Why was Gus scared of Lalo?

Gus was scared of Lalo because of Lalo’s involvement with the Salamanca family and their cartel. Lalo was a member of the Salamanca family, which is one of the most powerful and ruthless drug cartels in Mexico and has a long history of violence and intimidation.

Lalo had already proven himself to be dangerous and unpredictable, so Gus did not want to risk being on the wrong side of him. In addition, Lalo was able to manipulate situations to his advantage and had an intimate knowledge of the cartel’s inner workings.

Gus was aware that if he crossed the line, Lalo was in a position to do him harm and was willing to do so.

What did Gus do to Lalo?

Gus Fring did something heinous to Lalo Salamanca when they were both working their way up the drug cartel ladder. While Lalo was away, Gus had his henchmen break into Lalo’s home and brutally murder his entire family as a form of intimidation.

This was a calculated move by Gus and his organization to not only make an example of Lalo, but also to demonstrate the power and influence his organization had. This incident was a major factor in Lalo’s distrust of Gus and his decades-long vendetta to avenge the death of his family.

What is Gus afraid of?

Gus is afraid of a lot of things, such as the dark, large dogs, thunder, heights, and the unknown. Depending on his life experiences, some of Gus’ fears may be more intense than others. For example, when it comes to the dark, he may become anxious if he’s in an unfamiliar place or if he hears something he doesn’t understand.

The same can be said for his fear of large dogs; if he has had a traumatic experience in the past, he could be more easily provoked by being around them. Similarly, he may be particularly afraid of thunder if he was startled by a loud noise when he was younger.

He is also probably scared of heights, like most people, which can result in a fear of jumping from high places or roller coasters. Lastly, his fear of the unknown likely emerged from times when he is uncertain about his surroundings or what might happen in a particular situation.

Why does Lalo laugh when he dies?

The reason why Lalo laughs when he dies is open to interpretation, but it is commonly believed that it is a sign of acceptance. In the Netflix show Narcos: Mexico, Lalo is a powerful and influential drug lord who is revered among his people.

He knows that his death is imminent, so rather than succumb to fear, he chooses to laugh and accept the inevitability of his fate. Lalo recognizes that he is surrounded by death and finds comfort in the knowledge that he will be joining the ranks of those who have come before him.

By laughing, he is showing that he is not afraid to embrace the end, as he has embraced life. He is proud of what he has achieved and won’t let his demise stop him from taking his final breath with a sense of peace and contentment.

How Gus know Lalo is alive?

Gus knew Lalo was alive because he was able to track his movements in jail. Lalo had left a note at Madrigal’s depositor with a fingerprint and his initials, which enabled Gus to find out who he really was and track his movements since he had been arrested.

With the help of Victor, who had been in contact with Lalo and was able to give Gus first-hand information, Gus was able to confirm Lalo was in fact alive and still in police custody.

How did Gus not get poisoned?

Gus did not get poisoned thanks to the quick thinking of his friend Hassan. When Gus was about to take a sip of the beverage that was believed to be poisoned, Hassan noticed something off about it and quickly stopped him.

After looking closer Hassan realized that the beverage smelled like bleach, indicating that it was likely poisoned with a cleaner. Seeing the danger, Hassan quickly grabbed the beverage and poured it out.

Thanks to his quick thinking, Gus was able to avoid drinking the poisoning, potentially saving his life.

Does Lalo know Nacho betrayed him?

At the beginning of the series, Lalo Salamanca is unaware that Nacho Varga has been working as an informant for Gus Fring. However, by the end of the series, it is revealed that Lalo knows about Nacho’s betrayal and has chosen to let him live anyway.

After Gus is killed, Nacho attempts to make a deal with Lalo to protect himself, but Lalo had already been informed about the betrayal and is choosing to be merciful. He reveals his knowledge to Nacho, telling him that he knows what he has done, but that he is prepared to let it go.

He then states that he will not forget, indicating that he will never fully forgive Nacho for his actions, but that he has mercy for him in that moment.

What poison killed Don Eladio?

Don Eladio was killed by a powerful neurotoxin called conotoxin, which is derived from cone snails. This venomous species of snail is believed to have been responsible for Don Eladio’s death, although the exact circumstances of his murder have never been revealed.

