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Do brides look better with hair up or down?

For every bride, her wedding day is one of the most crucial and fantastic moments of her life. She desires to look stunning and flawless on her big day. A bride’s wedding dress, makeup, and hair are essential components that she needs to focus on. The way a bride styles her hair is one of the crucial decisions she has to make for her wedding day. A question that often comes to mind when figuring out bridal hair is whether a bride should prefer her hair up or down. In this blog post, we will dive into the pros and cons of both hairstyles to find out which hairstyle suits you the most.

Pros and Cons of Hair Up

Up hairstyles for brides can be elegant, chic, and classic, making any bride look like royalty. One of the significant advantages of having an updo hairstyle is that it’s an excellent way to show off any neck jewelry or earrings you have on. Besides that, an updo hairstyle will help in keeping the hair away from the face and keep the bride cool. But, this requires a hairstyle that can last the whole day, and that is where the cons of updo hairstyle come in.

One of the significant disadvantages of an updo hairstyle is that it requires maintenance. If the updo hairstyle isn’t done correctly, it can be uncomfortable and can cause headaches throughout the day. Furthermore, wearing the same hairstyle for an extended period of time can result in severe headaches and even lead to hair loss. Also, an updo hairstyle may not suit everyone’s face shape as it could accentuate features that one might want to hide.

Pros and Cons of Hair Down

Hair down hairstyles are a natural and effortless look that allows the bride to feel relaxed and still look beautiful. It gives the bride the feel of being herself and comfortable without doing anything much fancy. A considerable advantage of this hairstyle is that it suits most face shapes and hair types. Moreover, hair down hairstyles gives flexibility to the bride to shake and move her hair however she likes, which adds to the overall photoshoot.

However, like any other hairstyle, there are some disadvantages of hair down hairstyles as well. For starters, it can cause the bride to feel hot as the hair might cling to the back of the neck, and the bride might keep moving it over and over again. Secondly, with hair down, you may have to worry about hair sticking to your lipstick and creating a mess. Lastly, if the bride has curly hair, they may start to freeze and frizz in high humidity.


In conclusion, neither of these hairstyles is perfect, and it is a question of a personal preference. Some brides prefer an updo while others like to keep their hair down. If you prefer a classic and timeless look, then an updo hairstyle is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a casual and laid-back look, then hair down style is the best option.

Ultimately, as much as we all desire to look perfect and flawless, our happiness should come first. What’s essential is to opt for a hairstyle that you feel most comfortable in and gives you a sense of confidence. You should choose a style that speaks to you and makes you feel like a queen on your wedding day. Regardless of which hairstyle you choose, enjoy every moment of your magical day as it is a once in a lifetime experience.


Why do brides wear their hair down?

The decision on how to wear your hair on your wedding day is a big one, and it can be difficult to figure out the perfect hairstyle. Many brides choose to wear their hair down, and there are a variety of reasons why. One of the main reasons that brides choose to wear their hair down is simply because it can feel more comfortable than wearing it up in a more unusual style. Some women may not feel as confident in an up-do or a fancier hairstyle, and they may prefer to stick with a more natural look.

Another reason that brides choose to wear their hair down is that it creates a nice frame for the face and can help to soften the neck and shoulders. A bridal hair specialist named Sheila Raye Stone has said that wearing hair down “gives a nice frame for the face and softens the neck and shoulders.” This can be particularly helpful if a bride is wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, which can draw attention to the neck and shoulders. By wearing hair down, the focus is kept on the face and creates a more balanced look.

Additionally, wearing hair down can help to make a bride feel more like herself on her wedding day. Some women prefer to wear their hair down because that is how they wear it every day, and they may not want to deviate too far from their normal style. By wearing hair down, a bride can feel more comfortable and relaxed on her wedding day, which is important for enjoying the experience.

