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At what point does the best man give his speech?

Being asked to be the best man in a wedding is a great honour. It is a joyful and emotional moment for the groom, and the best man is tasked with helping make the wedding day a perfect one for the bride and groom. One of the best man’s responsibilities is giving the much-awaited best man speech.

The best man’s speech is a crucial part of a wedding reception, and it is typically the most memorable. Therefore, it is essential for the best man to know the right time to deliver his speech. In this article, we will be discussing the ideal time for the best man to give his speech.

When Does The Best Man Speech Happen?

The best man’s speech traditionally takes place after the meal, during dessert or after-dinner drinks. The bride and groom usually sit next to each other at the head of the table, and the best man sits next to the groom. After the main course, the father of the bride typically offers the first speech, followed by the groom’s speech.

After the groom’s speech, the best man takes the stage to deliver his speech. The speech should be heartfelt, warm and funny, and it should leave the guests feeling happy and congratulating the newlyweds.

Why is Timing Important for the Best Man Speech?

Timing is crucial when it comes to giving speeches at weddings. The best man’s speech should come at the right time, and the timing should be carefully planned to ensure the guests are in the right mood to receive the speech.

If the speech comes too early, the guests may not be in the right mood to engage with it. If the speech comes too late, the guests may be too tired to pay attention to what is being said. Therefore, the best man should plan his speech and time it carefully to ensure that guests receive it in the best possible way.

The Best Time for the Best Man Speech

The best time for the best man speech is after the meal. At this point, the stress of the ceremony is over, and guests have had enough time to relax and enjoy the meal. Moreover, wait staff has cleared the plates, and guests have settled in for dessert or after-dinner drinks.

Also, at this point, the bride and groom have probably shared their first dance and the parents have given their speeches. The guests are, therefore, relaxed and in the right mood to receive the best man’s speech.


The best man’s speech is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. As the best man, it is important to be aware of the timing and ensure that your speech comes at the right moment. Typically, after dinner and after the bride and groom have given their speeches should be a perfect time. When timed correctly, your speech will bring lasting memories of the special day for the bride, groom and all the guests present.


When should speeches be done at a wedding?

Wedding speeches are an essential part of a wedding day. They are a moment when loved ones get to express their thoughts and feelings about the newlyweds. Traditionally, wedding speeches are conducted after the meal and before the party starts. It is a time when the formalities of the day come to an end, and the guests can start to enjoy the reception.

Serving the meal first is essential as it means that the guests are finally being properly fed after a long day of waiting. Moreover, speeches are a great way to break up the evening, and they prevent the party from being too chaotic right away. It is important to ensure that the meal is done before the speeches, as little distractions like clanging cutlery and server interruptions can ruin the atmosphere.

Another reason why speeches are done after the meal is that it allows the speakers and the couple to relax. It can be challenging to give a speech if you are hungry or nervous, and it is much easier to deliver a toast with a full stomach. Likewise, the couple can also be more relaxed and enjoy the speeches without the stress of running around or being in the middle of an activity.

Finally, speeches are a beautiful way to end the formalities and transition into the party. Once the speeches are concluded, the guests can let their hair down and start to dance and enjoy themselves. The bride and groom can also take this time to thank their guests and express their gratitude for the people who helped them in the planning and preparation of the big day.

Speeches should be done after the meal and before the party to ensure that the guests are fed correctly and the formalities of the day are concluded. As such, it will ensure that the speakers and the couple are relaxed, and it is the perfect way to transition into the party.

What is the rule of the best man?

The role of the best man is to act as the groom’s primary support system during the wedding. This role is of great importance and carries a lot of responsibilities that need to be done with utmost care and attention. The best man is usually chosen by the groom, and typically it is a close friend or relative who the groom trusts and values.

The responsibilities of the best man start well before the wedding day itself. Typically, the best man is expected to help the groom with the wedding planning and preparations. He should assist in arranging the bachelor party, organizing transportation for the groom and his groomsmen, and ensuring that everyone has their tuxedos or suits ready in time for the wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, the best man’s role is even more crucial. He is expected to attend to any last-minute or unforeseen emergencies. He also plays an essential role in calming the groom’s nerves, keeping him relaxed and helping him stay focused on his commitments and vows. The best man should also keep track of the wedding rings, making sure they make it safely to the altar.

One of the most critical duties of the best man is to give a speech at the wedding reception. This speech should be fun, charming, and a tribute to the groom and his bride. The best man should take the time to write an appropriate speech and practice it before the wedding day to ensure that it is delivered with confidence. The speech should be filled with anecdotes of the groom’s life and personality and include heartfelt and sincere words about the newlyweds.

The best man plays a crucial role in the groom’s big day. He is the groom’s right-hand man, providing emotional support and assistance throughout the wedding celebrations. From preparing the groom for the big day, to ensuring that everything runs smoothly, the best man’s responsibility is to make the day unforgettable for the newlyweds.

Who gives good speech?

A good speech can be given by anyone who possesses effective communication skills. However, some individuals are born with a natural talent for public speaking, while others work hard at developing it through practice, experience, and training.

Orators, politicians, public figures, motivational speakers, and even some teachers are known for delivering powerful and compelling speeches. They have the ability to capture their audience’s attention, evoke emotions, and inspire positive change through their words.

One of the most important elements of good speech-giving is having a clear and concise message. A good orator understands what they want to say and how they want to say it. They also have an ideal target audience, and they tailor their language and tone to resonate with their listeners.

Another key factor in delivering a good speech is engaging with the audience. A good speaker always reads the room and adjusts their delivery accordingly. They may use rhetorical questions, compelling anecdotes, humor, or other techniques to connect with their audience and keep them invested in the speech.

Anyone can become a good speaker if they seek to improve their communication skills through practice, experience, and training. However, a natural talent for public speaking can certainly help. The most successful orators have a clear message, a deep understanding of their target audience, and the ability to engage and connect with their listeners.