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Did Louis and Harry write perfect?

One Direction was a boy band that took the world by storm with their catchy pop tunes, charming personalities, and devoted fanbase. Although the band is no longer together, their impact on the music industry still resonates years later. One of their biggest hits, “Perfect”, has been praised for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. But many fans have also been curious about the song’s origin story and whether or not band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were involved in the writing process. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the history of “Perfect” and the level of involvement Tomlinson and Styles had in its creation.

The Creation of “Perfect”

One Direction’s hit song “Perfect” was released in 2015 as a part of their album “Made in the A.M.” The song quickly rose to the top of the charts and cemented the band’s success in the music industry. The song was written by a team of songwriters, including Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, along with Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, and Jacob Kasher.

The song’s catchy hook and relatable lyrics resonated with fans worldwide. It also served as a departure from the band’s previous bubblegum pop sounds and showcased a more mature and refined style. The song’s music video, which features the band members in a hotel room, was praised for its intimate and personal feel.

Louis Tomlinson’s Involvement

Louis Tomlinson has been involved in songwriting since the beginning of his career with One Direction. He has co-written numerous songs with the band, and “Perfect” is no exception. In an interview with Rolling Stones in 2015, Tomlinson revealed that he had helped co-write the chorus and some of the verses of the song.

Tomlinson’s involvement in the creation of “Perfect” is significant since many One Direction fans believe that the song is a tribute to his relationship with Eleanor Calder. Tomlinson has been vocal about his relationship with Calder, even mentioning her in an interview with The Sun, where he referred to her as his “girlfriend”. Although neither Tomlinson nor Styles have confirmed the song’s inspiration, fans continue to speculate that the song is about Tomlinson’s relationship with Calder and the ups and downs they have experienced together.

Harry Styles’ Involvement

Harry Styles is a noted songwriter and has been involved in the creation of many One Direction songs. Although he has not explicitly stated his level of involvement in writing “Perfect”, he is listed as one of the song’s co-writers on the album credits. Styles is also known for his introspective and poetic musings on love, relationships, and life, making him a valuable asset to any songwriting team.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Styles revealed that he enjoys writing songs that draw on personal experiences and emotions. He stated, “I think it’s important that everything you write comes from a real place.” This philosophy is evident in many of the songs Styles has written, including “Perfect”, which is widely believed to be about a past romantic relationship.


In conclusion, “Perfect” is one of One Direction’s biggest hits and has garnered widespread praise for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. The song was written by a team of songwriters, including Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Tomlinson, in particular, had a significant role in writing the chorus and some of the verses of the song.

Although neither Tomlinson nor Styles have confirmed the song’s inspiration, fans continue to speculate that the song is about Tomlinson’s relationship with Eleanor Calder. Regardless of its inspiration, “Perfect” is a testament to the band’s skills as songwriters and their ability to create music that resonates with fans.


Does Harry Styles really like Louis Tomlinson?

The topic of whether or not Harry Styles truly likes Louis Tomlinson has been a popular subject among One Direction fans for years. The two were known for having a close friendship while in the group founded on The X Factor – with Directioners even dubbing them “Larry Stylinson”. Although Harry and Louis have never publicly confirmed nor denied the existence of a romantic relationship, some fans have speculated that their bond transcends mere friendship.

Despite the rumors and speculation, it is impossible to know for sure whether or not Harry Styles has romantic feelings for Louis Tomlinson. However, both Harry and Louis have spoken highly of each other in interviews and have remained supportive of each other’s careers after One Direction’s hiatus.

In fact, in an interview with The Sun Online, Louis Tomlinson had nothing but good words to say about Harry Styles’ solo music career, stating that “Harry’s doing his thing and I’m very happy for him. The songs I’ve heard, I love them”. Similarly, Harry has also expressed pride in Louis’ accomplishments outside of One Direction, tweeting after Louis’ first solo release that he was “proud of him and his voice” and that the song was “a big hit”.

It appears that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have a strong bond, whether or not it is romantic in nature. Though they may not be in as regular contact as they once were, they have both shown support and admiration for each other’s solo careers. Despite the speculation and rumors, only Harry and Louis know the true nature of their relationship, and it is up to them to decide whether or not to share it with the world.

