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Did Thomas Rhett visit death row inmates?

Thomas Rhett is a renowned country singer and songwriter, known for his hits like “Die a Happy Man,” “Star of the Show,” and “Life Changes.” He has gained much popularity among country music fans in recent years. However, a question that has been lingering around for a while is whether Thomas Rhett visited Death Row inmates. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this question, and also provide an overview of Thomas Rhett’s music career.

Thomas Rhett’s Music Career

Thomas Rhett is the son of country music singer/songwriter Rhett Akins. He was born on March 30, 1990, in Valdosta, Georgia. Thomas Rhett grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by music. He later went on to study at Lipscomb University in Nashville.

Rhett began his music career as a songwriter, where he wrote songs for other country stars such as Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, and Florida Georgia Line. In 2012, he signed a record deal with Valory Music Group, and his debut single, ‘Something to Do with My Hands,’ was released in 2012.

Rhett’s debut album ‘It Goes Like This’ was released in 2013, and it went on to receive critical acclaim. The album featured well-known songs such as “Get Me Some of That” and “It Goes Like This,” which helped catapult Rhett’s career to new heights. He has since released three more albums, including ‘Life Changes,’ which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 in 2017.

Did Thomas Rhett Visit Death Row Inmates?

The intriguing question of whether or not Thomas Rhett visited Death Row inmates came about after the release of his song ‘Country Again,’ which was released in early 2021. In the song, Rhett described his visit to a prison as part of his efforts to reconnect with the country lifestyle that he missed while touring.

Rhett sang about how the inmates he met reminded him of the boys back home. They bonded over hunting and fishing, and Rhett came to realize that they too, despite their circumstances, had a connection to the outdoors and the simple things in life. However, he did not explicitly mention whether he visited Death Row inmates or not.

It is not clear whether Thomas Rhett visited Death Row inmates or not. It is possible that he did. However, it is equally possible that the visit he sang about was to another part of the prison that did not house Death Row inmates. Whatever the case may be, Rhett’s visit was a reminder of the commonalities we share despite our differences and circumstances.


In conclusion, Thomas Rhett is a successful country singer and songwriter who has made a significant impact in the music industry. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he visited Death Row inmates, his song ‘Country Again,’ provided a glimpse into his visit to a prison, where he bonded with inmates over shared interests. Thomas Rhett’s career continues to grow, and fans can only hope that more great music is on the way.


What song does Thomas Rhett sing with his dad?

Thomas Rhett is a popular country singer known for hits like “Die a Happy Man” and “Life Changes.” However, not everyone might know that he has a special song that he sings with his dad. The song is called “Things Dads Do” and it’s a heartfelt duet that showcases the bond between father and son.

The story behind the song goes back to when Rhett was just six years old. His father, Rhett Akins, was a country singer and songwriter himself, and one day he brought home a guitar that caught young Thomas’ attention. Rhett Akins then asked his son if he wanted to write a song with him, and the two started working on “Things Dads Do” together.

The song tells the story of a father and son’s relationship and all the things that dads do for their children. It talks about teaching kids to fish, catching fireflies, and driving them to school. The lyrics are sweet and sentimental, and they capture the essence of what it means to be a dad.

Years later, when Thomas Rhett became a country singer himself, he knew that he wanted to include “Things Dads Do” on one of his albums. He recorded a new version of the song with his dad, and the two harmonized beautifully together. The emotional duet was well-received by fans and critics alike, and it remains one of the highlights of Rhett’s discography.

“Things Dads Do” is a touching tribute to fatherhood and family ties. It shows that even though Thomas Rhett and his dad are now both successful musicians in their own right, they still have a deep connection that’s not only rooted in music, but in the special bond between father and son.

What song did Chris Stapleton wrote for Thomas Rhett?

Chris Stapleton, a renowned and talented musician, has written a number of hit songs for several country artists, including Thomas Rhett. One of the most notable songs he wrote for Rhett is “Crash and Burn,” which was released in 2015 and served as the lead track to Rhett’s sophomore album, Tangled Up.

