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Are the Gypsy couple still together?

The hit reality TV show, “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” was a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm. The show gave us a glimpse into the lives of American Gypsies and the intricacies of their traditions and customs. One of the most popular couples on the show was Kayla and Kandace, who captivated audiences with their love story. However, since the show ended, many fans have been wondering whether or not the Gypsy couple is still together.

The Love Story of Kayla and Kandace

Kayla and Kandace’s love story was one of the most heartwarming on “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.” The couple met when they were just teenagers and fell in love at first sight. They weathered the trials of being a bi-racial couple in a community with many long-standing traditions and cultural beliefs. Despite all the obstacles, their love persisted, and they got married in a beautiful ceremony on the show.

Life After the Show

After “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” Kayla and Kandace continued to live life as a married couple. Their life outside of the show, however, has been much quieter than their time in the spotlight. They have largely kept their personal lives private and away from the prying eyes of fans and the media.

Current Relationship Status

As of 2021, Kayla and Kandace’s relationship status is unclear. While Kayla is still married, according to her social media accounts, Kandace’s status is listed as “single.” This has left fans wondering if the couple is still together and what could have led to their potential split.

The Reality of Reality TV

It’s important to remember that what we see on reality TV is often edited and curated to fit a specific narrative. While Kayla and Kandace’s love story was genuine, the reality of their life after the show may not have been what fans had hoped for or expected. Relationships are complex, and without all the facts, it’s impossible to say for certain what happened between the couple.


In conclusion, while we may never know for sure if Kayla and Kandace are still together, it’s important to respect the privacy of individuals and their relationships. “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” gave us a glimpse into the lives of American Gypsies, but it’s crucial to remember that real life is much more complicated than a TV show. Let’s focus on celebrating their love story that captivated our hearts and continue supporting them in their path, whatever it may be.


Are Cheyenne and John still together?

Cheyenne Pidgely and John McFadyen, known for their appearance on the hit television show “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” made headlines in March of this year when they tied the knot in traditional Gypsy style. The wedding was attended by hundreds of guests and was nothing short of lavish. However, the big question now is whether they are still together.

Despite being together for only a short time, the couple seems to be going strong. In fact, just five months after their wedding, Cheyenne and John announced that they are expecting their first child together. This news came as a surprise to many fans who wondered if their relationship would last, given the short amount of time they have been together.

Cheyenne and John have kept much of their personal life out of the public eye since their wedding. However, they have shared a few updates on social media that suggest their relationship is still going strong. In one Instagram post, Cheyenne wrote a heartfelt message to her husband on their five-month wedding anniversary, expressing her love and devotion to him. John has also posted several pictures of the couple, including one of Cheyenne’s growing baby bump.

While it is unclear what the future holds for Cheyenne and John, it seems that they are in a happy and committed relationship. The fact that they are expecting a child together is a strong indication that they are still together and working towards building a future together. Only time will tell if their relationship will withstand the test of time, but for now, it seems that Cheyenne and John are in a good place and are excited to start a family together.

Are Annie and Josh still married?

Annie and Josh were previously married, but their marriage was not successful. They had a Big Fat Gypsy wedding, which was highly publicized and gained a lot of attention. However, their relationship did not last, and they eventually got divorced. After that, Annie went on to marry James Malone, who is the father of her cousin Dallas’ children. Unfortunately, Annie’s relationship with Malone also ended up in divorce. In recent times, there have not been any reports or news about Annie and Josh getting back together or rekindling their relationship. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Annie and Josh are not currently married.

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