Which is the most powerful energy?

The most powerful energy is the energy of the sun. It is the energy source for all life on Earth, since the energy from the sun provides the energy necessary for plants to grow and convert sunlight into chemical energy through the process of photosynthesis.

In addition, the sun provides a huge amount of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which powers natural phenomena like lightning and solar storms. Solar energy is also used to generate electricity using solar cells and photovoltaic panels.

Solar energy is widely used around the world and is becoming increasingly important as an alternative energy source due to its significant potential to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and to contribute to a more sustainable energy system.

Who can beat one above all?

No one can beat One Above All. Described by Marvel as the “Abstract Embodiment of the Universe,” One Above All is an omnipotent being that exists beyond the scope of physical laws and logic, making it impossible to defeat him.

In fact, One Above All is so powerful that he can create universes with a mere thought. He is also the only being that could possibly stand a chance against The Living Tribunal, another all-powerful being who once protected the Marvel universe from immeasurable evil.

How powerful is The One Above All?

The One Above All is the highest and most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse and thus possesses near limitless power. It is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniarch being, meaning it has total awareness, absolute control and mastery.

It is the source of all power and reality, the supreme being that transcends dimensions, time, and space. It is said to be so powerful that even its detractors turn to it for aid. It can manipulate the laws of the multiverse, alter reality, create and alter life forms, manipulate time and space, and can seemingly act without limitation.

It holds ultimate responsibility for the decisions in the multiverse and governs over all events. It is even said to have created the Cosmic Cubes and the Infinity Stones, artifacts that each contain amongst the greatest and most powerful items in the universe.

It is clear that The One Above All is an entity of supreme power in its own right and is the most powerful entity in Marvel.

How powerful is eternity?

The power of eternity is unparalleled. It is an infinite, boundless concept that lacks boundaries, limitations and restrictions. Eternity is the concept of a timeless and everlasting existence and is a power that surpasses all other powers.

It is the power to remain constant and unchanging despite any temporal influences, allowing it to become an ever-present force that is unaffected by events and fluctuations within the temporal world.

Eternity is an absolute; it has no beginning, has no end, and exists without change or decay. It is beyond the effects of time, existing for all of eternity and is immutable. As a result, eternity has been regarded as a symbol of perpetuity and immortality.

Even through times of conflict and chaos, eternity remains unchanged and timeless, making it one of the strongest powers ever known.

How strong is ego?

Ego can be incredibly strong. It is the part of us that often tells us how to perform, the kind of person we should be, how others perceive us, and how to behave. Ego is often considered to be the driving force that motivates us.

It can also blind us from reality, limit our ability to reach our potential, and be incredibly distorted in our interpretation of reality.

Ego can be quite fragile, with negative experiences in our lives causing us to doubt ourselves and act out of fear or bring us down to a place of insecurity. It’s important to remember that we have a choice to not let our egos control us.

We can choose to observe it, be aware of it, and act in a way that serves our best interests and not our egos. Ultimately, how strong we let our egos be is up to us.

Who can defeat Saitama?

Saitama is an unbeatable hero from the popular manga series One Punch Man, created by One. Therefore, it is arguable that no one can truly defeat him. However, speculation from fandom theorists suggest that Saitama may have a rival at some point in the series and a few characters might have a slight chance of defeating him.

These characters include characters such as Tatsumaki, Boros, Garou, and a handful of other foes Saitama has encountered or will encounter in the course of the series. Although no one has been able to do so yet, this doesn’t mean the possibility is not there.

Although Saitama is incredibly powerful, it is still possible that he has a weakness or might be able to be outsmarted by someone. This remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like no one can truly defeat Saitama.

Who is stronger than Goku?

It depends on the context and the particular story arc. Generally speaking, there are a variety of characters in the Dragon Ball universe that have been established to be stronger than Goku. These characters include Freiza, Cell, Majin Buu, and Jiren.

All of these characters have faced off against Goku in the past, and excelled him in strength. For example, Freiza was able to eliminate Planet Vegeta while Goku was unable to, and Cell was able to absorb enough energy to make the Earth explode, while Goku would not have been able to.

In the Tournament of Power, it was Jiren who stood out above all the other warriors, having immensely greater power than Goku. Additionally, some of the Angels are said to have an immense power greater than Goku, as it was through their grace that one of the latter was saved from certain death.