“Crash and Burn” is a song that speaks to heartfelt emotions and love struggles in relationships, and has resonated with country music fans all over the world. It is a slow, yet catchy tune with a groovy melody that highlights Rhett’s exceptional quality of voice and Stapleton’s songwriting genius.

Written alongside Jesse Frasure, the songwriting duo crafted a narrative that boldly captures the diverse emotions that whirlwinds a heart after a failed relationship, as seen in the opening line, “So I guess it’s over baby, Déjà vu again. Who’d have thought that time don’t stop and somehow girl, the world keeps spinning.” The lyrics continue to explore the struggle of letting go of a failing relationship, and how difficult it can be to finally turn the page and move forward.

The success of “Crash and Burn” speaks to the sheer genius of Chris Stapleton’s songwriting abilities. Although he didn’t record the song himself, he was able to take an idea and turn it into something special that could still resonate with the masses. The song was a hit on the charts and earned praise from music critics, boosting Thomas Rhett’s profile in the process. To this day, it remains one of the most popular songs in Rhett’s catalogue, and serves as a testament to the remarkable talents of both Stapleton and Rhett in the country music scene.

Who writes songs for Jason Aldean?

Country singer and songwriter Jason Aldean has had many hit songs throughout his career, and he often collaborates with various songwriters to create his music. One songwriter who has contributed significantly to Aldean’s success is John Morgan, a fellow country singer-songwriter.

John Morgan is a well-respected songwriter in the country music industry, and he has written numerous hit songs for various artists. However, his collaborations with Aldean have been particularly successful, and his writing has been a critical factor in some of Aldean’s most memorable songs.

Some of the hit songs that Morgan has co-written with Aldean include “Blacktop Gone,” “Blame It On You,” “Got What I Got,” “If My Truck Could Talk,” and “Tattoos and Tequila.” Additionally, Morgan has also co-written hits for other popular country music artists, including Carrie Underwood, Justin Moore, and Dustin Lynch.

What sets Morgan’s writing apart is his ability to craft relatable and emotional lyrics that resonate with listeners. His songs tackle themes like love, loss, and life struggles, and they often feature catchy melodies and irresistible hooks. This combination of strong lyrics and excellent song structure has helped Morgan establish himself as a go-to songwriter in the country music scene.

In addition to his success as a songwriter, Morgan has also recently signed a label deal with Aldean’s Night Train Records. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Morgan to take his career to the next level and continue making hit music for Aldean and other country music artists.

While many songwriters have contributed to Jason Aldean’s success, John Morgan’s writing has been instrumental in creating some of Aldean’s most memorable and beloved hits. Morgan’s ability to craft compelling lyrics and catchy melodies has made him a sought-after songwriter in the country music industry, and his collaboration with Aldean has been particularly fruitful.

Does Thomas Rhett write all of his own songs?

Thomas Rhett, one of the most popular country singers of our time, is known for both his incredible voice and his songwriting skills. However, the question that has always been on many people’s minds is whether Thomas Rhett writes all of his own songs or not. The truth is that while Rhett has co-written many of his hit songs, he has not written all of them by himself.

It’s worth noting that Thomas Rhett has always been an active participant in the songwriting process for his music. He often works with other songwriters in the industry to create music that is both personal and relatable to his fans. In fact, some of his most popular hits, like “Die a Happy Man,” “Marry Me,” and “Life Changes,” were co-written with other songwriters.

Rhett’s songwriting capabilities are not limited to his own music either. He has also written songs for other artists, including Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, and Florida Georgia Line. His songwriting skills have even led to him being awarded the 2019 ACM Songwriter of the Year award.

What sets Thomas Rhett apart from many other artists in the country music genre is his ability to collaborate with other songwriters and create music that appeals to a wide audience. His versatility and adaptability in songwriting have made him one of the most successful and beloved country artists of our time.

While Thomas Rhett does not write all of his own songs, he is heavily involved in the songwriting process and has co-written many of his hit songs. His collaboration with other songwriters in the industry has only strengthened his skills as a songwriter and as an artist.