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Who is the country singer that sings back at one?

“Back at One” is a popular ballad written and performed by American R&B singer Brian McKnight. The song is renowned for its romantic lyrics, sweet melody, and soulful delivery. Notably, “Back at One” was not a country song, but it gained popularity among country music listeners after being covered by a popular country singer named Mark Wills.

In this blog post, we will delve into the history and significance of “Back at One,” its original singer Brian McKnight, and the country singer who popularized it among country music fans, Mark Wills.

Brian McKnight – The Original Singer of “Back at One”

“Back at One” was released in 1999 as the title track of Brian McKnight’s seventh studio album. As a balladeer, Brian McKnight is renowned for his smooth R&B voice, melodious compositions, and emotive lyrics. His previous hits include “One Last Cry,” “Anytime,” “I’ll Be There for You,” and “Love Is.”

According to McKnight, “Back at One” was inspired by his newfound love for his then-wife, Julie McKnight. When he wrote the song, he wanted to create a classic, timeless ballad that would express his timeless love for her. The song speaks about a lover’s desire to start over and go back to one, signifying the beginning of something new. It’s a beautifully crafted love song that has remained relevant to this day.

Mark Wills – The Country Music Singer Who Covered “Back at One”

In 2000, a year after Brian McKnight released “Back at One,” Mark Wills covered the song and released it on his album “Permanently.” Mark Wills, born in 1973, is an American country music singer with several hit songs to his name. His most popular songs include “19 Somethin,” “Don’t Laugh at Me,” and “Wish You Were Here.”

Mark Wills’ cover of “Back at One” was an instant hit in the country music scene. Many country fans were fascinated by the song’s lyrics and McKnight’s soulful delivery. Additionally, Wills’ version had a beautiful and distinct country flair that further endeared the song to country music lovers.

Notably, Mark Wills’ version of “Back at One” was so successful that it even charted on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 36 there. It also helped propel the sales of his “Permanently” album, which went on to achieve gold certification from RIAA.

The Enduring Popularity of “Back at One”

“Back at One” has remained a widely regarded classic and is still popular with romance lovers worldwide. The song has been covered by various artists, translated into different languages, and played at countless weddings and other romantic events.

In 2019, Brian McKnight celebrated the 20th anniversary of the song’s release by releasing a live album titled “Brian McKnight – Live From LA.” The album featured a 2018 concert performance of him singing “Back at One” at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Despite being a love song, “Back at One” has touched the lives of many people across the globe. It resonates with anyone who desires a fresh start, whether in a relationship or any other aspect of life.


“Back at One” is a classic love ballad that continues to inspire and move people 20 years after its release. The song’s original singer, Brian McKnight, gave it an R&B flair, while Mark Wills’ country cover breathed new life into it, making it popular among country music lovers. The song’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless message of love, second chances, and new beginnings. Whether you prefer R&B or country, “Back at One” is a song that will always bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with warmth.


Who is the up and coming country singer with the song Just About Over You?

The up and coming country singer with the song “Just About Over You” is none other than Priscilla Block. Block is a rising country music artist who has been making waves in the industry with her soulful voice and dynamic stage presence. “Just About Over You” is one of her most popular songs to date, which has received high praise from fans and critics alike for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.

Priscilla Block grew up in rural North Carolina, where she was first introduced to country music by her mother at a young age. She began writing songs and performing in local venues, and eventually moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician. Block has been building a strong fanbase on social media thanks to her authentic and relatable content, and she was recently signed to Mercury Records.

In addition to “Just About Over You,” Priscilla Block has several other noteworthy songs in her repertoire, including “Thick Thighs,” “PMS,” and “Sad Girls Do Sad Things.” Her music has been praised for its honesty and vulnerability, as she shares intimate details of her own life experiences through her lyrics.

As an up and coming country singer, Priscilla Block is definitely one to watch in the years to come. With her unique sound, powerful voice, and unwavering charisma, she has all the makings of a successful country music artist. “Just About Over You” is just the start of what is sure to be an exciting career in music for Priscilla Block.

Who is the female singer on country roads?

Mary Catherine “Taffy” Nivert-Danoff is the female singer on “Country Roads”, a popular song written by American singer-songwriter John Denver. The song was released in 1971 and quickly became a hit, reaching number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, many people may not know that the song was actually co-written by Taffy Nivert-Danoff and her husband, Bill Danoff.

