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Are Dean and Castiel gay?

The Supernatural fandom has been shipping Dean and Castiel for years now. Fans have imagined the two characters in various romantic scenarios, and there has been a constant debate about whether they are gay or not. The show’s writers have teased the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two, but it has never been confirmed. In recent years, Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, may have given fans an answer to this burning question.


To understand the Dean-Castiel relationship and whether they are gay, we need to look at their story arc in Supernatural. Castiel was introduced in Season 4 as an angel who rebelled against Heaven to try and save Dean from Hell. Over the course of the series, Castiel becomes a significant character and forms a close bond with Dean. Throughout the series, fans have noticed various moments between Dean and Castiel that suggest a romantic relationship. However, the writers have not explicitly confirmed this.

Clues in the Show

Fans have been reading between the lines when it comes to the relationship between Dean and Castiel. There are several moments throughout the series that suggest more than just a friendship between the two. In Season 8, for example, Castiel declares his love for Dean, which many fans interpreted as romantic love.

Several other moments hint at the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two. Dean said, “I need you” to Castiel on several occasions, and in Season 12, Dean even tells Castiel that he is “deeply, truly, in love” with him.

Additionally, there are several scenes in which Castiel and Dean share intimate moments. In Season 9, for example, the two share a long hug while Castiel’s wings are visible. Moreover, the two characters stare into each other’s eyes with more than just a friendly look.

Misha Collins’ Confirmation

Fans have been asking for an answer as to whether Dean and Castiel are gay, and Misha Collins may have given them that answer. During a Supernatural convention in 2020, Collins was asked whether Castiel was in love with Dean, to which he replied that Castiel was “homosexually in love” with Dean.

Collins’ confirmation has sent shockwaves through the Supernatural fan base, with many fans thrilled to know that their shipping dreams have been confirmed. Moreover, some fans have criticized the show’s writers for baiting fans with a romantic relationship between the two.


In conclusion, the question of whether Dean and Castiel are gay has been a hot topic in the Supernatural fandom for years. While the show’s writers have never explicitly confirmed it, there have been several moments throughout the series that suggest a romantic relationship between the two. Misha Collins’ confirmation that Castiel was “homosexually in love” with Dean during a convention has finally given fans an answer. Fans have been divided about this revelation, with some thrilled that their shipping dreams have been confirmed, while others have criticized the show’s writers for baiting fans. Ultimately, the way fans interpret the relationship between Dean and Castiel may differ, but it’s clear that the two characters share a bond that goes beyond just friendship.


Who was in love with Castiel?

Throughout the course of the popular TV series “Supernatural,” the character Castiel has had a few romantic relationships, and was loved by different women for various reasons. Castiel, an angel of the Lord, had a romantic relationship with three different women in the series: Meg, April, and Daphne.

Meg, a demon, first met Castiel in season one of the show. After possessing a young woman to find out about the Winchesters’ whereabouts, she crossed paths with Castiel who had been sent to rescue Dean from Hell. Initially, Castiel and Meg engaged in a love-hate relationship, with Meg often teasing and taunting Castiel, but the tension between them gradually grew into an attraction. They both shared a connection due to their being outcasts from their respective groups – Castiel being an angel who had rebelled against heaven, and Meg being a demon who had rejected hell. However, their relationship ended tragically when Meg was killed approximately a year later, leaving Castiel heartbroken once again.

Later in the series, Castiel had a brief romantic encounter with April Kelly, a Reaper who was tasked to kill Castiel, seeking revenge on him for some of his past transgressions. However, despite their initial friction and enmity, they eventually developed an attraction to each other. Unfortunately, their relationship was cut short as April’s mission to kill Castiel eventually succeeded, leaving Castiel devastated once again.

Lastly, Castiel also had a romantic relationship with Daphne Allen, a Human who was also in a witness protection program, whom he met in season 9 of the series. They bonded over their mutual desire to protect and save people and shared an instant connection. The relationship between the two of them was the only successful romantic relationship that Castiel had throughout the series, with Daphne even saying “I loved him with all my heart,” while Castiel also expressed his love towards her.

Castiel had a complicated love life in “Supernatural,” and his relationships with Meg, April and Daphne were all unique in their own ways. While he suffered great losses in his relationships with Meg and April, he did find happiness for a while with Daphne. Despite the eventual death of the women he loved, Castiel maintained a hopeful attitude towards love and continued to search for love throughout the show.

Who is Dean Winchester’s love interest?

Dean Winchester, a character in the popular television series Supernatural, has had several love interests throughout the show’s 15-season run. However, Lisa Braeden is the most prominent love interest of Dean Winchester.

Lisa Braeden and Dean Winchester first crossed paths in Season 3 of the show when Dean visited her home to investigate the case of a ghost. During his investigation, Dean and Lisa started to develop a connection, which eventually led to them becoming romantically involved.

Their relationship was not straightforward – Lisa was a single mom, and Dean’s lifestyle as a hunter resulted in him oftentimes being absent. Despite this, they had a connection that remained throughout the show, with Dean even choosing to settle down with Lisa and become a father figure to her son Ben. However, their relationship ultimately had to come to an end due to the dangerous nature of Dean’s job.

Lisa Braeden was the most significant love interest of Dean Winchester, with their relationship remaining one of the most memorable aspects of the show. Their complicated, romantic relationship was a testament to Dean’s deep capacity for love, even in the face of the dangers of the supernatural world.

Who does Castiel kiss in Supernatural?

In episode 6.10 of the television show Supernatural, titled Caged Heat, Castiel kisses a character named Meg. Castiel is an angel who is initially introduced as an ally to the show’s protagonists, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. Meg, on the other hand, is initially introduced as a demonic antagonist, but as the show progresses, she becomes an occasional ally to the main characters.

In the episode, the group is under attack by hellhounds and Meg stays behind to fight them off. She needs a weapon to do so, and she decides to steal Castiel’s angel blade. However, in order to distract him, she kisses him. Castiel is initially taken aback by the kiss but soon realizes that Meg is stealing from him. As she pulls away, Castiel pushes her against the wall and kisses her again, this time to distract her and get his angel blade back.

This scene was unexpected for both characters and the audience, as Castiel is not portrayed as a character with a romantic interest. The kiss can be interpreted as a tactic used by both characters to achieve their goals in the moment. Castiel may have kissed Meg to distract her from stealing from him, while Meg may have kissed Castiel to distract him from the fact that she was stealing from him.

The kiss between Castiel and Meg in Supernatural is a memorable moment in the show’s history and has been discussed and debated by fans for years.