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Who owns White Point Beach Lodge?

White Point Beach Lodge is one of the most popular and iconic destinations in Nova Scotia, Canada. The resort provides visitors with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful sandy beaches, and endless opportunities to relax and unwind. However, many visitors to White Point Beach Lodge often wonder, who owns this magical resort? In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of White Point Beach Lodge ownership, discover how it has evolved over the years, and learn more about the current owner of this beautiful resort.

The Early Days

In 1928, the beautiful White Point Beach Lodge opened its doors to visitors. Initially, the resort was owned and operated by H. Lewis Brown, who saw the potential for a tourist destination in the small community of White Point. Over the next few decades, the resort continued to grow and attract visitors from around the world.

In the 1960s, the ownership of White Point Beach Lodge changed hands, with the resort being purchased by businessman Alex Hennigar. Hennigar’s vision for the resort was to create a world-class destination that would attract visitors from around the world. Over the next 20 years, Hennigar transformed the resort, adding amenities, expanding the grounds, and creating a destination that would be known for its beauty, luxury, and hospitality.

The Late 20th Century

In the early 1990s, the ownership of White Point Beach Lodge changed hands once again. This time, the resort was purchased by a local group of investors who recognized the potential of the resort as a tourist destination. These investors worked diligently to modernize the resort, adding new buildings, upgrading facilities, and improving the overall guest experience.

During this time, White Point Beach Lodge became one of the premier tourism destinations in Nova Scotia. The resort was renowned for its luxurious accommodations, breathtaking scenery, and outstanding hospitality. Over the years, White Point Beach Lodge has played host to countless weddings, conferences, and other special events, making it a beloved destination for visitors and locals alike.

The Current Owner

Today, White Point Beach Lodge is owned by Robert Risley, a Halifax-based entrepreneur and restaurateur. Risley is the CEO of RCR Hospitality Group, one of the top professional catering companies in Halifax, and the owner of several popular restaurants throughout the city. His purchase of White Point Beach Lodge in 2016 marked a new chapter in the resort’s history, and he has worked diligently to maintain the resort’s legacy of beauty, luxury, and hospitality.

Under Risley’s ownership, White Point Beach Lodge has undergone several major renovations and upgrades, including the addition of new guest rooms, the renovation of existing rooms, and the development of new dining and entertainment options. The resort has also implemented several key sustainable tourism initiatives, including a dedication to local sourcing and reducing waste.


White Point Beach Lodge has been a staple of the Nova Scotia tourism industry for nearly a century. While the resort’s ownership has changed hands several times over the years, its dedication to providing guests with outstanding hospitality, breathtaking scenery, and luxurious accommodations has remained constant. Today, under the leadership of Robert Risley, White Point Beach Lodge continues to cement its place as one of the premier tourism destinations in Nova Scotia, a testament to the vision and hard work of its owners past and present.


When did White Point burn down?

White Point Beach Resort, a popular vacation destination on Nova Scotia’s south shore, suffered a devastating loss on November 12, 2011. On that fateful day, the resort’s main lodge, which had stood for 83 years, was consumed by fire and reduced to ashes, leaving behind only memories of its rich history. The fire, which started in the laundry room due to an electrical malfunction, spread quickly and engulfed the entire building in flames, despite the efforts of firefighters who arrived promptly on the scene. The fire was so intense that it could be seen from miles away, and it took several hours to bring it under control. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the guests and staff were safely evacuated from the premises. However, the loss of the main lodge was a severe blow to the resort and to the local community, which had long cherished the building as a landmark. The lodge had been the focal point of the resort, and many generations of visitors had fond memories of its cozy rooms, crackling fireplaces, and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the fire, the resort has undergone extensive renovations and rebuilding, and while the main lodge has not been rebuilt, the resort has continued to thrive, welcoming visitors from near and far to enjoy its beautiful beaches, cottages, golf course, and dining facilities.

What is the history of White Point Beach?

