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Did Reggie and Frances consummate their marriage?

The Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie, were notorious gangsters who ruled the streets of East London in the 1960s. They were feared by many, but also had a certain allure that drew people in. One of the most intriguing aspects of their story is the relationship between Reggie and his wife Frances. There has been much speculation over the years about whether or not they consummated their marriage. In this blog post, we will explore the evidence and try to come to a conclusion about what really happened.

The Early Days

Reggie and Frances first met when they were teenagers. It was love at first sight, and they quickly became inseparable. They were married in 1965, just a few months before Reggie was sentenced to life in prison for murder. Frances remained fiercely loyal to Reggie throughout his time in prison, even taking an overdose when she was denied a prison visit.

The Annulment Attempt

After Reggie was sent to prison, Frances began to have second thoughts about their marriage. She was young and wanted to have children, something that would be impossible if Reggie remained in prison for the rest of his life. So, she attempted to get their marriage annulled on the grounds that it was never consummated.

There are several possible explanations for why Frances may have claimed that their marriage was never consummated. One is that she was telling the truth. Another is that she wanted to leave Reggie, but knew that divorce would not be an option since he was in prison. Annulment, on the other hand, would allow her to leave the marriage without being labeled a divorcee.

The Evidence

The evidence for whether or not Reggie and Frances consummated their marriage is largely circumstantial. There are a few pieces of information that we can use to try to piece together what happened.

First, there is the fact that Frances attempted to have the marriage annulled. While this doesn’t conclusively prove that they never consummated the marriage, it does suggest that there were issues in their relationship that went beyond Reggie’s incarceration.

Second, there is the fact that Reggie was almost certainly homosexual. He had numerous relationships with men over the years, including a long-term affair with his driver, Ronnie Hart. Whether or not he was also attracted to Frances is impossible to say for sure, but it seems unlikely.

Finally, there is the fact that Frances was never able to conceive a child. This could be due to any number of factors, but it does suggest that there may have been sexual issues in their relationship.


In the end, it’s impossible to say for certain whether or not Reggie and Frances consummated their marriage. The evidence is largely circumstantial, and what little direct evidence exists is difficult to interpret. However, the fact that Frances attempted to have the marriage annulled suggests that there were issues in their relationship that went beyond Reggie’s imprisonment. It’s possible that they never consummated the marriage, but it’s also possible that they did and it simply wasn’t a successful union. Ultimately, we may never know the truth about what really happened between Reggie and Frances.


What happened between Reggie and Frances?

Reggie Kray, who along with his twin brother Ronnie, were notorious gangsters in London’s East End during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1965, Reggie married Frances Shea, and they had a tumultuous relationship. Frances suffered from anxiety and depression, and she struggled to cope with Reggie’s violent and criminal lifestyle.

On the 8th of October 1967, Frances was found dead at her home in East London. The official cause of death was recorded as an overdose of sleeping pills. However, some have questioned the circumstances surrounding her death. Frances’ family and friends believed that she had been driven to suicide by Reggie’s violent behaviour, and they accused him of mistreatment and abuse.

Despite these allegations, an inquest into Frances’ death found no evidence of wrongdoing on Reggie’s part, and her death was recorded as a suicide. However, in his autobiography, “My Story,” Reggie’s former bodyguard, Frank Mitchell, claimed that Reggie had confided in him that Ronnie was responsible for Frances’ death. According to Mitchell, Reggie said that he had returned home from a night out to find Frances overdosing on sleeping pills. Ronnie, who was also present, had prevented Reggie from calling for medical help and had instead told him to “let her sleep it off.” By the time Reggie discovered that Frances had died, it was too late to save her.

It is impossible to say for certain what happened between Reggie and Frances in the lead-up to her death. However, there is no doubt that their relationship was troubled and that Frances struggled with mental health issues. Whether Reggie played a role in her death, or whether it was solely a result of her own struggles, will likely never be resolved.

Why did Reggie abuse Frances?

Reggie Kray was notorious for his involvement in organized crime with his twin brother Ronnie Kray in London during the 1950s and 60s. The Krays were infamous for their violent behavior, and their victims often included innocent people who got in their way. One among them was Frances Shea, Reggie’s wife whom he married in 1965.

According to various sources, Reggie’s behavior towards Frances was obsessive and possessive. He would constantly monitor her movements and forbid her from seeing her family and friends. He even controlled what she wore, where she went, and what she ate. It was said that Frances did not feel loved by Reggie, but rather oppressed and trapped in the relationship. She reportedly suffered from mental health issues and was taking medication for anxiety and depression.

However, Reggie’s abuse towards Frances was not limited to controlling behavior. According to John Pearson, the author of ‘The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins,’ Reggie’s intimidation of Frances was psychological and sometimes violent. He talked about killing her, her brother, and her parents and brandished his gun to scare her. Knowing she was afraid of the sight of blood, he cut his own hand and dripped blood all over her as she slept. He made Frances believe that he was above the law and would get away with anything he did to her or her family.

Frances, unable to cope with the intense pressure and abuse, decided to leave Reggie in 1967 and filed for divorce. However, shortly after filing, she overdosed on sleeping pills and died. Her death was ruled as suicide, but before her death, she had confided in friends about how Reggie had driven her to the point of breaking down.

The reasons for Reggie’s abusive behavior towards Frances were complex and likely multifaceted. It could be due to his underlying personality disorder, his involvement in organized crime, or a combination of both. Nonetheless, Frances’s tragic fate highlighted the severe consequences of abusive relationships and the importance of supporting victims of domestic violence.

Did Ronnie and Reggie sleep together?

Ronnie and Reggie Kray are infamous as the leaders of organized crime in London’s East End during the 1950s and 1960s. However, there has been speculation over the years about their personal relationship, particularly with regards to their sexual orientation and whether they engaged in sexual activity together.

In his biography of the twins, “The Profession of Violence,” author John Pearson claims that Ronnie Kray admitted to him that he and Reggie had discovered they were both gay in their adolescence and would often have sex together. According to the book, this activity continued into their later life.

While some have dismissed this claim as mere rumor and speculation, others believe that there may be some truth to it. Close friends and associates of the Krays have also acknowledged that they were known to be involved in homosexual activity, and that they were very close both emotionally and physically.

It is worth noting, however, that the Krays were notoriously secretive about their private lives, and they often cultivated an image of masculinity and toughness. In a culture where homosexuality was stigmatized and even criminalized, it is possible that they felt the need to hide or deny any same-sex attraction they may have experienced.

The truth about Ronnie and Reggie Kray and whether they slept together may never be fully known. However, their story serves as a reminder that even those who are outwardly tough and ruthless may harbor deep vulnerabilities and secrets.