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Why did Scotty McCreery lose his record deal?

Country singer Scotty McCreery first gained fame as the winner of “American Idol” in 2011. Since then, he has built a successful music career with nearly 3 million albums sold and two Top 10 singles. However, in 2018, it was announced that he was dropped from his record label, Universal Music Group Nashville. This news shocked many of his fans, who were left wondering why one of the biggest names in country music was suddenly without a label. In this post, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind McCreery’s departure from Universal Music Group Nashville.

His Rise to Fame

Scotty McCreery first rose to fame as the winner of “American Idol” in 2011. He quickly became a fan favorite with his deep voice and country twang. His debut album, “Clear as Day,” was released later that year and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album went on to be certified platinum by the RIAA, selling nearly 2 million copies in the United States alone. His second album, “See You Tonight,” was released in 2013 and also debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

McCreery’s success continued with his third album, “Seasons Change,” which was released in 2018. The album included the hit single “Five More Minutes,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Country Airplay chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA. Despite his success, McCreery was still dropped from his record label later that year.

The Reason for his Departure

So, why was Scotty McCreery dropped from Universal Music Group Nashville? The official reason given by the label was that they were looking to “streamline” their roster. However, many speculate that there were other factors at play.

One possibility is that McCreery’s music had become stagnant. While he had built a loyal fan base with his traditional country sound, his recent albums had failed to produce any major hits. This could have made the label hesitant to continue investing in his career.

Another factor could be McCreery’s hectic schedule. In addition to his music career, he was also attending college at North Carolina State University. It’s possible that his busy schedule made it difficult for him to fully commit to promoting his music, resulting in lackluster sales and radio play.

There were also rumors that McCreery’s team was difficult to work with, though these allegations were never confirmed. Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that Universal Music Group Nashville saw McCreery as expendable.

Life After the Label

Despite being dropped from his record label, Scotty McCreery has continued to make music. In fact, he released his fourth studio album, “Same Truck,” in September 2021. The album has received positive reviews from critics and debuted in the top 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

McCreery has also continued to tour and build his fan base. He has a strong social media presence, with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone. In addition, he has found success on other platforms, such as TikTok, where he has over 1 million followers.

While he may have lost the backing of a major record label, Scotty McCreery has proven that he can still thrive as an artist. He has shown that hard work and persistence can pay off, even in the face of setbacks.


In conclusion, Scotty McCreery lost his record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville for a variety of reasons. Whether it was due to a stagnant music career, a hectic schedule, difficult team members, or a combination of these factors, the end result was the same. However, McCreery has shown that he is more than capable of thriving without the backing of a major label. He is a testament to the resilience and determination of artists who are committed to their craft. As long as he continues to make music that resonates with his fans, he will continue to be a force in the country music industry.


Who was runner up against Scotty McCreery?

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were two of the most talented contestants on season 10 of the singing competition show “American Idol”. Both of these young aspiring singers captured the hearts of the judges and the audience with their impressive vocal skills, stage presence, and charming personalities. Although McCreery and Alaina were both strong contenders throughout the competition, only one of them could be crowned the winner.

it was Scotty McCreery who emerged victorious, becoming the youngest male winner of “American Idol” at just 17 years old. However, his triumph was far from certain. Lauren Alaina, who was just 16 at the time, put up a fierce fight and gave McCreery a run for his money in the finale.

Alaina’s powerful voice, emotional delivery, and stunning stage presence impressed the judges and the audience alike. She received rave reviews for her performances throughout the season, particularly her rendition of the Aerosmith classic “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”. Even McCreery was blown away by her talent, saying that she was “one of the best singers” he had ever heard.

Despite her impressive performances, Alaina was ultimately named the runner-up to McCreery. However, her success on the show helped launch her career in the music industry, and she went on to release her own albums and singles in the years following her appearance on “American Idol”.

How old was Scotty McCreery when he auditioned for American Idol?

Scotty McCreery is a well-known American country singer who first gained national attention by competing in the tenth season of the popular singing competition show American Idol. The young singer caught the attention of the judges with his deep baritone voice and traditional country music sound. McCreery impressed the Idol judges with his performance during his audition, and he quickly became a fan favorite from the beginning of the competition.

