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Are Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin still married?

Miranda Lambert is a country superstar with a huge fan base, both for her powerful music and her personal life. She made headlines in 2019 when she secretly tied the knot with New York Police Officer Brendan McLoughlin. Since then, fans have been eagerly following the couple’s relationship and wondering if they are still together. In this blog post, we will answer the question, are Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin still married?

Their Secret Marriage

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin first met in November 2018, when Lambert was in New York City to perform on Good Morning America. McLoughlin was working as a police officer in the area, and the two hit it off. Despite being in a long-term relationship at the time, Lambert continued to date McLoughlin, and the pair became engaged in a surprise proposal just a few months later.

On February 16, 2019, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin quietly got married in Davidson County, Tennessee. The ceremony was kept secret from the public and even some of their closest friends and family.

Updates on Their Relationship

Since their secret wedding, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin have kept a low profile. They have been seen together in public on occasion, but for the most part, they have kept to themselves. However, there have been some updates on their relationship that have been shared in the media.

In November 2020, it was reported that Miranda Lambert had been spending most of her time at her farm in Nashville, while Brendan McLoughlin continued to work as a police officer in New York City. The couple was said to be making their marriage work long-distance, despite the challenges it presented.

In July 2021, Brendan McLoughlin was seen attending one of Miranda Lambert’s concerts in Connecticut. The appearance sparked rumors that the couple may be reconciling after experiencing some marital issues. However, there has been no official statement from either party on the status of their relationship.

What Could Be Next for the Couple?

It’s difficult to say what could be next for Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin. They have been together for a relatively short amount of time, and much of their relationship has been kept private. Despite rumors of trouble in paradise, it’s clear that the couple cares for each other deeply.

One possibility is that they could continue to make their marriage work long-distance, as they have been doing for some time. It’s also possible that they could choose to move closer together, or even start a family.

Ultimately, only time will tell what is next for Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin. But what is certain is that they are still officially married, and the possibility of a future together is still very much alive.


In conclusion, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin are still married, despite some rumors of marital trouble. They got married in secret in 2019 and have since kept a low profile, with occasional updates on their relationship shared in the media. What the future holds for the couple is uncertain, but it’s clear that they are committed to making their marriage work. Only time will tell what is next for Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin.


Who is Miranda Lambert with today?

Miranda Lambert, one of the biggest names in country music, is now happily married to Brendan McLoughlin. McLoughlin is a police officer in New York City. The couple met in November 2018, when Lambert and her bandmates, the Pistol Annies, performed on Good Morning America. McLoughlin was assigned to be part of the security team for the show. It was love at first sight for the two of them. They began dating shortly after, and four months later, in February 2019, they secretly tied the knot.

Since then, Lambert and McLoughlin have been inseparable. They often attend events and red carpets together, and they frequently share sweet photos and messages about each other on their social media accounts. Despite their busy schedules, they seem to make their relationship work and make time for each other. It was also confirmed that the couple was quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed them to spend more quality time together.

Lambert and McLoughlin’s relationship seems to be going strong, and their fans are thrilled to see them happy together. The couple has already celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and they continue to make memories and enjoy each other’s company.

Does Miranda have a baby?

Miranda Lambert, the famous American country music singer, may initially seem like a single and childless person. However, she is actually a married woman who has been married twice. Her current husband is Brendan McLoughlin, whom she wed in 2019. But what many folks don’t know is that Miranda and Brendan already have one child in their family, Brendan’s 3-year-old son Landon, who was only an infant when the two wed.

Brendan has a child from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Kaihla Rettinger. He shares three-year-old son Landon with her. It is not clear how much time Miranda spends with Landon, but she has been spotted with him on several occasions, suggesting that they have a close relationship.

Despite the little family having a healthy relationship, there have been no official news of Miranda and Brendan expecting a baby together. Nonetheless, they could be planning to expand their family in the future. Miranda has expressed her love for children and her desire to have children in the future, saying “I love kids and I love family and I love my job. I’m always looking for balance, and I think that’s something that the people you surround yourself with can help with”. Hence, it is quite possible that the couple will have a baby of their own soon.

While Miranda is not a biological mother yet, she is a stepmother to Brendan’s three-year-old son Landon. She and Brendan may also be planning to have a child of their own in the future. Nonetheless, the couple is happy and content with the family they already have.

What’s Miranda Lambert’s husband’s net worth?

According to various sources, Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin has an estimated net worth of $500,000. McLoughlin is best known for his career as a police officer in New York City prior to meeting and marrying Lambert in 2019. As a police officer, McLoughlin was likely paid a salary by the NYPD, with additional earnings coming from overtime pay and other benefits. While it is unclear exactly how much McLoughlin made during his time with the NYPD, the average salary for a police officer in New York City is around $85,000 per year.

Since leaving the NYPD, McLoughlin has appeared in a few music videos alongside Lambert, and has reportedly been working as a professional model and actor. It is possible that McLoughlin’s income from these endeavors has contributed to his overall net worth. However, without any additional information about his specific earnings, it is difficult to say for certain.

In any case, it is clear that Brendan McLoughlin has made a significant impact on Miranda Lambert’s life since the pair tied the knot. Despite the fact that his net worth may not be particularly high, McLoughlin’s successful career in law enforcement and work in the entertainment industry indicate that he is a dedicated and talented individual, and his relationship with Lambert continues to be a source of fascination and interest for fans of the country music star.