Who writes most of Harry Styles songs?

Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter, and actor, best known for his solo musical career after leaving the boy band One Direction. Harry Styles has released two solo albums, Harry Styles in 2017 and Fine Line in 2019. He has achieved worldwide success as a solo artist, with several hit songs and sold-out tours.

Although Harry Styles is credited as one of the writers on most of his songs, he collaborates with various songwriters and producers to craft his music. One of the primary songwriters and producers Harry Styles has worked with is Kid Harpoon, aka Thomas Hull. Kid Harpoon has been a collaborator with Harry Styles since his debut album. Kid Harpoon has also worked with other famous artists like Florence + The Machine, Lizzo, Jesse Ware, and Shakira.

While Harry Styles and Kid Harpoon’s relationship is a very strong partnership in crafting Harry Styles’ sound, other songwriters and producers have also contributed to his music over the years. Some of these collaborators include Jeff Bhasker, Tyler Johnson, Mitch Rowland, and Ryan Nasci.

Although Harry Styles is credited with co-writing most of his music, Kid Harpoon is one of the primary songwriters and producers he collaborates with to create his sound. However, Harry Styles has also worked with other talented writers and producers throughout his solo career, all of whom have contributed to his success as a solo artist.

Who is Harry Styles favorite writer?

Harry Styles, the British musician, singer, and songwriter has been mesmerizing audiences with his music for over a decade now. But did you know that he is also an avid reader and a big fan of the British writer and philosopher, Alain de Botton?

According to various interviews and reports, Harry Styles counts Alain de Botton among his favorite writers and finds his work on love and friendship quite influential. Harry reportedly met de Botton during his One Direction days and has been a fan of his work ever since.

Alain de Botton is a well-known writer and philosopher who has authored several books on a range of topics from love, travel, architecture, and even work. Some of his most famous works include “The Architecture of Happiness,” “Status Anxiety,” and “The Art of Travel.”

In his books, de Botton combines philosophy with everyday issues to provide insights and understanding to modern life. His writing style is simple, witty, and compelling, making it easy for readers to relate to his ideas and thoughts.

So it’s no surprise that Harry Styles found a kindred spirit in the works of Alain de Botton. The philosophical themes and ideas in de Botton’s work seem to align with Harry’s views on life, love, and relationships. In fact, Harry has even been known to quote de Botton’s work in his interviews and songs.

For instance, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Harry Styles spoke about how one of de Botton’s quotes: “There’s no such thing as boredom, just the incapacity to appreciate life” is one that has impacted his life and pushed him to live in the present and appreciate the moments around him.

Harry Styles seems to have found a lot of inspiration in the works of Alain de Botton, and his books have undoubtedly played a role in shaping Harry’s own life philosophies and songwriting. His appreciation for de Botton’s writing highlights the importance of reading and the role it plays in broadening one’s mind and influencing our outlook on the world.

Who is the most song writer in the world?

Determining the most prolific songwriter in the world is a difficult task because there are countless talented songwriters throughout history who have written countless well-known and loved songs. However, if we consider the number of successful and enduring songs, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Sir James Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter of all time.

Paul McCartney, born in Liverpool in 1942, initially rose to fame as the bass player, songwriter, and vocalist for The Beatles, one of the most successful and influential bands of the 20th century. He and John Lennon formed the most successful songwriting partnership in history, writing numerous classics like “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be,” and “A Hard Day’s Night,” amongst many others.

After The Beatles disbanded in 1970, McCartney went on to establish himself as a successful solo artist and continued to write hits such as “Band on the Run,” “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and “Live and Let Die.” He also formed another successful band with his wife Linda, named Wings, and wrote songs like “Jet,” “Let ‘Em In,” and “Silly Love Songs.”

As of 2021, McCartney has written more than 500 songs, many of which have become timeless classics and have been covered by countless other artists. He has also been awarded numerous accolades for his work, including 18 Grammys, a knighthood, and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice (as a member of The Beatles and as a solo artist).

While there are many successful songwriters in history, it is hard to argue against the fact that Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter of all time. He has written numerous enduring classics, and his body of work is a testament to his incredible talent and lasting impact on the music industry.