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Who planned Kevin Love’s wedding?

Celebrities often create extravagant and luxurious weddings that reflect their personality and style. One of the most beautiful celebrity weddings in recent history was the nuptials of NBA star Kevin Love and his girlfriend Kate Bock, a Sports Illustrated cover model. The couple exchanged their vows in September 2021 in a stunning ceremony that took place on the picturesque landscape overlooking the ocean in front of their Malibu home.

With a beautiful and elegant vision in mind, Kevin Love and Kate Bock turned to wedding planner extraordinaire Marcy Blum to bring their dream wedding to life. In this post, we will explore the details of Kevin Love’s wedding and reveal who planned this lavish event.

Who is Marcy Blum?

Marcy Blum is a world-class event planner who has designed some of the most high-profile and luxurious events in the world. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Marcy Blum is a leading expert in creating bespoke weddings for famous clientele and socialites alike.

Her portfolio includes events for clients such as Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick, and LeBron James and Savannah Brinson, to name a few. Marcy has also designed events for prestigious brands including Louis Vuitton, Target, and Hearst Publications.

Her knowledge of the industry and her creative flair for making the most spectacular and stunning weddings sets her apart from others in the game. Marcy provides a complete full-service planning experience, guiding couples through every detail from the design and décor to the catering and entertainment.

Kevin Love and Kate Bock’s Wedding: The Details

The wedding of Kevin Love and Kate Bock was nothing short of magical. The beautiful location of the wedding on the Malibu coastline provided an idyllic backdrop for the romantic ceremony and the lavish reception that followed.

The ceremony was held on the lawn overlooking the ocean, with Kevin and Kate exchanging their vows underneath a stunning flower-covered arch. The couple walked down the aisle together, holding hands, and dressed in stylish designer attire.

Following the ceremony, the couple and their guests moved to the stunning reception that was held in a tented pavilion on the estate’s grounds. The pavilion was dripping with beautiful flowers and elegant lighting, creating a warm and romantic ambiance.

Guests were greeted with a delicious cocktail hour that featured a range of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The main dining area of the reception was elevated further, with a four-course meal featuring sumptuous dishes such as Maine lobster, Foie Gras, Wagyu Beef cooked to perfection, and a classic beignet of huckleberry.

To add to the grandeur of the night, Kevin and Kate had chosen to have a live band play for their guests with the musical stylings of the renowned R&B musical groups Boyz II Men and Lizzo. Attendees could dance the night away, enjoying the beautiful music and embracing the romantic atmosphere that Marcy Blum and her team had created.

The Conclusion

The wedding of Kevin Love and Kate Bock was one of the most beautiful and lavish celebrity weddings in recent times. With Marcy Blum and her team’s assistance, the happy couple brought their dream wedding vision to life, creating an unforgettable evening for themselves and their guests.

Marcy Blum has certainly cemented her position as one of the best in the business, delivering luxury, style, and elegance to every event she plans. Her unique sense of creativity and her knowledge of the event industry combine to create some of the most memorable and unforgettable weddings and events.

So, now we know who planned Kevin Love’s wedding – the fabulous Marcy Blum. With the knowledge of this remarkable event, brides-to-be can gather inspiration for their own grand luxury weddings.


How long did Kate Bock and Kevin Love date?

Kate Bock, who is well known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, started dating NBA player Kevin Love in 2016. The couple met through mutual friends and began dating shortly after. After five years of dating, Kate and Kevin decided to tie the knot and got married in June 2022.

Throughout their relationship, the couple has shown an immense amount of love and support for each other. They’ve shared numerous pictures on social media, showcasing their affection and enjoying each other’s company while traveling to exotic locations such as Bali and Greece.

Despite their careers demanding them to be apart frequently, the couple managed to sustain their relationship, flying to meet each other in various parts of the world. Their commitment and dedication towards one another have been admired by fans and followers.

Kate Bock and Kevin Love’s relationship has been considered as one of the most solid ones in the entertainment industry. They’ve been each other’s rocks, supporting one another through thick and thin. And after almost six years of dating, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Was Kevin in love with Madison?

Throughout the series “This Is Us,” Kevin has gone through his fair share of romantic pursuits and relationships. However, the question remains whether or not he was in love with Madison.

In season four, Kevin starts to develop a closer relationship with Madison, who is pregnant with twins after a one-night stand with him. Initially, Kevin wasn’t interested in her romantically and only saw her as someone he could potentially co-parent with. However, as they spend more time together, it becomes clear that Kevin’s feelings for Madison are growing deeper.

One significant moment that shows Kevin’s love for Madison was when she began dating her obstetrician, Dr. Mason. Despite this new relationship, Kevin puts his own romantic interests aside to help out Madison’s new boyfriend and make sure he’s treating her well. This selfless act of putting Madison’s happiness ahead of his own shows how much he cares about her and her well-being.

Moreover, in season five, during the birth of their children, Kevin confesses his love for Madison. His vulnerability showcases the depth of his feelings for her and that he’s willing to take a risk and potentially lose her as a friend.

Although it was not love at first sight for Kevin and Madison, as their bond deepens, it becomes clear that Kevin was in love with her. His actions and words show that he’s willing to prioritize Madison and her happiness, even at the cost of his own romantic interests.

How much does Kevin Love make per year?

Kevin Love, the professional basketball player, is currently playing for the Miami Heat in the NBA. As of the 2021-2022 NBA season, he is earning $3,114,138 per year from his one-year contract with the Heat. This salary is fully guaranteed and is an average annual salary for the duration of the contract.

It’s worth noting that Love has had a successful career in the NBA, which has earned him a considerable amount of money over the years. Before joining the Miami Heat in 2021, Love played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he signed a four-year contract extension worth $120 million in 2018. This contract was set to expire in 2023, but he was bought out of the contract in 2021, which allowed him to sign a more affordable, one-year deal with the Miami Heat.

Love’s previous contract was one of the largest in the NBA, and it earned him an average annual salary of around $30 million. During the 2019-2020 season, he earned over $28 million, which was his highest-paying year as a professional basketball player.

It’s important to know that NBA players’ salaries vary based on many factors, including their age, experience, performance, and team. The league has a salary cap, which limits how much teams can spend on player salaries, but players like Love, who have a long-standing career and a good reputation in the league, can earn a considerable amount of money by negotiating lucrative contracts.

Kevin Love is currently earning $3,114,138 per year playing for the Miami Heat. Although this is significantly lower than his previous contracts, he is still one of the highest-paid players in the league due to his successful career and experience.