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Can you turn an old wedding ring into a new one?

Wedding rings are symbolic jewelry that represents love and commitment between two people. They hold a lot of emotions and memories that are cherished for a lifetime. However, during the course of life, our preferences, styles and tastes evolve, and the wedding ring that once seemed perfect may no longer suit our current lifestyle. In such situations, many people wonder if they can turn an old wedding ring into a new one. Lucky for them, the answer is yes! This article discusses how one can turn an old wedding ring into a new one and why it is a great idea.

Why Consider a New Wedding Ring?

Over time, things that once brought joy and happiness may lose their significance, and the same can happen with wedding rings. As we change and evolve, our style preferences change, and sometimes our rings just do not look as special as they used to. Moreover, people may want to upgrade their wedding ring to something more luxurious, or they may inherit a family ring that does not align with their style. Choosing to create a new ring with your old one means that you can transform your old ring into a new one that better reflects who you are right now.

Refurbish the Old Ring

Sometimes the ring has sentimental value, but its style is outdated. In such cases, rather than opting for a complete redesign, you can refurbish the ring to give it a fresh look. For instance, you could replace the diamond with a new one or change the setting to a more modern design. You can also polish the ring to give it a fresh, shiny look. Refurbishing the old ring maintains the original sentimental value while giving it a new look.

Redesign the Ring

If you want to keep the precious metals and diamonds from the original ring but want a new design, you can choose to redesign the ring. This process involves working with the jeweler to create a new design that incorporates specific elements from the original ring to keep the sentimentality intact. Redesigning allows you to preserve heritage while marrying it with a design that represents your current style and taste preferences.

Upgrade the Ring

Another option that allows you to keep your original wedding ring while upgrading it to something more sophisticated and luxurious is ring upgrade. At Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, you can trade in your old ring and receive credit towards your new wedding ring. This option allows individuals to stay within their budget while still getting a remarkable ring upgrade that fits their current tastes.

Create Multiple Rings from One

The process of creating a new ring from an old ring does not necessarily involve creating only one new ring. You can choose to create multiple rings with the same metal and diamonds by taking apart the original ring. For example, you could create wedding bands for your children or use the diamonds to create a necklace or earring set. Repurposing and redesigning an old ring is an excellent way to create unique family heirlooms that tell a family’s story.


In conclusion, turning an old wedding ring into a new one is a great idea. Whether you choose to refurbish, redesign, upgrade, or create additional jewelry pieces, you can create something new that represents who you are today, while still honoring your past. With the help of Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, you can do all of these things with ease and confidence, knowing that you are working with experts who understand the significance and sentimentality of this process.


Can a jeweler make a new ring from an old one?

Yes, a jeweler can make a new ring from an old one in certain cases. The process of creating a new ring from an old one is known as “remounting.” The benefits of remounting include preserving sentimental value, updating an outdated design, or maximizing the value of the original materials.

In some cases, the metal from the old ring can be used to create a new one. The jeweler can melt down the metal and use it as the base for the new ring. This can be a cost-effective way to create a new ring while preserving some of the original metal and sentimental value.

However, there are some cases where the old ring is too damaged or worn to be remounted. If the metal is severely worn or damaged, the jeweler may not be able to use it in the new design. Very worn settings will probably only be worth melting down as scrap.

In some cases, the jeweler may suggest changing the design of the ring rather than remounting it. For example, if the original ring features a diamond or other gemstone that is outdated, the jeweler may recommend replacing the stone with a more modern stone or a different type of gemstone. Additionally, if the original ring no longer fits, the jeweler may be able to resize it or create a new band that better fits the wearer’s finger.

Remounting an old ring can be a great way to preserve sentimental value and update the design. However, it’s important to consult with a trusted jeweler to determine if remounting is a feasible option based on the condition of the original ring.

Can you take the diamonds out of a ring and make a new ring?

Yes, you can take the diamonds out of a ring and make a new ring. This process is commonly known as resetting. Resetting is a process of removing the gems from an old piece of jewelry and then resetting them into a new piece of jewelry. It is a great way to give old jewelry new life or repurpose an heirloom piece to reflect your style. Often, sentimental pieces of jewelry are passed down for generations, but they may not suit personal style or current trends. This is when resetting becomes a valuable option.

Many jewelers are perfectly happy to take an older ring and place the diamond in a new ring. In fact, many jewelers will do it with you there. It’s a relatively speedy process and ensures the gemstone doesn’t leave your sight. But resetting can be done with any gemstone, not just diamonds. Sapphires, rubies, and other precious and semi-precious stones can also be reset.

The process of resetting typically involves removing the diamonds or other gemstones from the old setting. The jeweler can then either recycle that metal or allow you to keep it. Afterward, the jeweler will begin the process of creating the new setting. This can be done by either using a design the jeweler already has or by creating a custom design specifically for you. During the design phase, you can work with the jeweler to pick a metal, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or palladium, to name a few.

Once the design is agreed upon, the jeweler will create a wax mold or a CAD rendering of the new ring. You can then see what the new ring will look like and make any final adjustments. After you approve the design, the jeweler will start to create the new ring. The diamonds or gemstones will then be set into the new ring, and the piece will be completed.

Resetting a diamond or other gemstone into a new ring is an excellent way to update or repurpose heirloom jewelry. It’s a relatively simple process that can be done with the help of a reputable jeweler. By resetting the gems, you can create a piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style while still incorporating something meaningful from the past.

Can you reset diamonds into a new band?

Yes, diamonds can be reset into a new band or setting. In fact, one of the popular reasons for resetting a diamond is to give an old or inherited ring a fresh look. Ring resetting is a common practice in the jewelry industry, and it involves removing a diamond or gemstone from its original setting and placing it into a new one.

The first step in resetting a diamond is to evaluate the current stone’s condition. If the diamond is damaged or flawed, it may need to be recut or polished before it can be reset. Once the diamond is deemed safe for resetting, the jeweler will remove it from the current setting and carefully clean and inspect it.

After the diamond has been inspected, the next step is to choose a new setting that suits your style and preferences. Jewelers offer a variety of settings, from classic solitaires to more intricate designs that incorporate side stones or additional settings. You can choose a ready-made setting or work with the jeweler to customize your design.

Once you have selected a new setting, the diamond is securely mounted using prongs, bezels, or other types of settings. Prongs are the most widely used, as they allow the diamond to be displayed in all its brilliance. However, certain settings, such as bezels, may be a better option for fragile diamonds or those with sharp corners.

Diamonds can be reset into a new band or setting to give them a fresh look while preserving their value. The process involves removing the diamond from its original setting, inspecting and cleaning it, choosing a new setting, and securely mounting it. Whether you want a classic or intricate design, working with a jeweler will help ensure that the diamond is reset safely and beautifully.