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Did Reba McEntire’s son get married?

Country music star Reba McEntire’s son Shelby Blackstock has married his fiancée Marissa Branch. Fans of the family were thrilled to see the pair tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony on February 12, 2022.

Reba McEntire, who recently went public about her new boyfriend Rex Linn, was in attendance at the ceremony. The wedding was a special day for the entire family, and photos from the event showed everyone beaming with joy.

For those who aren’t in the know, Shelby Blackstock is Reba McEntire’s only child with her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock. Like his mother, Shelby has a talent for the entertainment industry. He’s a race car driver who competes in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

Shelby and Marissa announced their engagement back in December 2021 with a sweet post on social media.

Who is Marissa Branch, the new member of the McEntire-Blackstock family?

Marissa Branch is the new addition to the McEntire-Blackstock family. She is a professional golfer from Georgia’s Augusta University and is currently studying clinical nutrition at the University of Alabama.

According to sources close to the couple, Shelby and Marissa have been dating for a while and the lovebirds have been spotted together for numerous occasions.

It’s unclear when they started dating, but their first public appearance together was at the Indy 500 in 2021. If you’re wondering who introduced the pair, it was through mutual friends.

Marissa appears to be smitten with her new husband, posting pictures of him across social media and showering him with words of love and encouragement.

Reba McEntire’s reaction to her son’s wedding

Reba McEntire has always been a proud mother, and her son’s wedding was no exception. The country music legend shared her joy over the union, posting pictures of the event on social media and congratulating the happy couple.

Notably, Reba shared a photo of herself standing beside her boyfriend Rex Linn, which sparked excitement amongst fans. It’s been rumored that the couple has been in a relationship for a few months, and this was one of their first public outings as a couple.

Reba was also seen in a photo with Shelby and Marissa, where she looked overjoyed at the union of her son and new daughter-in-law.

The wedding ceremony

Shelby and Marissa had an intimate outdoor ceremony in Chilton County, Alabama. The couple exchanged their vows under an archway adorned with pink and white flowers, with close family and friends in attendance.

The bride looked stunning in a white gown, while the groom donned a black and white checkered suit.

The wedding reception was held in a garden tent, with beautiful decorations that matched the romantic and sophisticated theme of the ceremony.

Overall, the celebration was a beautiful event that was filled with love and happiness. While it’s unclear how Shelby and Marissa will celebrate their honeymoon, fans are hopeful that the couple will have some time to unwind and bask in their newlywed bliss.


Reba McEntire’s son, Shelby Blackstock, has married his girlfriend Marissa Branch in a beautiful ceremony in Chilton County, Alabama. The wedding was attended by close family and friends, including Reba and her boyfriend Rex Linn. The newlyweds have been together for a while, and fans are overjoyed to see them finally tie the knot. We wish Shelby and Marissa all the best in their new journey together as husband and wife.


Why did Reba’s husband leave her?

Reba McEntire’s divorce from her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, was one of the most shocking news in the entertainment industry. Many fans were left wondering why their long-standing marriage ended up in divorce. In an interview with CMT’s Katie Cook, Reba opened up about her divorce and why her husband left her.

Reba revealed that the split was mutual, and both parties were unhappy in their marriage. She stated, “The divorce was not my idea. I didn’t want it at all. So it was really hard to make the adjustment when someone’s not happy. I just want everybody to be happy in their lives because our lives are too short to be miserable. I just thought it was the best thing to take my marbles and go play somewhere else, is what daddy used to always say.”

Despite the mutual agreement, Reba was unhappy and devastated by the divorce. However, she admits that she wouldn’t want to shackle anyone to stay with her if they are not happy about the relationship. Reba’s honesty about the situation shows how much she values living a happy life, even if it means walking away from something that once brought her joy.

Speculation as to why Reba’s husband left her is generally unfounded. Still, the open and honest nature of Reba’s remarks about the divorce suggest that it might have been due to unhappiness in the marriage at the level reached at that point in time, and the decision of both parties led to the eventual demise of their relationship. Despite going through such a tough time, Reba seems to have moved on with her life and career and has remained graceful and dignified throughout the entire ordeal.

Is Shelby Reba McEntire’s biological son?

Yes, Shelby Blackstock is Reba McEntire’s biological son. He was born on February 23, 1990 to Reba and her former husband, Narvel Blackstock, in Nashville, Tennessee. Reba had previously suffered from multiple miscarriages, which made Shelby’s birth even more precious to her and her family.

