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Who is the singer of Needtobreathe?

When it comes to modern Christian rock music, few bands are held in higher esteem than Needtobreathe. Over the years, they’ve amassed a loyal following and achieved a great deal of commercial success, but despite all of this, many fans still don’t know much about the band’s members. In particular, fans often inquire about the band’s lead singer, Bear Rinehart. Who is he, and what makes him such a compelling figure in the world of Christian rock?

Early Life and Career

William Stanley “Bear” Rinehart III was born on September 6, 1980, in the small town of Possum Kingdom, South Carolina. From a young age, Rinehart had a passion for music, both as a performer and a songwriter. Together with his younger brother, Bo, Rinehart began writing and playing music, eventually forming a band called Needtobreathe.

Despite some early setbacks, the band eventually signed with Atlantic Records and released their first album, “Daylight,” in 2006. From there, the band’s popularity began to grow steadily, thanks to their unique blend of rock, folk, and gospel music.

Recent Work

In recent years, Rinehart and Needtobreathe have continued to release new music and tour extensively. Their most recent album, “Out of Body,” was released in 2020 and received widespread critical acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks.

Perhaps what sets Rinehart apart from other Christian rock performers is his unwavering commitment to his faith. In interviews, he has spoken candidly about his struggles with doubt and the importance of having a personal relationship with God. This authenticity has resonated with many fans, who see Rinehart as a role model for living a life of faith in an uncertain world.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Bear Rinehart is a unique and captivating figure in the world of Christian rock. Through his music, he has touched the lives of countless fans and helped to spread a message of hope and compassion. Whether he’s performing on stage or working on new music behind the scenes, Rinehart remains dedicated to his craft and to sharing his message with the world. If you haven’t already, take the time to listen to some of Needtobreathe’s music and see what makes Rinehart and his band so special.


Who is the current vocalist for suffocation?

Suffocation is a legendary technical death metal band hailing from New York that was formed in 1988. The band has undergone several lineup changes throughout its history. One of the most prominent members of the band was founding member and vocalist, Frank Mullen. Although Mullen officially retired from touring in 2018, he still continues to perform with the band on a more limited basis.

Despite Mullen’s retirement, Suffocation’s music still lives on thanks to the band’s new contributing vocalist, Kevin Muller. Muller joined the band in 2017 after previous vocalist, Ricky Myers, departed. Prior to joining Suffocation, Muller had already established himself in the death metal scene as a member of The Merciless Concept and the former frontman of Pyrexia.

Muller’s addition to the band has been praised by fans and critics alike for his intense vocals, which have helped to maintain Suffocation’s trademark sound. It is important to note that Muller’s role in the band is not as a replacement for Mullen but rather as a contributing vocalist.

Suffocation’S current vocalist is a dual effort between founding member Frank Mullen, who still performs with the band on a limited basis, and Kevin Muller, who joined the band in 2017 as a contributing vocalist after the departure of Ricky Myers. Muller’s impressive vocals have helped to uphold the band’s technical death metal legacy.

Who was the drummer for Breathe?

Ian “Spike” Spice was an English musician who served as the drummer of the English pop band Breathe. Spike was born on September 18, 1966, in Beckenham, Kent, England. He formed Breathe in 1985 with David Glasper and Marcus Lillington. The band’s original name was Catch and their first release was a single titled “Strange Power.” They went on to release their debut album, “All That Jazz,” in 1987, which was a huge international success and charted in many countries.

Breathe’s sound was known for its fusion of pop and jazz elements, which was perfectly accompanied by Spike’s drumming that brought depth and style to the music. He was an integral part of Breathe’s music, contributing to their distinctive sound and style. He was also responsible for co-writing several of the band’s hit songs, including “Hands to Heaven,” “How Can I Fall,” and “Don’t Tell Me Lies.”

Sadly, Spike passed away on September 24, 2000, at the age of just 34 after a struggle with cancer. His death was a devastating loss for the music industry, particularly for Breathe and his fans. He left behind a rich musical legacy, having been an integral part of some of the most memorable pop songs of the 1980s and 1990s. His contribution to Breathe’s music is still remembered and celebrated by fans of the band today.

What ever happened to the band breathe?

Breathe was a British pop rock band formed in 1984. The band was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s, known for hits like “Hands to Heaven” and “How Can I Fall?” However, they eventually faded from the music scene and many people have since wondered, whatever happened to the band Breathe?

After achieving success with hits like “Hands to Heaven” and “How Can I Fall,” Breathe returned to the studio to work on their third album, titled “Peace of Mind.” Unfortunately, the band faced some challenges while recording the album, including conflicts with their record label and creative differences among band members. This resulted in the album being shelved, and Breathe ultimately disbanded in 1991.

After Breathe’s breakup, several band members went on to pursue solo careers. Lead singer David Glasper tried to continue his career as a solo artist, but had little success. Marcus Lillington, the band’s guitarist, went on to become a producer and songwriter for other artists, including Gabrielle and Atomic Kitten. Meanwhile, Ian Spice and Mike Delahunty largely retired from music, with Delahunty pursuing a career in web design.

Despite the band’s relatively brief career, Breathe had a lasting impact on the pop rock genre. Their music inspired countless artists and fans, and their hits remain popular to this day. While the band members themselves went their separate ways after Breathe’s breakup, their music continues to live on.

What is the story behind the song Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE?

“Brother” is a heartwarming song by the American rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, one of their most popular songs to date. The song tells a story of two brothers who have been through a lot together but, through thick and thin, have always been there for each other. The lyrics, written by Bear Rinehart, are a tribute to his brother Bo Rinehart, who is also a member of the band.

The story behind the song goes back to the time when NEEDTOBREATHE was struggling while working on their album “Rivers in the Wasteland”. The band was going through a tough time, and there were a lot of issues between the two brothers. Their friendly competition turned into more of a blame game as times got harder for the band.

However, instead of letting the issues tear them apart, Bear and Bo Rinehart found a way to come together and support each other. That is where the song “Brother” was born. Bear wrote the lyrics as a testament to their relationship as brothers and how they had each other’s backs, no matter what.

The song’s creation was a cathartic experience for both brothers. It served as a reminder of the bond they shared and the importance of supporting each other through tough times. After its release in 2014, “Brother” became an instant hit, resonating with audiences around the world.

“Brother” has a catchy and uplifting tune that perfectly complements the lyrics. The song’s chorus, “Brother, let me be your shelter / Never leave you all alone / I can be the one to call when you’re low / Brother, let me be your fortress / When the night winds are driving on / Be the one to light the way and bring you home,” has become an unforgettable anthem of brotherhood and support.

“Brother” is a beautiful song about two brothers who have gone through thick and thin together and come out stronger for it. The song’s message is universal, and it has touched the hearts of many.