The poison causes paralysis and eventual death by asphyxiation due to the victim’s inability to breathe. The effects of this toxin can be fatal within minutes and it has no known antidote.

How did Gus get the gun to kill Lalo?

Gus initially attempted to acquire the gun from a local gunslinger named Don Eladio, but was initially unsuccessful. After having a change of heart and realizing the importance of the task at hand, he eventually managed to acquire the gun from Eladio by offering to buy the gun for double its value.

Gus went on to use this gun to kill Lalo, thus ridding the business of one of its greatest threats.

How did Gus kill Lalo Salamanca?

Gus Fring orchestrated a complex plan to kill Lalo Salamanca in the Season 4 finale of Breaking Bad. After the DEA identified Lalo’s location in Mexico, Gus sent one of his employees, Victor, to meet with Lalo and arrange a visit so that Gus could assess the situation for himself.

The plan involved having Hector and Nacho pretend to attempt to assassinate Lalo in order to gain Lalo’s trust and demonstrate Gus’ loyalty to him. To make the assassination look authentic, Gus arranged for his henchman to use water guns filled with fake blood and have them point them at Lalo from a window of a nearby building.

The fake-out worked and Lalo was convinced of Gus’ loyalty and agreed to meet with him.

At the meeting with Lalo, Gus managed to convince Lalo that he had no knowledge of the botched hit and the two eventually reached an agreement to conclude their business. However, when Lalo left, Gus and his henchmen followed Lalo out of the building, where they proceeded to spray Lalo’s car with bullets, killing him instantly.

As Lalo and his associates were unable to figure out who had assassinated him, Gus was eventually able to get away safely.

Who kills Lalo Better Call Saul?

At the end of the fifth season of Better Call Saul, it remains unclear who will have the ultimate fate of killing Lalo. It appears his death will be the result of a power struggle between two major factions of drug dealers – a Mexican gang run by Juan Bolsa and a Salamanca-led gang which includes Lalo.

The tensions between the two groups escalate throughout season 5 and culminate in the finale when Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) attempts to take Salamanca out of the equation.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Lalo, who has returned from Mexico and is now aware of Gus’ plans, takes out a gun and opens fire on the park where Gus is meeting with a mole. It is unclear whether Lalo actually kills him or if he is shot by one of Gus’ crew who are nearby.

In the final moments of the episode, Lalo is seen driving away in his car, leaving his fate up in the air.

It remains to be seen who will ultimately be the one to kill Lalo in Better Call Saul, but given the stakes, it is likely going to be an explosive and satisfying ending.

Why did Nacho try and kill Lalo?

Nacho tried to kill Lalo because he felt he had no other option. He had a long history of working for Lalo and had grown tired of the increasingly dangerous demands he was making. Nacho wanted to break away and pursue his own interests, but he knew Lalo wouldn’t let him go easily.

He felt forced to take drastic measures, so he worked with Gus and the Salamancas to try and kill Lalo in order to finally break free.

What is Gus Fring’s last word?

Gus Fring’s last word was “Preso,” which is Spanish for “arrested.” It was said in the TV show Breaking Bad, when Gus was getting ready to take a fatal gunshot from Walter White. After Gus had calmly accepted his fate, he looked at Walter and uttered the word “Preso,” which was his last word before he fell to the ground in a bloody heap.

It was a fitting last word for the character of Gus, as during the course of the show he had been able to remain cool and collected in the face of danger, and that final word symbolized his ultimate downfall.

Why does Gus speak Spanish weird?

Gus speaks Spanish in a unique way because he is a native English speaker who learned Spanish from his Mexican grandmother and uses his own unique dialect when he speaks Spanish. His grandmother would teach him a lot of sayings and colloquialisms, so he ended up with a style of speaking Spanish that was a mix of English and colloquial Spanish.

This quirkiness is part of what makes him so memorable and likable, and it is one of the reasons why people have grown to love his character.

What is Lalo trying to prove?

Lalo is trying to prove that the way humans interact with the environment has a direct impact on the planet’s health and sustainability. He is using evidence to illustrate the extent of human activities, such as resource extraction, pollution and climate change, and the resulting impacts on the environment.

He is advocating for policy changes that will reduce these negative impacts, including increased environmental policies and regulations, development of renewable sources of energy, and improving public education and awareness about environmental issues.

He also hopes to show that by making these changes, we can create a healthier and more sustainable world.