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Did Jinger Duggar lose a baby?

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Jinger Duggar, of the famous Duggar family, has experienced a miscarriage. Recently, Jinger revealed some heartbreaking news that has left fans of the family wondering what happened. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the situation and find out what really happened to Jinger and her baby.

Background of Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar is a reality TV personality who rose to fame as part of the Duggar family, which included 19 children. Jinger is the sixth oldest child of the family and married her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in 2016. Since then, the couple has been living happily together while raising their two daughters, Felicity and Evangeline.

The Rumors

Concerns that Jinger may have experienced a miscarriage began after the couple posted a picture on their Instagram account that led fans to wonder if something was wrong. In the picture, Jinger is seen wearing all black while Jeremy is wearing a blue shirt with a dark sweater. Fans speculated that the black outfit Jinger was wearing might be a symbol of mourning, which could mean that she had lost a baby.

Jinger’s Confirmation

Jinger put all rumors to rest when she made a heartbreaking announcement on the most recent episode of her family’s reality TV show, “Counting On”. In the episode, Jinger revealed that she had, in fact, experienced a miscarriage. She talked about how she had been experiencing bleeding and spotting in the middle of the night and how she and Jeremy went to the hospital the next day to get checked. Unfortunately, Jinger and Jeremy received the devastating news that they had lost their baby.

The Emotional Aftermath

Jinger shared a lot of her feelings about the miscarriage on the episode of “Counting On”. She talked about how she felt like her body had failed her, and how it was hard to accept that she wouldn’t be able to hold her baby. Jinger also talked about how hard it was to move on from the miscarriage and how it would always be a part of her life.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s husband, also talked about how difficult it was to handle the situation. He admitted that he felt helpless and wished he could take away Jinger’s pain. However, he also spoke about how proud he was of Jinger for sharing her story so that others who have experienced such a loss can feel comforted and know that they’re not alone.

The Importance of Sharing Stories

Jinger’s decision to share her story and talk about the miscarriage has been praised by many. It takes a lot of courage to talk about such a painful and intimate experience, especially on national TV. However, Jinger’s honesty helps lift the stigma surrounding miscarriage and gives courage to those who may have experienced such an event.

Sharing stories of miscarriage is essential in helping those who’ve experienced such a loss to heal. Studies have shown that by doing so, individuals are able to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences and gain support from a community.


In conclusion, Jinger Duggar did experience a miscarriage. It was an emotional and heartbreaking experience for her and her family, but Jinger’s decision to share her story has helped many others. It’s important that we create spaces for people to share their stories and know that they’re not alone. Hopefully, Jinger’s strength and courage will inspire others to share their stories and start conversations about important topics that need to be addressed.


Which Duggars had miscarriages?

Jessa Duggar Seewald, one of the daughters featured on the TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, has revealed that she experienced a miscarriage over the holidays. In a nearly 19-minute YouTube video titled “A Miscarriage Story,” Jessa shared the heartbreaking journey of her latest pregnancy, from informing her kids about the new baby to dealing with the aftermath of the news that she had miscarried.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, have two sons named Spurgeon and Henry, and were thrilled to find out they were expecting baby number three. However, at their 20-week ultrasound appointment, they received the devastating news that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. Jessa shared that she had opted for a natural miscarriage at home, which can be a difficult and painful experience both physically and emotionally.

This is not the first time that the Duggar family has experienced the loss of a pregnancy. Jessa’s sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth, also had a miscarriage in 2019. In a social media post, Joy-Anna shared that she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, had named their unborn baby Annabell Elise and had shared the news with their family and friends before the miscarriage occurred.

The Duggar family has been open about their pro-life beliefs and their experiences with pregnancy loss. Jessa’s mother, Michelle Duggar, previously had a miscarriage in the second trimester of her second pregnancy. She also had a difficult pregnancy with her 19th child, Josie, who was born prematurely and spent time in the hospital.

While experiencing a miscarriage can be a difficult and traumatic experience, the Duggar family has used their platform to raise awareness and support for others who have gone through similar situations. Jessa herself has thanked her fans for their support and prayers during this difficult time, and has encouraged women who have experienced pregnancy loss to seek comfort in their faith and in each other.

What is the name of Jinger Duggars new baby?

Jinger Duggar is a part of the famous Duggar family, who are known for their conservative values and large family size. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, welcomed their second child on Nov. 22, 2020, and named her Evangeline Jo Vuolo, who is also called by her nickname Evie.

Jinger gave birth to Evie Jo at 11:26 p.m, and she weighed 7 lbs. and measured 20 inches. After the birth of their daughter, the couple shared the meaning behind her name. Jinger explained that “Evangeline means ‘good news’ and Jo is after Jeremy’s middle name, Joseph.”

The name Evangeline is of Greek origin and symbolizes good news or good tidings. Jeremy and Jinger have been serving as missionaries and preachers, and Evangeline’s name aligns with their work and beliefs. Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, also shared on social media that Evangeline has been a long-awaited blessing for the family.

The name Jo, on the other hand, holds significance for Jeremy as it’s his middle name. It’s also interesting to note that “Jo” also derives from the Hebrew name “Yochanan,” which means “God is gracious.” This addition to Evangeline’s name points towards the couple’s faith and devotion to God.

Jinger and Jeremy’s naming of their daughter Evangeline Jo Vuolo holds deep meaning and significance for the couple, showcasing their faith and beliefs while also honoring Jeremy’s family roots through the middle name Jo.

Do Jeremy and Jinger use birth control?

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are famous for being a couple who belong to the Duggar family, who are well-known for their conservative beliefs and their decision to have a large family. The question of whether the couple uses birth control is a controversial one, given that the Duggar family is known for their opposition to birth control and the practice of family planning.

The Duggar family has publicly stated that they do not use birth control, and this is believed to be a deeply-held belief for the family. Jinger herself grew up in a large family and was raised in an environment where the use of birth control was discouraged.

However, it is unclear whether Jinger and Jeremy have decided to follow in the footsteps of the Duggar family in this regard. While Jinger and Jeremy have not publicly made any statements about their use of birth control, some fans have speculated that the couple may be using this practice given that they have only had one child thus far, and they have been married for several years.

It is important to note that the decision to use birth control or not is a deeply personal one, and it is not for anyone else to judge or speculate on what a couple chooses to do. the decision to use birth control is up to the individual couple and their beliefs, and it is not up to anyone else to pass judgment on this matter.

While Jinger and Jeremy’s use of birth control is a matter of speculation and has not been publicly confirmed, it is ultimately a personal decision that should be respected. The Duggar family’s opposition to birth control is well-known, but each couple within the family may decide to make their own choices regarding this issue based on their own beliefs and values.