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Can you send a reminder through Evite?

Email and digital invitations have revolutionized the way we organize and communicate events. Evite is a popular platform that enables you to create and send digital invitations. However, one question often asked, can you send a reminder through Evite? The answer is yes, and we are going to explore how and why sending reminders through Evite can make your event planning more efficient and effective.

Why Send Reminders through Evite?

Sending reminders through Evite is a practical way of ensuring that all invited guests attend your event. Often, guests may forget about your event or be unable to attend because of other commitments. In addition, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, various tasks can be easily overlooked, leading to missed events.

Fortunately, sending reminders through Evite is a simple and effective way of ensuring that guests are reminded about the upcoming event. Reminders are automatically sent to invited guests two days before the event date. This means that guests have ample time to adjust their schedules and make necessary arrangements to attend your event.

Who Receives Reminders?

Guests who have accepted or RSVP’d “Yes”, “Maybe”, and “Not Yet Replied” to your invitation automatically receive reminders two days before your event. In addition, Evite sends the host a summary email that includes the guest list, RSVP status, and various other useful details about the event. The host can use this information to manage guest attendance and make any necessary changes to the event details.

However, it’s important to note that if you send your invitation seven days or less before your actual event date, no reminders will be sent. This is to avoid sending too many reminders and overwhelming the guests with too many emails.

How to Send Reminders on Evite?

Sending reminders on Evite is an effortless process. Once you’ve created your invitation, you can schedule the date and time when you want the reminders to be sent. Evite automatically sends reminders two days before the event date to all the invited guests who have accepted the invitation.

If you need to send customized reminders, you can use the “Send a Message” feature. This feature enables you to send additional reminders or messages, such as directions to the event or any changes in the event details. Furthermore, if you want to send reminders to guests who haven’t replied to the invitation, you can use the “Resend Invitation” feature.


In conclusion, sending reminders through Evite is an easy and practical way of ensuring that guests attend your event. Evite automatically sends reminders to all the invited guests who have accepted the invitation two days before the event date. This ensures that guests have ample time to make arrangements and attend the event.

Additionally, sending reminders through Evite can help you manage guest attendance and make any necessary changes to the event details. Reminders are a great tool to ensure a successful and hassle-free event. So next time you plan an event, remember to use Evite’s reminder feature to ensure that your guests attend your event, and you have a successful event.


Is Evite not free anymore?

Evite has been a popular online platform for creating and sending digital invitations to events, from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events. In the past, Evite offered a free option to its users, which included a large selection of online invitation designs and a platform for sending the invitations. However, there has been some confusion recently regarding whether or not Evite is still offering this free option.

The good news is that Evite still offers a free option for its users. This option is referred to as the “Traditional” option and includes a variety of designs that can be customized for a range of events. The free option allows users to send invitations via email or social media, and it also includes features such as the ability to track RSVPs and send reminders to guests.

In addition to its free option, Evite also offers a premium option that provides additional features for users. The premium option includes features such as the ability to add custom branding to invitations, access to premium designs and templates, and the option to send paper invitations to guests. The premium option is available for a fee, which varies depending on the specific features selected by the user.

So, in summary, Evite is still offering a free option to its users in the form of the “Traditional” option. This option includes a variety of features and designs that can be used for a range of events. However, for users who want additional features, such as custom branding or premium designs, Evite also offers a premium option that is available for a fee.

Can I send a reminder for a calendar invite to the guests?

Yes, you can send a reminder for a calendar invite to the guests. Most calendar applications like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Calendar provide an option to send reminders to the guests.

When creating a new event or appointment in the calendar, there is usually an option to set a reminder. In Google Calendar, for example, you can set a reminder by simply clicking on the event block and clicking on the “Edit” button. From there, you can set a reminder by selecting a time and choosing how you want to be reminded (through email or notification).

You may also add a reminder message in the email sent by entering it in the text box labeled “Enter a reminder message here (optional)”. This message will be included in the reminder email sent to the guests.

If you would like an email reminder to also be sent to invitees of this event, check the box next to “Send to attendees”. You’ll only see this option if there are already attendees. This will automatically send an email reminder to all attendees for the event, notifying them of the impending appointment.

Sending a reminder for a calendar invite to the guests is a simple and straightforward process. Most calendar applications offer an option to set reminders and send reminder emails to the guests. By following the steps outlined by the specific calendar application, you can easily remind guests of important appointments and ensure that they don’t forget about them.

How do I send a polite reminder to RSVP?

It is common to encounter situations where you have sent out invitations to an event, but some of your guests have not yet responded. This is when you need to send a reminder to those who have not yet RSVPd – but sending a reminder can be difficult as you don’t want to come across as pushy or rude.

Therefore, sending out a polite reminder is crucial to avoid offending or putting undue pressure on those who are yet to respond. Here are some tips to help you create a polite reminder for RSVP:

1. Keep it friendly: Begin your message with a warm greeting, expressing your excitement to have your guests join you at the event. This will help to set a positive tone and make the message feel less like a reminder and more like a personal invitation.

2. Be clear and specific: Include all relevant details in your message, such as the event date, time, and location. If there is any other crucial information, such as a dress code or whether guests need to bring anything, make sure to mention this information clearly.

3. Mention the RSVP deadline: Remind your guests of the RSVP deadline in your message, so they are aware of how soon they need to respond. This can be particularly important for events where you need to provide a definite headcount, such as weddings or business functions.

4. Provide options for RSVPing: Provide a range of options for guests to RSVP. You can suggest they RSVP through your wedding website, through the mail, or via email. You can even include a phone number for guests who may prefer to call.

5. Keep it brief: While you may be excited and anxious to hear back from your guests, keep in mind that they may be busy with other commitments. Therefore, it is essential to keep your reminder message brief and to the point.

Here’s an example of a polite reminder message:

Dear [Guest name],

We hope this message finds you well! We are beyond excited about our upcoming [event], and as the big day approaches, we wanted to check in with you. We kindly remind you that your RSVP is due by [insert date].

If you have not yet done so, you can RSVP by visiting our wedding website [link to the site here], sending your response through the mail or by simply replying to this email.

We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating with you and hope to hear from you soon!

Warm regards,

[Your name]

How do you send a Message to remind someone?

Sending a message to remind someone is a common practice in many settings, whether it is a professional or personal context. Reminders can be crucial for ensuring that important deadlines and meetings are not forgotten and deadlines are met on time. However, it is essential to know the appropriate way to send a reminder message that is both effective and respectful.

Firstly, the content of the message should be clear and concise, including all necessary details about the task or event that needs to be completed. It is also crucial to use a friendly and polite tone in the message, keeping in mind the relationship you have with the recipient. The tone should be professional in situations where you are reminding a colleague, boss, or client and informal when communicating with friends or family members.

When crafting the message, it is important to choose the appropriate medium for sending it. Depending on the situation and the urgency of the reminder, messages can be sent via email, text message, or phone call. If the reminder is for a formal event or meeting, email or phone call is the best option. For personal meetings or social engagements, text messages can be appropriate.

It is essential to send reminders in a timely manner, not too early or late as to avoid causing inconvenience. Generally, reminders should be sent a day or two before the deadline or event to give the recipient enough time to prepare.

Sending a reminder message requires tact and careful consideration of various factors, such as the relationship with the recipient, the urgency and nature of the task, and the appropriate mode of communication. Properly crafted reminders can not only help prevent missed deadlines and meetings but also strengthen and enhance relationships through thoughtful communication.