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Who covered dance with somebody?

“Dance With Somebody” is a popular song by Whitney Houston that was released in 1987. The song was a massive hit and has since become one of the most iconic pop songs of the 80s era. The infectious beat, catchy lyrics, and energetic vocals have made it a party staple for over three decades. Naturally, it has inspired a lot of covers over the years. However, one cover of this song, in particular, has caught the attention of music lovers everywhere. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at who covered “Dance With Somebody” and how they made it their own.

The Original “Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

Before we delve into the cover versions of “Dance With Somebody,” let’s take a moment to appreciate the original. Whitney Houston’s vocals perfectly capture the song’s energy and happiness. The song’s lyrics invite the listener to let loose and dance like nobody’s watching. The beat is infectious, the synths are uplifting, and the chorus is unforgettable. It’s no wonder that “Dance With Somebody” remains a beloved song to this day.

Delorentos’ Version

Delorentos is an indie rock band from Ireland that decided to put their own spin on “Dance With Somebody.” Released in May 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delorentos’ take on “Dance With Somebody” captures the carefree spirit that the original song embodies while simultaneously bringing a fresh new interpretation to it.

Distributed and streamed during Music Against Racism Ireland – which includes multiple artists and is dedicated to raising funds to combat systemic racism- Delorentos’ version of “Dance With Somebody” was a hit. Their version features a complete change of arrangement and instrumentation; it begins with a choppy guitar riff that seems to take the listener back in time but also to a new place at the same time. It features a slower tempo, and the lead singer’s gritty voice gives the song a different kind of emotive vigor. The cover is perfect to listen to while lounging around with friends. It’s a joyous, sincere, and passionate interpretation that reminds us of the importance of happiness and community—something that is desperately needed in these trying times.


Though Whitney Houston’s original version of “Dance With Somebody” will never be eclipsed, Delorentos’ version serves as an excellent reminder of the unifying importance of music. It is a testament to the power of covers to breathe new life into beloved classics and make them relevant to emerging audiences long after their original release. The song remains an indelible part of pop culture and continues to inspire artists worldwide. Whether it’s Whitney Houston’s timeless classic or Delorentos’ innovative interpretation, “Dance With Somebody” will remain a beloved song for years to come.


Who covered the dance by Garth Brooks?

“The Dance” is a popular song by American country music singer-songwriter Garth Brooks that was released in 1990 on his self-titled debut album. Over the years, the song has been covered by many artists, and one such artist is Dave Fenley. Fenley is a Texas-based singer-songwriter who rose to fame after participating in the fifteenth season of the American singing competition, “The Voice.”

Dave Fenley’s rendition of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks is a soulful acoustic version that showcases his powerful voice and guitar skills. His cover was released on YouTube on June 12th, 2015 and has gained a lot of popularity since then, with over 4.3 million views. Many fans have appreciated Fenley’s cover of the song, and some have even called it “the best cover of ‘The Dance’ they have ever heard.”

While many artists have covered Garth Brooks’ hit song “The Dance,” Dave Fenley’s version stands out as a soulful and heartfelt rendition that has won over the hearts of many fans of country music.

Are George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam still married?

George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam are both renowned American songwriters, who have worked together for several decades and have penned some of the world’s most memorable hits. They have a long artistic partnership, which has spanned over several decades, and their music has been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

However, many people have been curious about their personal lives, specifically their marital status. George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam were a married couple for a long period, before deciding to divorce in 2000. Despite their decision to end their marriage, they have managed to sustain a productive creative partnership over the years, and have even remained friends.

The duo’s music has received great acclaim and has been recognized by numerous awards, including Grammy nominations for their hit songs. George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam have both continued to work in the music industry independently, but their partnership has endured.

George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam’s personal relationship might have ended, but their professional partnership has remained consistent. They have been able to maintain a productive working relationship, creating timeless music that continues to entertain millions of people worldwide.

Who is the actress in the new movie I Want to Dance With Somebody?

The actress in the upcoming movie “I Want to Dance With Somebody” is Naomi Ackie. She was born on 2nd November 1992 in London, England, and started her acting career in 2012 with the short film “The Carrot.” Naomi has appeared in several movies and television series and is best known for her role as Jannah in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. ”

In “I Want to Dance With Somebody,” Naomi Ackie will be portraying the iconic singer, Whitney Houston. The movie is a biographical drama about the life story of Whitney Houston, highlighting the highs and lows of her illustrious career. The film is directed by Kasi Lemmons and produced by music mogul Clive Davis, with a script written by Academy Award nominee Anthony McCarten.

Naomi Ackie won the EE Rising Star Award in 2020 at the British Academy Film Awards and has also received critical acclaim for her performances in various other movies and TV series. Naomi’s portrayal of Whitney Houston in “I Want to Dance With Somebody” is sure to be captivating and memorable for audiences around the world.

Naomi Ackie, a talented English actress, has been chosen to play a significant role in the much-anticipated biographical drama “I Want to Dance With Somebody.” The movie will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Naomi, as she epitomizes the life of one of the greatest singers of all time, Whitney Houston. Naomi’s performance in this film will be highly anticipated and is expected to earn her critical praise.