Growing up, Shelby was a part of Reba’s life both on and off the stage. He often traveled with his mother on tour and even made an appearance in her music video for “Is There Life Out There.” As he got older, Shelby developed a passion for racing and began pursuing it as a career. He has since become a successful race car driver, competing in series such as the Indy Lights and the IMSA SportsCar Championship.

Shelby’s parents, Reba and Narvel, were married for 26 years before announcing their separation in 2015. Despite their divorce, Reba and Narvel have maintained a close relationship with their son and continue to support him in his racing career. In fact, Narvel even serves as Shelby’s manager.

Shelby Blackstock is Reba McEntire’s only biological child and has grown up to become a successful race car driver. While his parents have since divorced, they have remained supportive of him and continue to be a part of his life.

How many biological children does Reba McEntire have?

Reba McEntire, the renowned American country music singer, songwriter, and actress, has one biological child. She gave birth to her son, Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock, in February 1990. Shelby’s father, Narvel Blackstock, is a former steel guitar player and music manager who Reba married in 1989. The couple got divorced in 2015 after 26 years of marriage.

Despite their divorce, Reba remains very close to her three stepchildren from Narvel’s previous marriage to Elisa Gayle Ritter. The children, Chassidy, Shawna, and Brandon, have referred to Reba as their mother and have remained in touch with her after her divorce from Narvel.

In addition to her successful music and acting career, Reba is also known for her philanthropic work. She has been actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, MusiCares, and Stand Up to Cancer. Reba has also been a strong advocate for the LGBT community and has shown her support by participating in various events and fundraising campaigns.

Reba McEntire has one biological child, Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock. Although she is no longer married to his father, she remains a mother figure to her three stepchildren and is known for her philanthropic work and advocacy for the LGBT community.

Did Reba have kids with her first husband?

Yes, Reba had a son named Shelby with her first husband Narvel Blackstock. Shelby was born on February 23, 1990, and was raised in a privileged lifestyle. However, Reba and Narvel tried their best to keep him humble and grounded. Shelby grew up watching his mother become an icon in the music industry and even made a few appearances in her music videos. Reba and Narvel were married for 26 years before they decided to separate in 2015. Despite the divorce, Reba and Narvel have remained on good terms and continue to co-parent their son. Today, Shelby is all grown up and has pursued a career in racing.

What does Reba McEntire think of her son?

Reba McEntire, the legendary country music singer, has always been vocal about her love for her son, Shelby Blackstock. In a recent interview, McEntire shared her thoughts on her son and her pride for him. She revealed that she is immensely proud of Blackstock, whom she welcomed in 1990 with her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock.

Despite facing several challenges in his life, including struggling with ADHD and reading difficulties, Blackstock has shown remarkable resilience and a remarkable drive to succeed. McEntire praised her son for his tenacity and his continued efforts to improve himself. She shared how he has read 10 books this year alone, which is a significant accomplishment for someone who had trouble reading in school.

McEntire also revealed that her son has a passion for racing and that he is a talented driver. She has been supportive of his racing career and has even attended several of his races. McEntire stated that her son’s passion for racing is inspiring, and she admires his determination to pursue his dreams.

Reba McEntire thinks very highly of her son, Shelby Blackstock. She admires his tenacity, passion for self-improvement, and dedication to his career as a racecar driver. As a mother, McEntire is proud to see her son achieving success in his life, and her love for him shines through in her words of admiration.

Is Kelly Clarkson’s husband Reba’s biological son?

There may be some confusion surrounding the relationship between Kelly Clarkson’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, and country music legend Reba McEntire. However, the answer is no, Brandon is not Reba’s biological son.

Reba married Narvel Blackstock in 1989, a successful music manager and guitarist who also happens to be Brandon’s father. This makes Reba the stepmother to Brandon, as well as his two sisters, Shawna and Chassidy Blackstock.

Brandon was previously married and had two children before meeting and falling in love with Kelly Clarkson. In 2013, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful Tennessee wedding, officially making Kelly Reba’s daughter-in-law.

Despite not being biologically related, Reba and Kelly have developed a close relationship over the years, and Reba has even supported Kelly’s music career by featuring as a guest in her talk show and performing together on stage.

While Kelly Clarkson’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, is not Reba McEntire’s biological son, he is Reba’s stepson through her previous marriage to his father, Narvel Blackstock.