering a faster first dance song, there are many options available. For example, a song with a moderate tempo may offer the best of both worlds; it’s not too slow yet still conveys the romantic tone of a traditional first dance.

Another option is to choose a song that isn’t necessarily a ballad but has meaningful lyrics or an emotional connection for the couple. This allows the couple to maintain the emotional and intimate tone of a traditional first dance while choosing a non-traditional song.

Lastly, some couples opt for choreographed dances that mix up tempos and styles. For example, the dance could start with a slow waltz but then transition into a more upbeat, choreographed dance routine. This approach lets the couple showcase their personalities and allows them to have a lot of fun on the dance floor.


In conclusion, the first dance song does not have to be slow. There are many options available which will still capture the emotional and intimate tone of a traditional dance, while also allowing the couple to express their individuality and style. Couples should choose a first dance song that reflects their personalities and relationship, as the first dance is one of the most personal moments of any wedding celebration.


What makes a good wedding first dance song?

Choosing a song for your first dance at your wedding is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the night. You’ll want to choose a song that is meaningful to you and your partner, while also being a good fit for dancing.

When considering a song for your first dance, the length of the song is a crucial factor to keep in mind. Generally, around three minutes is the sweet spot, but your song should definitely be longer than a minute and less than four. This gives you a good timeframe for enjoying your dance together, without feeling like it goes on for too long.

The tempo of the song is another important aspect to consider. You’ll want to find a tune that’s not too fast, nor too slow. A song that is too fast can make it difficult to dance to, while a song that is too slow can feel like it drags on. Opt for a mid-tempo song that allows you to sway and move comfortably on the dance floor.

The melody and lyrics of the song are also crucial factors. You want a song that is enjoyable to dance to, but also has appropriate lyrics. While some songs may be special to you, their lyrics might not be appropriate for a wedding, especially if the song is about a heartbreak or loss. Choose a song that has lyrics that celebrate love and commitment, and make sure to listen to the lyrics carefully to ensure they are a good fit.

Finally, think about the emotions you want to evoke when you dance to your song. Do you want to feel romantic and intimate with your partner, or do you want to keep it light and fun? Choose a song that matches the mood you want to create. A good wedding first dance song is one that truly represents you and your partner, while also being enjoyable to dance to and appropriate for the occasion.

Is falling slowly a good wedding song?

“Falling Slowly” from the movie Once has become a popular choice for wedding ceremonies and first dances. The song, written by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2008 and has since become a timeless classic. The question remains, however, is “Falling Slowly” a good wedding song choice?

Firstly, the lyrics of the song speak of the beauty and intimacy of a relationship. They embody the sentiments of a couple in the euphoria of love, a perfect fit for the mood of a wedding ceremony. The words evoke a sense of passion, devotion, and promise, which all add to the romantic atmosphere of a wedding. Furthermore, the song has a slow, introspective tempo that allows couples to embrace each other and share a tender moment together.

Moreover, the melody of “Falling Slowly” is simple, yet enchanting, with a beautiful harmony that couples can sway to. It is a timeless classic that can evoke sweet memories any time the couple hears it after their special day. Its unique beat and simple accompaniment make it an excellent choice, especially for a couple who prefers an indie-folk vibe with a touch of soft rock.

Finally, the sentimental value of the song goes beyond being just another wedding song. It has a strong connection with the movie Once, a beautiful story of two musicians who find each other and discover themselves through the power of music. This adds a touch of nostalgia and a sense of unique individuality to the couple’s special day.

“Falling Slowly” from Once is, without a doubt, a top choice for a wedding song. Its lyrics, melody, and overall sentiment capture the essence of love and commitment beautifully. It is an intimate and romantic song that can create unforgettable moments for any couple on their special day.

Do you play slow songs at weddings?

Yes, slow songs are a popular choice at weddings and for good reason. Wedding receptions are all about celebrating the couple’s love, and what better way to do so than with a slow, romantic song that evokes emotion and sentimentality? Slow songs have the ability to connect guests of all ages and encourage them to slow dance with their partners or loved ones, creating a magical and memorable moment.

Furthermore, slow songs can be used at various moments throughout the wedding reception, such as during the first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. These dances are a special and important part of the reception, and often, they involve a slow song that has significant meaning to the couple or the family.

In addition to the traditional slow dances, slow songs can be played during dinner or cocktail hour to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. They can also be included in the DJ’s playlist for the reception dancing, helping to balance out the faster, upbeat songs with slower, more romantic ones.

Slow songs can be a perfect addition to any wedding reception, as they embody the essence of love and romance and create a tender and unforgettable moment for the couple and their guests.

What type of dance is best for first dance?

The first dance is a special moment for newlyweds, and choosing the right type of dance is essential. Ballroom dancing and social dancing can be a great structure for a first dance because they are familiar, romantic, and can be easily adapted to reflect the couple’s personality. There are different styles of dances that can be performed, including Rumba, Night Club 2 Step, Cha Cha, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, and Salsa.

Rumba is a slow and sensual dance that originated in Cuba. It is an effortless style that is good for beginners because of the basic forward and backward movements. Night Club 2 Step, also known as NC2S, is a more contemporary style that is perfect for slow ballads. It shares many similarities with Rumba and is usually danced in a fluid and smooth manner. Cha Cha is an upbeat dance that is popular in Latin clubs. The Cha Cha is playful and lively, and its movements can be incorporated into almost any song.

Swing is a high-energy dance that originated in America during the 1920s. The style has grown to encompass many variations, including West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing, which are both good options for a first dance. Foxtrot is a classic ballroom dance that is distinguished by its smooth, flowing movements. It is a great dance for couples who want to display their grace and elegance on the dance floor.

Waltz is another classic ballroom dance that is characterized by its sweeping turns and dips. Many people opt to choose this dance for their first dance because it adds an element of sophistication and glamour to the occasion. Lastly, Salsa is a fun and festive dance that is perfect for couples who want to showcase their playful side. It’s a vibrant and joyful dance style that can be an excellent choice for a lively wedding reception.

The majority of couples use private dance lessons to help them prepare for their first dance. Private lessons provide a comfortable environment where the couple can focus on learning the dance steps at their own pace. Also, private lessons give couples the opportunity to tailor their dance to their preference and style. With skilled dance instructors, couples can feel confident and at ease knowing that they will be able to execute their dance perfectly during the wedding day.

Choosing the perfect dance for the first dance is a crucial decision. Ballroom and social dances offer many interesting possibilities and styles that couples can take advantage of. Whether it’s Rumba, Night Club 2 Step, Cha Cha, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, or Salsa, a well-rehearsed dance can enhance the special moment, creating beautiful memories for years to come.