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Who owns Germain Hotel?

If you are a traveler or simply a hospitality enthusiast, you might have heard of the Germain Hotel chain. The brand has become one of the most recognizable hotel groups in Canada with its sleek designs, high-end amenities, and exceptional guest services. But, who owns Germain Hotel? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the people behind Germain Hotel and their commitment to the hospitality industry.

Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain

Dedicated and passionate about the hotel industry since forever, Christiane Germain has held the reins of Germain Hotels next to her brother Jean-Yves Germain for more than 30 years. Christiane and Jean-Yves are co-presidents and co-founders, with Christiane being the creative force behind the brand and Jean-Yves leading the business operations. Both have been dedicated to making Germain Hotels a unique and innovative experience for travelers.

The Beginning of Germain Hotels

The Germain Hotel story began in 1988, in Quebec City, where Christiane’s grandfather opened a motel. Christiane and Jean-Yves took over the business in 1993 and transformed it into a small boutique hotel named Hotel Dominion 1912. The hotel proved to be a great success, setting the stage for their future endeavors. The siblings opened their second hotel in Montreal a year later, named Hotel Le Germain Montreal.

The Expansion of Germain Hotels

Germain Hotels has since expanded to 18 properties across Canada, each with a unique design and brand identity. Some of the notable hotels include Alt Hotel Ottawa, Alt Hotel Toronto, and Le Germain Hotel Calgary. In 2018, the brand opened its first property in the United States, the Hotel Le Germain Mercer in New York City. The expansion is set to continue in the upcoming years, with the Germain Hotel group planning to open properties in Toronto, Kelowna, and Quebec City.

The Germain Hotel Philosophy

Germain Hotels are not just hotels; they are lifestyle experiences that combine luxury with comfort and creativity. The brand is known for its exceptional guest services and its commitment to sustainability. Each hotel is designed with the local community in mind, featuring local artwork and décor. The brand is also committed to reducing its environmental impact, with initiatives such as reducing water usage and promoting recycling programs in each property.


In conclusion, Germain Hotels is a family-owned hotel group founded by Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain. The brand has become a success story in the Canadian hospitality industry, with its unique design, exceptional guest services, and commitment to sustainability. With the Germain Hotel group planning to open new properties in the upcoming years, travelers can expect more innovative and unique experiences from the brand.


Who is the Germain family?

The Germain family is a prominent Canadian family known for their excellent work in the hospitality industry. Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain, the founders of the Germain Hotels chain, are the heads of the family. The couple started their career in the culinary industry, managing four restaurants and a club together when they were just 24 years old. However, they realized their true passion was in the hospitality industry and made a risky decision to switch their focus from restaurants to hotels in the late 1980s.

The Germain family’s first hotel, the Hotel Le Germain, opened its doors in Quebec City in 1988. With their exceptional attention to detail and high-quality service, the hotel was an instant success. In 1997, they opened their second hotel, the Alt Hotel, in Quebec City as well. The family did not stop there and continued to expand their business. As of 2021, the Germain hotel chain has 18 hotels and three hotel brands: Le Germain Hotels, Alt Hotels, and Escad Hotels.

The Germain family is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovative design. Their hotels feature modern and stylish decor, with each location being unique and reflective of the local culture. The family’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in their hotels, as they strive to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and implementing sustainable practices in their operations.

The Germain family’s success in the hotel industry has not gone unnoticed. They have received multiple awards over the years, including Boutique Lodging Company of the Year from the Canadian Tourism Industry Association in 2018 and the One Person Can Make a Difference Award from the Hotel Association of Canada in 2016.

The Germain family is a Canadian family that has made a significant impact in the hospitality industry. Their dedication to exceptional service, innovation, and sustainability have earned them a respected reputation in the business. With their continued success, there is no doubt that the Germain family and their hotels will continue to thrive in the years to come.

What chain is Le Germain part of?

Le Germain is a luxury hotel brand that offers upscale hotel experiences to its guests. The brand is managed by Germain Hotels, a Canadian family business that operates several hotel brands across Canada. Germain Hotels is a highly trusted and reputable hotel operator that has become synonymous with excellent customer service and exceptional accommodations.

Le Germain is part of an exclusive network of hotels that cater to travelers who expect the very best. The brand prides itself on its unique style, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional amenities that are designed to make guests feel right at home. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Le Germain has everything you need to make your stay comfortable, productive, and enjoyable.

Le Germain is just one of several hotel brands that Germain Hotels operates across Canada. Alt and Escad are two other popular hotel brands that are known for their unique style, commitment to customer service, and exceptional amenities. Regardless of which hotel brand you choose, you can always count on the Germain Hotels team to be there for you every step of the way.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable hotel experience in Canada, look no further than Le Germain. With its luxurious accommodations, exceptional amenities, and commitment to personal service, Le Germain represents the ultimate in Canadian hospitality.

What nationality is the last name Germain?

The surname Germain has its origins in Europe and is primarily found in French-speaking nations. The name is derived from the Old French word “germains,” meaning “cousins” or “relatives.” This suggests that individuals with the surname Germain might once have been part of a clan or community that shared a common ancestry.

Additionally, the name Germain is considered a variant of the name Germanus, which has its roots in ancient Rome. The name Germanus was given to individuals who were born in Roman provinces that were situated near the Germanic territories. However, over time, the name evolved and took on a new meaning. In countries such as France, the name Germain is thought to refer to someone who is skilled or knowledgeable in a particular field.

Today, individuals with the surname Germain can be found across the world, with sizable populations residing in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe. The name has also spread beyond its French origins, with variations such as German, Germaine, and Germaino existing in other countries.

While the surname Germain is rooted in France, it has a complex history that can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Regardless of its origins, today, Germain is a common surname in several countries worldwide, and it continues to be passed down through generations as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of its bearer’s ancestors.

Who is the owner of Germain Lexus?

Germain Lexus is a well-known and reputable car dealership that specializes in luxury vehicles manufactured by Lexus. If you’re someone who’s in the market for a new or used Lexus, you might have wondered who owns Germain Lexus. Well, the owner of Germain Lexus is none other than Rick Germain. Rick Germain is the president and CEO of the Germain Automotive Group, which operates several car dealerships throughout the Midwest.

Rick Germain is a well-respected figure in the automotive industry. He has been in the car dealership business for over 30 years and is known for his commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Germain’s commitment to customer satisfaction has been a key factor in the success of his car dealerships, which have won many awards and accolades over the years.

Germain Lexus, in particular, is a flagship dealership for the Germain Automotive Group. This Columbus-based dealership holds a special place in Germain’s heart as it’s a hometown business. Rick Germain grew up in Columbus and has been a part of the local community for his entire life. That’s why he takes great pride in owning the Columbus-based Lexus dealership.

So, if you’re in the Columbus area and looking for a Lexus dealership that values customer satisfaction, you can trust that Germain Lexus is a dealership owned by a committed and respected professional like Rick Germain.