Taffy Nivert-Danoff was born on October 25, 1944, in Washington, D.C. She began her career as a singer-songwriter in the 1960s and was a member of a folk group called Fat City. In 1968, she met Bill Danoff and the two began writing songs together. They eventually formed the Starland Vocal Band, which became known for its harmonious vocals and catchy pop songs.

In 1970, Taffy and Bill were driving to a family reunion in western Maryland when they saw a sign for “Western Virginia” and began singing “Almost heaven, West Virginia” to the tune of “I Love Style”. Inspired by the scenery around them, they continued writing the song, which they later renamed “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. They sent the song to John Denver, who recorded it and turned it into a hit.

Taffy and Bill continued to write songs together and had several other hits, including “Afternoon Delight”, which won a Grammy Award for Best Arrangement for Voices in 1977. Taffy also continued to perform, both as a solo artist and with the Starland Vocal Band.

While John Denver may have popularized “Country Roads”, it was actually co-written by Taffy Nivert-Danoff and her husband, Bill Danoff. Taffy is a talented singer-songwriter who has had a successful career in the music industry and continues to be remembered for her contributions to some of the most popular songs of the 1970s.

What is Mark Wills doing now?

Mark Wills is a country artist who is currently active in the music industry. He has been entertaining his audience for more than two decades and has released several albums that have garnered both critical and commercial success. Despite facing many challenges and ups and downs in his career, Wills continues to inspire his fans with his music and songwriting.

Currently, Mark Wills is on tour across the United States, performing his hit songs and entertaining his fans. The tour started in July 2021 and will continue till early November 2021. The tour spans across several cities, and Wills is expected to perform in six different concerts in various states, including Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Apart from touring, Mark Wills also engages with his fans through social media, where he shares his thoughts, interact with his fans, and keeps them up-to-date about his upcoming events. He has a significant following on social media, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he shares his music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and snippets of his tour performances.

Mark Wills has had an impressive career so far, and he continues to produce new music and entertain his fans with his unique style and talent. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including Academy of Country Music Award for Top New Male Vocalist, and Grammy nomination for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. With his ongoing tour, Mark Wills is continuing to inspire and entertain his fans across the country and beyond.

Who originally wrote Back at One?

“Back at One” is a song that was originally written and performed by Brian McKnight, an American recording artist, for his fifth studio album of the same name in 1999. The song was produced by McKnight and Brandon Barnes, and it topped the US adult contemporary chart and peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Despite being a hit song, “Back at One” was not initially intended to be included on the Back at One album. However, the song’s demo caught the attention of the record label executives, who thought it had the potential to become a hit single. It was then included on the album’s final track list and was released as the lead single in September 1999.

The song’s lyrics describe a man who is trying to get his relationship back on track after hitting a rough patch. The catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics struck a chord with audiences, and it quickly became one of Brian McKnight’s most beloved songs. It has since been covered by several famous artists, including Mark Wills and Michael Bolton.

“Back at One” was originally written and performed by Brian McKnight for his 1999 album of the same name. It was a massive hit, reaching #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and it remains a popular song to this day.

Did Luke Bryan write down to one?

Luke Bryan is an American country music artist who has been credited with numerous hit songs throughout his career. One of his popular songs is “Down to One,” which became a chart-topping hit after its release. However, the question that arises is whether Bryan himself wrote the song or not.

To answer this question, it should be noted that in the music industry, artists often collaborate with other songwriters to create new music. Such partnerships are considered common practice. In the case of “Down to One,” Luke Bryan is not the sole songwriter; instead, he worked with two other songwriters, Dallas Davidson and Justin Ebach, to create the song.

Dallas Davidson is a well-known songwriter in the country music industry, having won several awards for his work. He co-wrote many of Bryan’s hit songs, including “Rain Is a Good Thing” and “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).” Justin Ebach, on the other hand, is a newer songwriter who has worked with Bryan on other songs, such as “Most People Are Good” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.”

While Luke Bryan did not write “Down to One” by himself, he did collaborate with two talented songwriters to create it. The song has been a massive success for Bryan, earning him a top spot on the country music charts.