White Point Beach is a beautiful and popular beach located in San Pedro, California. The history of White Point Beach dates back to the 18th century when the area was discovered by Spanish explorers around 1770. The explorers encountered a group of native people later known as the Gabrielino. They were named after the San Gabriel Mission that was founded by the Spanish.

The Gabrielino were the first known residents of the White Point Beach area, and they lived a peaceful and tranquil existence for many years before the arrival of the Europeans. The Gabrielino people were skilled fishermen, hunters, and gatherers who lived off the abundant natural resources that were available in the region. They built their homes from brush, and they constructed fishing structures using willow poles and seaweed.

In the early 1800s, the Spanish built the San Pedro Wharf at the northern end of White Point Beach. This wharf was used for shipping goods, and it was a critical transportation hub for many years. Around the same time, a number of settlers began to move into the area, and they began to develop houses and businesses. These early settlers were attracted to the area by the mild climate, beautiful scenery, and abundant natural resources.

By the early 1900s, San Pedro had become a bustling port town, and White Point Beach had become a popular destination for tourists. Visitors came from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and they enjoyed swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Throughout the 20th century, the beach continued to attract visitors, and it became a favorite destination for local residents as well.

Today, White Point Beach is a well-known and beloved destination for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike. The beach is managed by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, and it offers a wide range of facilities and amenities, including picnic tables, restrooms, and lifeguard stations. The beach is also home to a variety of wildlife, including shorebirds, seals, dolphins, and whales. Visitors to White Point Beach can enjoy hiking along the beach’s many trails, or they can simply relax and soak up the beautiful scenery.

How far is white point beach from halifax?

White Point Beach Resort is a beautiful spot located in the southwest region of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is approximately 95 miles or 152 kilometers from Halifax, which is a significant center for business, culture, and education. The easiest way to reach White Point Beach Resort from Halifax is by taking Route 103 and exiting at Exit 20A.

The drive from Halifax to White Point Beach Resort takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes with light to moderate traffic. The route is scenic and peaceful, offering picturesque coastal views and breathtaking scenery of rural Nova Scotia. It is recommended to take breaks along the way to appreciate the pristine beauty of the area.

It is essential to plan the trip considering the weather conditions, which can vary depending on the season. During the summer months, Halifax has a mild and comfortable climate with average high temperatures of around 70°F (21°C). On the other hand, the winters are cold, with temperatures ranging from 10°F to 30°F (-12°C to -1°C) and frequent snowstorms. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before traveling and prepare accordingly.

White Point Beach Resort is an idyllic destination for those seeking a relaxing and serene getaway from Halifax. It is accessible through a scenic drive of approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, offering some of the most stunning coastal views in Nova Scotia.

Why is the sand orange at Sandy Point State Park?

Sandy Point State Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists in Maryland, USA thanks to its beautiful beaches, ample boating opportunities, and stunning scenery. One of the park’s most unique features is the sandy beach, which has a distinctive orange hue that sets it apart from other beaches in the area. Many visitors wonder why the sand at Sandy Point is orange, and the answer lies in geology.

The orange color of the sand at Sandy Point State Park is due to the presence of iron oxide in the sand. Iron oxide is a common mineral that is found in many rocks and soils around the world, and it is the same compound that gives rust its distinctive reddish-brown color. In the case of the sand at Sandy Point, the iron oxide comes from the iron ore rock that is prevalent in this part of Maryland.

Over time, the iron ore rock breaks down into small particles and is carried downstream by rivers and streams until it eventually reaches the ocean. The ocean waves and currents then carry the iron-rich particles onto the beach, where they mix with the existing sand. As a result, the sand at Sandy Point takes on an orange color that is unique to this area.

While the orange sand at Sandy Point State Park may look strikingly different from the white sand beaches found in other parts of the world, it is a natural and normal feature of this particular geography. Visitors who are curious about the sand color can take a closer look and even collect some sand samples to take home as a souvenir. the orange sand adds to the park’s charm and is just one of the many reasons why Sandy Point is worth a visit.