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Who is Jimmy Buffett’s manager?

You may know the name Jimmy Buffett, but have you ever wondered about the person behind the scenes who helps to bring his music to life? For nearly three decades, Tom Battista has been the man responsible for making sure that Jimmy Buffett’s shows go off without a hitch. As his stage manager, Battista has played an integral role in helping to shape one of the most beloved performers in music history.

How Tom Battista Became Jimmy Buffett’s Manager

Tom Battista was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from college with a degree in speech communication and theater, he started working in the music industry. He spent several years working as a tour manager for various acts before eventually landing a gig with Jimmy Buffett. The two met in the early 1990s when Battista was working with another band that was opening for Buffett on tour. Buffett was impressed with Battista’s work and offered him a job as his stage manager.

What Does a Stage Manager Do?

If you’re not familiar with the music industry, you may be wondering what exactly a stage manager does. In short, a stage manager is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly during a concert. This includes managing the sound and lighting crews, coordinating with the band and backup singers, and overseeing all aspects of the show.

One of the reasons that Jimmy Buffett’s shows are so highly regarded is because of the attention to detail that Battista puts into every performance. From the set list to the lighting cues, he carefully plans everything out to ensure that fans have an unforgettable experience.

Tom Battista’s Other Ventures

While Battista is best known for his work with Jimmy Buffett, he is also a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Over the years, he has opened several small businesses in his hometown of Indianapolis, including a bar, a restaurant, and a music venue. His experiences on the road with Buffett have given him valuable insights into what makes a successful business, and he has used those insights to create thriving local establishments.


Tom Battista may not be a household name, but he has played a pivotal role in shaping one of the most beloved performers in music history. His work as Jimmy Buffett’s stage manager has helped to create some of the most memorable concerts of all time, and his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create successful businesses in his hometown. Whether you’re a fan of Jimmy Buffett or simply someone who appreciates hard work and dedication, Tom Battista’s story is sure to inspire you.


How do I get ahold of Jimmy Buffett?

If you’re a big fan of Jimmy Buffett and want to contact him, there are several ways to do so. However, it’s important to keep in mind that celebrities receive a lot of emails, letters, and calls every day, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a response from him directly.

One way to get in touch with Jimmy Buffett is via the contact form available on his official website. On the contact page, you can select the “Questions/Comments” category and fill in your details and message. While there’s no guarantee that Jimmy himself will read your message, there’s a chance that someone from his team will respond to you.

Another option is to try reaching out to Jimmy Buffett through social media. He has a verified Twitter account with over 400,000 followers, as well as an official Facebook page with over 8 million likes. You can try sending him a direct message or tagging him in a post or tweet.

If you want to send something physical, like a letter or fan mail, you can address it to Jimmy Buffett care of his management company, which is called Margaritaville Enterprises. Their address is:

Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC.
500 Duval Street
Key West, FL 33040

Keep in mind that while this is a legitimate address, there’s no guarantee that Jimmy himself will receive your mail. It’s also worth noting that sending physical mail may take longer to get a response than email or social media.

Finally, if you have a business or professional inquiry for Jimmy Buffett, you can reach out to Margaritaville Enterprises directly. They have a dedicated email address for development-related inquiries, which is [email protected].

Getting in touch with Jimmy Buffett requires persistence and some degree of luck. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a response, there are multiple channels you can try to increase your chances of getting through to him or his team.

How much does Jimmy Buffett make from Margaritaville?

Jimmy Buffett is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and businessman, who is most famous for his song “Margaritaville.” Since its release, Margaritaville has become more than just a song; it has evolved into a whole brand that includes everything from restaurants to clothing lines. In fact, Buffett’s Margaritaville empire is a multi-million dollar business that has made him a very wealthy man.

According to Forbes, Buffett is currently worth $1 billion. A large portion of his wealth comes from his 28% stake in the Margaritaville brand. An estimated worth of around $180 million, his stake is a significant contributor to his overall net worth. It is not just the restaurants, however, that make up the Margaritaville brand, but also products like rum, tequila, and beer. There is also a Margaritaville resort in the Bahamas, with more resorts currently in the works.

In addition to his business ventures, Jimmy continues to tour and release new music. He is a very popular performer with a dedicated fan base that spans several generations. His concerts are always a hit and his music continues to inspire fans worldwide.

So, to summarize, Jimmy Buffett makes a considerable amount of money from his stake in the Margaritaville brand. With an estimated worth of around $180 million, his 28% stake is a significant contributor to his overall net worth, which is currently estimated to be $1 billion. Additionally, his music career and tours are also profitable endeavors that continue to bring in revenue.

Who is the new keyboard player with Jimmy Buffett?

As of 2021, there is no new keyboard player with Jimmy Buffett. The keyboard player who has been with Jimmy Buffett since 1975 is Michael Utley. Utley is an accomplished keyboardist, producer and arranger, who has worked with a variety of other artists over the years, including Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Jeff Walker, and the Neville Brothers. He has been an integral part of Buffett’s band, the Coral Reefer Band, for over 45 years now, and has been a key part of the sound that has helped make Buffett’s music so popular and enduring.

While there have been some changes to the line-up of the Coral Reefer Band over the years, with some members leaving and new ones coming in, Michael Utley has remained a constant presence, helping to shape and define the band’s sound and contributing to many of Buffett’s most beloved songs. As a keyboard player, he is known for his ability to blend different styles and genres, from jazz and blues to rock and roll and country, seamlessly creating a unique sound that is all his own.

In short, Michael Utley is the keyboard player who has been with Jimmy Buffett for the past 45 years, and there is no “new” keyboard player to speak of. Utley is an accomplished musician in his own right, and has been a key part of the Coral Reefer Band’s sound since the mid-70s. His contributions to Buffett’s music have been significant and enduring, and he is an important part of the band’s legacy and history.

What do they call Jimmy Buffett fans?

Jimmy Buffett is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and musician, whose music represents an “island escapism” lifestyle, often mixing elements of folk, country, and rock. His music has a massive and dedicated fan following, and his fans are affectionately known as “Parrot Heads” or “Parrotheads”.

The term “Parrot Head” originated from a lyric in Jimmy Buffett’s 1985 hit “Fins,” where he sings about the “parrotheads down in Key West.” Since then, the term has been used to describe his devoted and enthusiastic fans.

Parrot Heads are known for their love of Jimmy Buffett and his music, as well as their laid-back and carefree attitudes. They are often seen wearing tropical shirts, sunglasses, and parrot-themed accessories, such as hats or necklaces, while tailgating before his concerts. They create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation, often with elaborate tailgating setups that include beach balls, margarita machines, and tiki bars.

In addition to their love of Jimmy Buffett’s music, Parrot Heads are famous for their philanthropy. The official Parrot Heads in Paradise organization is a non-profit organization that raises funds for community and environmental charities. They have donated millions of dollars and volunteer hours to various causes, including disaster relief efforts and conservation projects.

Parrot Heads are a unique and passionate group of fans who share a love for Jimmy Buffett’s music, island lifestyle, and giving back to the community.