There are many reasons why brides choose to wear their hair down on their wedding day. From feeling more comfortable to framing the face and creating a natural look, there are many benefits to this hairstyle choice. However, every bride is different and may have their own reasons for choosing a particular hairstyle. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable on your big day.

When should you wear your hair up?

Wearing your hair up can provide a polished and professional appearance, especially when you want to make a good impression for a formal or business setting. But when exactly should you be wearing your hair up versus down?

One factor to consider is your outfit. While your dress or attire doesn’t necessarily have to dictate how you wear your hair, it’s still a good starting point to determine what hairstyle complements your clothing. For example, dresses with high necklines tend to be more formal, and an up-do would be the most appropriate. This not only adds elegance to your look, but it also prevents any hair from getting caught on the dress.

Additionally, if you want to highlight a statement neckline or accessorize with earrings, wearing your hair up can help draw attention to these details and prevent them from getting hidden behind long locks. It also makes it easier to show off a dramatic makeup look, which can be complemented by a clean and elegant bun or top-knot hairstyle.

On the other hand, wearing your hair down can be appropriate for more casual events where you want a relaxed and effortless look. It can also work well if you want to balance out a busy patterned outfit or soften a structured blazer or jacket.

The choice of whether to wear your hair up or down comes down to personal preference, style, and the occasion. Experimenting with different hairstyles can also help you find what works best for you and showcase your unique aesthetic.

Can I wear flowers in my hair as a wedding guest?

As a wedding guest, if you’re looking to spice up your outfit and want to add something extra to your hair, you might be considering wearing flowers. However, before doing so, it’s important to understand the etiquette around this choice.

Traditionally, flowers in the hair have been reserved for the bride on her wedding day. It is one of the many ways that a bride can make herself stand out and look special on her big day. Therefore, it’s generally considered inappropriate for anyone else to wear flowers in their hair at a wedding.

Wearing flowers in the hair as a guest can potentially take away from the bride, making her feel less special on her wedding day. For this reason, it’s generally recommended that guests avoid wearing flowers in their hair. Instead, consider wearing a lovely fascinator or hair accessory that complements your outfit, without taking away any attention from the bride.

While it can be tempting to wear flowers in your hair for a wedding – especially if it’s a summer or outdoor wedding and the flowers are in season – it’s best to err on the side of caution. Stick to elegant hair accessories that will enhance your look without making it seem like you’re trying to outshine the bride. By doing so, you’ll be respecting wedding etiquette and ensuring that everyone has a lovely time on the big day.

Should I wash my hair before getting hair done for wedding?

Being a bride, you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day, and your hairstyle is a crucial aspect of your overall look. It is natural to be concerned about the right hair care routine before getting your hair done for your wedding. One question that brides often ask is, “Should I wash my hair before getting hair done for the wedding?”

To answer the question, it is recommended that you wash your hair the evening before the wedding, ideally the night before. You might be thinking that washing your hair on the day of the wedding is a good idea to make it look fresh, but that’s not correct. When you wash your hair on the same day, it might be too soft and slippery. As a result, your stylist might find it difficult to create your desired hairstyle, and accessories or flowers might slip out if they don’t hold on properly.

Moreover, washing your hair the night before the wedding allows the natural oils to return and settle on your scalp. These oils act like a natural moisturizer that can help in styling your hair better. It also helps to hold the hairstyle and keep it in place throughout the day.

Once you have washed your hair the night before your wedding day, it is suggested to avoid using any hair products, such as leave-in conditioner or other styling products. Apply some mousse to add volume and texture to your hair before blow-drying it. Mousse can help hold your hair style and maintain its shape throughout the day.

It’S always best to have clean hair for your wedding day, and washing it the night before is the ideal time. It gives your hair the perfect natural texture for a beautiful hairstyle without being too slippery. Make sure to skip products on the day of the wedding, instead of using mousse for better texture and hold. With proper hair care, your hairstyle will look stunning, and you can be confident that you will look your best on your special day.