Scotty McCreery was just 16 years old when he auditioned for the panel of Idol judges, which at that time consisted of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. McCreery had grown up in a musical family and had been singing since he was a child, performing at school and church events throughout his childhood. McCreery’s father recognized his son’s talent and encouraged him to audition for American Idol, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Although he was still in high school at the time of his audition, McCreery’s talent was undeniable. He performed Josh Turner’s “Your Man” during his audition, impressing the judges with his deep, rich voice. McCreery continued to perform well throughout the competition, earning high praise from the judges and fans alike. He eventually made it to the show’s finale, where he was crowned the winner of American Idol’s tenth season.

Since his time on American Idol, Scotty McCreery has gone on to become a successful country singer, releasing hit songs like “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble with Girls”. He has won numerous awards, including the Academy of Country Music’s New Artist of the Year award, and has sold millions of albums worldwide. McCreery’s success is a testament to his talent and hard work, which began with that fateful audition in front of the American Idol judges when he was just 16 years old.

Who is more successful Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery?

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery both became household names after their appearance on season 10 of “American Idol.” They were the two finalists, with McCreery ultimately being crowned the winner. Since then, both artists have established successful careers in country music.

In terms of net worth, both Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery have built impressive fortunes. Lauren Alaina’s net worth is estimated at $800,000, while Scotty McCreery’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. While McCreery’s net worth is significantly higher, it’s important to note that he won “American Idol” and thus received a higher payout in terms of record deals and other opportunities.

However, success is not only measured by net worth. In terms of chart success, both artists have had their fair share of hits. Scotty McCreery’s debut album, “Clear as Day,” reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum. He has also had several successful singles, including “I Love You This Big” and “See You Tonight.”

Lauren Alaina, on the other hand, has released two studio albums, “Wildflower” and “Road Less Traveled.” While neither reached the top spot on the Billboard 200, “Road Less Traveled” did reach No. 8 on the Top Country Albums chart and was certified gold. She has also had several successful singles, including “Doin’ Fine” and “What Ifs,” a duet with Kane Brown that reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart.

Outside of music, both artists have pursued other opportunities. Scotty McCreery has authored a book, “Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream,” and has appeared in several TV shows, including “Nashville” and “American Idol” (as a mentor). Lauren Alaina has also appeared in several TV shows, including “Dancing with the Stars” and “Daytime Divas,” and has authored a book, “Getting Good at Being You: Learning to Love Who God Made You to Be.”

In terms of who is more successful, it’s difficult to say. While Scotty McCreery has a higher net worth and more chart-topping albums, Lauren Alaina has had several successful singles and has pursued other opportunities outside of music. success is subjective and depends on individual factors and goals.

Who was the runner-up to Taylor Hicks?

Katharine McPhee was the runner-up to Taylor Hicks in the fifth season of American Idol. The season premiered on January 17, 2006, and concluded on May 24, 2006. Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson returned as judges, while Ryan Seacrest returned as the show’s host. The season was known for its talented pool of contestants, which included Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Elliott Yamin.

During the season, McPhee emerged as a fan favorite with her stunning vocal range and captivating performances. She wowed the judges and viewers with her renditions of classic songs such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” and “I Have Nothing.”

On the finale night, Taylor Hicks was announced as the winner, with McPhee securing the runner-up position. Despite not taking home the title, McPhee made a name for herself in the music industry. After American Idol, she signed a record deal and released her debut album in 2007, which was met with critical acclaim. She has since released several successful albums and has pursued a successful career in both music and acting.

Katharine McPhee was the runner-up to Taylor Hicks in the fifth season of American Idol. Although she did not win the title, she made a mark in the music industry and has continued to pursue a successful career in music and acting.

Did George Strait respond to Scotty McCreery?

Yes, George Strait responded to Scotty McCreery’s tribute song “Damn Strait,” which is a nod to George Strait’s legendary country music career. Scotty is a big fan of Strait and has even covered his songs in the past. “Damn Strait” is a song that praises George’s music and the impact it has had on Scotty’s life.

George Strait himself acknowledged Scotty and the song on social media, which was a huge moment for Scotty as a young artist. George posted a video of himself watching Scotty’s music video on Instagram and said “Damn Strait,” while tagging Scotty. This gesture also symbolizes the camaraderie and support that exists within the country music community.

Scotty, who was clearly in disbelief, responded quickly on social media: “Ummm…this is so cool. George Strait reacted to my Damn Strait music video. I’m not even sure of what to say other than thank you!” Scotty went on to express his gratitude to the country music legend, saying that he learned so much from George and has been inspired by him his whole life.

George Strait did respond to Scotty McCreery’s tribute song “Damn Strait,” and it was a significant moment for both Scotty and the country music industry as a whole. George’s reaction shows that he continues to support the new generation of artists and recognizes their appreciation for his work.