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Are Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley still friends?

When it comes to country music, there are certain duos that have been able to take the world by storm. One such duo that remains beloved by fans today is Florida Georgia Line, consisting of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. For years, this dynamic duo has continued to produce chart-topping hits that have made them incredibly successful in the music industry. However, rumors have been circulating for a while now that the two are not as close as they once were. So, the question becomes: are Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley still friends?

The Beginning of Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line first formed in 2010 when Hubbard and Kelley met in Nashville, Tennessee. Kelley was playing with his band while Hubbard was there to watch the show. The two hit it off right away and decided to start writing and performing music together. They released their first EP, “Anything Like Me,” in 2010 and have been on the rise ever since.

Their Success

Over the years, Florida Georgia Line has released hit after hit, from “Cruise” to “H.O.L.Y.” to “Meant to Be.” They have won numerous awards, including Vocal Duo of the Year at the ACM Awards four times in a row from 2013 to 2016. Their success has also led to collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, including Luke Bryan, Bebe Rexha, and Nelly.

Speculation About Their Friendship

Despite their continued success, rumors have been circulating for a while that Hubbard and Kelley are not as close as they once were. Social media users have pointed out that the two have not been interacting with each other as much online, with some going as far as to say that the two are feuding and may be on the verge of breaking up. However, both members have denied any rumors of tension between them.

The Truth About Their Friendship

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hubbard finally spoke out about the rumors surrounding his and Kelley’s friendship. Hubbard admitted that “it’s been a minute since [he and Kelley] posted an Instagram photo together,” but he was quick to dispel any rumors of a feud. According to Hubbard, they may not post as much together as they used to because they are now busy raising families; Hubbard has two children and Kelley has one. Hubbard also revealed that they had gone to therapy together in the past, but ultimately worked things out because they consider each other brothers.

Kelley also spoke out about his friendship with Hubbard in an interview with Taste of Country, saying that they are “in a good spot” and that they are still making music together. He acknowledged that they may not have been as active on social media together, but that was simply because they wanted to focus on their personal lives.


So, are Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley still friends? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. While they may not post as many pictures together or be as active online as they once were, they are still making music and supporting each other as brothers do. Their friendship may have been strained in the past, but they were able to work through their issues and come out stronger on the other side. Fans of Florida Georgia Line can rest easy knowing that their favorite duo is still going strong.


What happened with Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Hubbard?

Florida Georgia Line is an immensely popular American country music duo that consists of two talented artists, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. The duo has been dominating the country music scene since their debut album “Here’s to the Good Times” was released in 2012. However, in 2021, the duo announced that they would be going on a hiatus to pursue solo projects, which left many fans wondering what happened to Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Hubbard.

It was revealed that the decision to take a hiatus was made by Brian Kelley, who wanted to focus on his solo career. This came as a bit of a shock to Tyler Hubbard, but he has since come to terms with his partner’s decision, and he is now looking forward to exploring his solo career as well.

Tyler Hubbard has always been very vocal about his desire to pursue solo projects, and he has even released a few solo tracks in recent years. His debut solo single, “Undivided,” featuring Tim McGraw, was released in January 2021 and has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

In a recent interview, Tyler Hubbard spoke about his solo career and how he plans to approach it. He stated that he will be taking things one step at a time and that he doesn’t want to rush anything. He also mentioned that he is excited to work with a variety of artists and explore different genres of music.

Although Florida Georgia Line’s hiatus may have come as a surprise to many fans, it’s clear that Tyler Hubbard is embracing the opportunity to explore his solo career. With his incredible talent and determination, there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a major force in the country music scene for years to come.

Does Florida Georgia Line still sing together?

Florida Georgia Line is an American country music duo that was founded in 2010 by vocalists and songwriters Tyler Hubbard of Georgia and Brian Kelley of Florida. The duo rose to fame with their debut single “Cruise,” which released in 2012. They have since released several hit singles, including “Get Your Shine On,” “This Is How We Roll,” and “H.O.L.Y.”

Over the years, the duo has built a huge fan base with their unique blend of country, pop, and rock music. They have received numerous awards, including several Academy of Country Music Awards and CMT Music Awards.

However, the question that many fans are asking is whether Florida Georgia Line still sings together. In early 2021, the duo announced that they were on an indefinite hiatus from touring and “taking a break” from making music together. This announcement has left many fans worried that the duo may be breaking up.

According to Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, the hiatus is due to their desire to focus on their solo careers. Both artists have expressed their excitement to explore different genres and work on new projects. Tyler Hubbard has already released a solo single titled “Undivided” featuring Tim McGraw, while Brian Kelley has been working on a solo album with his own unique style.

Despite their hiatus, Florida Georgia Line has given assurances that they are still on good terms and there is no bad blood between the two artists. The duo has also promised fans that they will continue to communicate and update them on any future plans or projects, assuring fans that their music journey is not yet over.

While Florida Georgia Line is presently on a break from touring and making music together, the duo is still intact and pursuing solo careers. Fans should not worry about the future of the band, as there is still a lot of music to come from both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

How many #1 songs does Florida Georgia Line have?

Florida Georgia Line is a popular country music duo composed of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. They have been active in the music industry since 2010, producing numerous chart-topping hits. To answer the question of how many number one songs Florida Georgia Line has, the answer is an impressive eighteen.

According to the US Billboard, eighteen of their singles have reached number one on the Hot Country Songs chart, Country Airplay chart, or Canada Country chart. These include the 2012 hit “Cruise,” which spent a record-breaking 24 weeks at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart and became the best-selling country digital song of all time, as well as other popular songs like “Stay,” “H.O.L.Y.,” and “Meant to Be” (a collaboration with Bebe Rexha).

Florida Georgia Line’s success extends beyond the country music genre, as they have also collaborated with other popular artists in other genres. For instance, they have worked with The Chainsmokers, Nelly, and Jason Derulo to produce chart-topping hits, such as “The One,” “Lil Bit,” and “Talk Dirty,” respectively.

Florida Georgia Line has a total of eighteen number one songs on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs, Country Airplay, or Canada Country chart. Their success in the country music industry and their collaborations with other popular artists in other genres have established them as one of the most influential and successful music acts of their generation.

Why isn t Florida Georgia Line a band anymore?

Florida Georgia Line is a popular country music duo made up of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. They rose to fame in 2012 with their debut single “Cruise” and have since released several chart-topping hits. However, fans have been wondering why the duo seems to be taking a break from recording as a band.

According to an interview with Rolling Stone in 2020, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard explained that they are still creating music, but they are doing so individually. The duo has been exploring their own creative paths and trying new things with their music. Kelley explained that they are taking a break from recording as a group so that they can “be artists” and experiment with different writers and sounds.

Kelley also shared that the decision to take a break was mutual and that they both agreed it was time to focus on their own individual projects. Hubbard echoed his sentiments, stating that they are still “best friends” and that their relationship as a duo is still strong. Both musicians have released solo projects in recent years and have been collaborating with other artists outside of their Florida Georgia Line partnership.

Despite the duo’s decision to focus on their individual projects, fans can still expect to see Florida Georgia Line performing together on stage. The duo has several tours planned, and they have made it clear that they still plan to create music together in the future. They may be taking a break from recording as a band, but their fans can look forward to their continued success both as a duo and as individual artists.