Your Spring Wedding Guide Your Spring Wedding Guide
One of the reasons we love spring time for weddings is because it brings the promises of new beginnings. From greenery beginning to appear... Your Spring Wedding Guide

One of the reasons we love spring time for weddings is because it brings the promises of new beginnings. From greenery beginning to appear to temperatures starting to rise, spring has a feeling that is fresh, hopeful and enduring. That feeling of starting something new is exactly the feeling we believe a weddings should have. If you’re thinking about having your wedding in the springtime, here are a few trending colors we believe are perfect for your special day.

Let your wedding bloom this spring with the warm and light color, blush. Blush, a shade lighter than pink, has the ability to convey a feeling that is romantic and enticing. Guests will be enchanted and share in the feeling of your special day with accents of blush incorporated in wedding decor like bouquets, table centerpieces and candles. To compliment this lighter color, we recommend any shade of grey. Grey is a perfect wedding color because it conveys a feeling that is relaxed but formal. Think outside of the classic, black wedding tuxedo and give your groomsmen a casual look with grey suits. According to Fast Company, The Black Tux is a great and simple option for suit and tuxedo rentals that come in a number of different shades of grey, giving you a lot of affordable options with just one color.

As your special day transitions from day to night, this color combination encourages your guests to enjoy mingling, grab a hand and head to the dance floor and most important, enjoy their time celebrating with you.

If you’re looking to combine the feeling of a classic wedding with the natural colors of spring, try the color combination slate and moss. Your wedding will feel timeless and elegant with groomsmen dressed in slate-colored tuxedos. Instead of using usual wedding florals, give your wedding a natural and organic impression by using moss-colored succulents to fill wedding bouquets and tab

le centerpieces. Moss is a beautiful shade of green that appears light and balanced which would compliment a classic wedding theme very well. Your guests will be captivated by the classic and natural details of your wedding.

If you’re looking for a color combination that is bold and contrasted, we recommend pairing the bright color lilac with spring’s most popular color, green. Lilac, a shade lighter than Pantone’s color of the year, Ultraviolet, is a great way of giving your wedding a look that is fresh and floral. Tie in green earthy tones to create an atmosphere for your wedding that is charming and rustic. Your wedding party will glow walking down in lilac bridesmaid dresses like these, carrying green floral bouquets. With spring comes the promise of new beginnings and your guests will be caught up in the feeling of celebrating your new beginning.

Similar to lilac, we recommend thinking about incorporating the Pantone color of the year, ultraviolet. Described as inventive and imaginative, ultraviolet is mesmerizing and powerful. Something that makes this color perfect for a wedding is the ability to either be the center of all your wedding details or to use it sparingly in wedding decor. There are plenty of ways to use the Pantone color of the year in your wedding and we think the possibilities are endless.

Let your personal style tell the story of your romance this spring season. Let the season that promises new beginnings be the start of your new beginning. What spring colors would you use and how would you use them in your spring wedding?

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