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Who owns Livbay Lash?

When you think about the beauty industry, you may envision big corporations or famous celebrities owning popular brands. However, in the case of LivBay Lash, a family is the driving force behind their success. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the LivBay Lash story and find out who owns this popular lash extension company.

The Founders

LivBay Lash is family-owned and operated, with the principal owners being Mike and Shauna Jones. The couple started the business in their own home in Las Vegas, Nevada, back in 2017. Mike, who has a background in corporate America, saw a gap in the market for high-quality lash extensions that could be sold at an affordable price. Meanwhile, Shauna, who is a licensed esthetician, saw the potential for a business that could offer premium lash services to clients.

Together, Mike and Shauna combined their skills and knowledge to create LivBay Lash. They began selling their products and services online, in pop-up shops, and through other retailers. Despite the challenges that come with starting a business, their unique product line, coupled with their excellent customer service, quickly gained popularity.

The LivBay Lash Team

Today LivBay Lash employs over 100 lash artists, warehouse workers, retail clerks, corporate officers, and receptionists. The founders are very hands-on and involved in all aspects of the business, from product development to customer service. They have created a positive and supportive work environment that encourages team members to reach their full potential.

Moreover, the company culture emphasizes continuous learning and development, with regular training sessions held for staff. The company invests in its employees because they believe that well-trained and happy staff equate to happy customers.

The LivBay Lash Brand

LivBay Lash has become a well-known and respected brand in the beauty industry. Their lash extensions have been praised for their quality and durability, and they offer a vast range of styles and lengths to cater to different clients’ preferences. Additionally, they also sell a range of other products, including lash adhesive, tweezers, and lash cleansing kits.

LivBay Lash’s success can also be attributed to its online presence. They have over 220k followers on Instagram alone, where they showcase their work, products, and daily operations. Their website is also an excellent resource for lash artists, offering courses, tutorials, and other helpful content.


In a highly competitive industry, LivBay Lash’s success story is truly inspiring. The dedication, hard work, and passion of the founders, along with their employees, have created a brand that is beloved by many. The key takeaway from this post is that owning a successful business is not just about the individual but also about the team. When people work together, support each other, and focus on the customer’s needs, they can create something remarkable. Mike and Shauna Jones have shown that with determination and teamwork, you can build a thriving business from scratch.


Who is the owner of LivBay?

LivBay is a popular beauty brand that offers a wide range of high-quality eyelash extensions. It has gained a significant reputation for its innovative product line and exceptional customer service. If you are curious to know who the owner of this well-known brand is, then you need to look up Mike Jones.

Mike Jones is the founder and owner of LivBay Lash. He has worked extremely hard over the years to develop a brand that is synonymous with quality and affordability. Mike Jones was born and raised in the United States of America. He has always had a love for beauty products and the beauty industry, which is what led him to create LivBay.

With his expertise in the beauty industry and his dedication to providing customers with the best products possible, Mike has succeeded in making LivBay Lash a household name. His innovative ideas and expertise have helped him to provide customers with cutting-edge products that are both affordable and high-quality.

Mike’s vision for LivBay has been centered on a desire to provide customers with quality beauty products that exceed their expectations. He has developed a customer-centric approach that continues to keep the brand on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. Mike continues to lead from the front, and his hard work and passion have made LivBay Lash the success it is today.

Mike Jones is the owner of LivBay Lash, a thriving beauty brand that is highly valued among its customers. He is a leader in the beauty industry who has worked tirelessly to provide the best products possible to his customers. He is passionate about his work and has created a brand that truly represents his dedication, vision, and expertise.

What are the ingredients in LivBay lash glue?

LivBay lash glue is one of the most popular eyelash glues in the beauty industry, known for its long-lasting and strong hold. However, with its popularity also comes concerns about the ingredients used in the formula. For those who are curious about what makes up LivBay lash glue, this article will discuss its two main ingredients: carbon black and latex.

Carbon black is a commonly used pigment in the cosmetic and beauty industry, typically used to provide black color to products such as eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. In LivBay lash glue, carbon black serves the same purpose, providing a deep and dark black hue to the adhesive. This added color helps it to blend in seamlessly with the wearer’s natural lashes without leaving behind unsightly residue or visible glue marks.

However, despite its cosmetic benefits, carbon black can also cause some irritation and allergic reactions in some people. It is important to note that carbon black is not categorized as a toxic ingredient, but it has been associated with watery eyes, itching, and other eye-related problems. If you have sensitive eyes or are prone to allergic reactions, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using LivBay lash glue or any product that contains carbon black.

The second ingredient in LivBay lash glue is latex. Latex is a type of adhesive polymer that is commonly found in household items such as rubber bands and gloves. In LivBay lash glue, latex is used as the main adhesive component. It provides the glue with its strong and reliable hold, ensuring that lashes stay in place for hours on end.

Although latex is generally considered safe for most people, it can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Allergic reactions to latex can range from mild to severe, causing skin rashes, hives, itching, and even anaphylaxis in extreme cases. As with carbon black, if you suspect that you are allergic to latex, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using LivBay lash glue or any product that contains latex.

While LivBay lash glue is a highly effective adhesive that holds lashes firmly in place, it is important to consider the ingredients that are used in its formula. Carbon black and latex are the two main components of this lash glue, and although they are generally safe for most people, they can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you experience any irritation or discomfort while using LivBay lash glue, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

What is formaldehyde used in eyelash glue?

Formaldehyde is not necessarily an ingredient used in eyelash glue, but it can be formed as a by-product during the production process. Formaldehyde is created when the various components of eyelash extension glue, such as the adhesive agent and preservatives, decompose. This can result in the production of formaldehyde gas, which can be harmful if inhaled.

While many manufacturers claim to offer “formaldehyde-free” eyelash adhesives, it is important to note that a completely “formaldehyde-free” lash extension adhesive does not exist. Instead, some companies may use alternative chemicals or compounds that produce less formaldehyde gas, or they may use techniques to limit the amount of decomposition that occurs during the production process.

Formaldehyde is a known irritant and can cause a variety of health problems. When inhaled, it can cause respiratory problems and can exacerbate asthma symptoms. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

For these reasons, it is important to use caution when using eyelash extension glue and to ensure that adequate ventilation is in place during application. Additionally, those who are sensitive to formaldehyde or have respiratory issues should consider alternative methods for enhancing their lashes.