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When did Blake Shelton come out?

Blake Shelton has been a mainstay in country music for the past two decades. He’s seen incredible success as both a musician and television personality, but how did he get his start? One question that often comes up is when Blake Shelton came out, so let’s take a closer look at his early career and see when he first burst onto the country music scene.

Early Years

Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1976. He began singing at an early age and learned to play guitar by the time he was 12 years old. After finishing high school, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.

Shelton got his start singing in honky-tonk bars and playing small gigs around town. He caught the attention of Giant Records, who signed him to a recording contract in 2001.

“Austin” and Breakthrough Success

Shelton’s debut single, “Austin,” was released in 2001. The song quickly became a smash hit and spent five weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The success of “Austin” helped Shelton’s self-titled debut album reach number three on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Over the next few years, Blake Shelton continued to release hit songs and albums. He won the Country Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year award in 2010, and his album “Red River Blue” was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Television Career

In addition to his success as a musician, Blake Shelton has also become well-known for his television work. He’s been a coach on the hit singing competition show “The Voice” since it premiered in 2011 and has won the show with his contestants six times.

Shelton has also appeared as a judge on “Nashville Star” and as a guest star on shows like “Malibu Country” and “Bake It Like Buddy.”

Personal Life

Blake Shelton’s personal life has also garnered a lot of attention over the years. He married fellow country singer Miranda Lambert in 2011, but the couple divorced in 2015. Shelton has since been in a relationship with fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani.

In recent years, Blake Shelton has also become known for his philanthropic work. He’s a supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and has raised millions of dollars for the organization through his annual “Healing in the Heartland” benefit concert.


Blake Shelton came onto the country music scene in 2001 with his debut single “Austin,” which quickly became a hit and launched his career. Since then, he’s continued to release hit songs and has become a well-known television personality. His personal life, including his relationships with Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani, has also been a topic of interest for many fans. Through it all, Shelton has remained committed to his music career and to giving back through his philanthropic work.


Why is Blake leaving The Voice?

Blake Shelton, one of the beloved coaches of the popular singing competition show, “The Voice,” announced that he will be leaving the show after the 20th season. The reason behind his departure is not due to any controversy or ill-feelings towards the show, but rather so he can focus on his personal life. In an interview with PEOPLE, Shelton revealed that he wants to spend more time with his wife Gwen Stefani and their family.

Shelton and Stefani first met on the set of “The Voice” in 2014 and began dating in 2015. The couple got engaged in October 2020 after nearly five years of dating. Shelton says that he wants to prioritize his relationship with Stefani and the time they spend together, especially since her three sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, are an important part of their lives.

Moreover, Shelton has been a full-time coach on “The Voice” since its inception in 2011, and he feels that now is the time for him to step back and focus on other aspects of his life. He leaves the show with an impressive record, having coached six previous winners, and has amassed a loyal fanbase who will surely miss him on the show.

Blake Shelton’s decision to leave “The Voice” after the 20th season is a personal one that is rooted in his desire to spend more time with his family and prioritize his relationship with Gwen Stefani. While fans of the show will be sad to see him go, there is no doubt that he will continue to be a prominent figure in the music industry and in the hearts of his loyal fans.

How long has Blake been on The Voice?

Blake Shelton has been a prominent fixture on the hit singing competition show, The Voice, since its inception in 2011. He has been a coach and mentor to countless aspiring singers over the past 20 seasons and has left a lasting impression on the show’s fans. Alongside other prominent industry professionals like Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton has been a key member of the original cast.

As one of the longest-serving coaches on The Voice, Blake Shelton has been a constant source of musical expertise and guidance for contestants. His sharp wit and engaging personality have endeared him to fans of the show, and his overall impact on The Voice is immeasurable.

During his tenure on the show, Blake Shelton has coached numerous successful singers to victory. He has been the coach of seven winners on The Voice, including Danielle Bradbery, Craig Wayne Boyd, and Chloe Kohanski, among others. Apart from coaching, Shelton has also performed several times on the show, making sure that his fans and viewers are always captivated by his amazing performances.

It is evident that Blake Shelton has been an integral part of The Voice since its inception in 2011 and continues to be the show’s most respected and dependable coaches. His contributions to music and entertainment are undeniable, and he will always remain a beloved and important member of The Voice family.

How did Blake Shelton get his start?

Country music star Blake Shelton got his start in the music industry in the late 1990s. He was born in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1976 and showed an early interest in music, learning to play the guitar at age 12. Shelton performed in local talent shows and contests and sang in church before moving to Nashville to pursue a career as a country singer.

In 1997 Shelton had a chance encounter with songwriter and producer Bobby Braddock, who is best known for his work with George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Braddock was impressed by Shelton’s talent and helped the young singer land a recording contract with Giant Records.

Shelton’s first single, “Austin,” was released in 2001 and became a massive hit. The song, which was written by David Kent and Kirsti Manna, tells the story of a man who keeps calling his ex-girlfriend’s answering machine to express his undying love for her. “Austin” reached the top of the country charts and stayed there for five weeks, making Shelton an instant sensation.

Subsequent singles like “All Over Me” and “Ol’ Red” also did well on the charts, and Shelton’s fanbase began to grow. In 2003 he released his first album, “The Dreamer,” which was a critical and commercial success. Over the years, Shelton has continued to release hit albums and singles, collaborate with other artists, and tour extensively throughout the United States and beyond.

Despite his success, Shelton has remained grounded and passionate about his music. He has won numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards, and has been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Shelton has also become a popular television personality, serving as a judge on the hit show “The Voice.” Blake Shelton’s journey from small-town Oklahoma to country music stardom is a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination.

Who is Blake Shelton’s best friend?

Blake Shelton, the famous country music singer, has a lot of friends in the music industry and beyond. However, if we talk about his best friend, it’s none other than Carson Daly, an American television host, radio personality, and producer. Carson Daly and Blake Shelton have been friends for years and have developed a unique brother-like bond that is evident whenever they are together.

Carson Daly and Blake Shelton first met in 2011 when Carson was hosting the reality competition series ‘The Voice’ and Shelton was one of the judges. During the filming of the show, they got to know each other, and it wasn’t long before they became best friends.

Since then, Carson has been one of Blake’s closest friends and confidants. They have worked together on various projects and hosted numerous events together. Daly even officiated Blake Shelton’s marriage to his now-wife Gwen Stefani in 2020, which is a clear testament to their deep friendship.

Apart from professional collaborations, Carson Daly and Blake Shelton also spend their free time together. They go fishing, hunting, and attend sports events as they both share a love for the outdoors and sports. Daly has even shared some personal stories with the public, revealing how Shelton has always been there to support him when he needed him the most.

Carson Daly and Blake Shelton’s friendship is an excellent example of how two people with different backgrounds and careers can form a deep bond over time. They have supported each other through thick and thin and have continued to grow and flourish in their respective careers while maintaining their friendship.

How much older than Blake Shelton is Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani, who is known for her music and fashion career, is a well-known celebrity who has gained a lot of fame with her incredible and remarkable work. She is also known for her romantic relationship with country singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton. Fans have been curious about their age gap, and many wonder how much older Stefani is than her boyfriend Shelton.

During an episode of Barmageddon, Stefani revealed her actual age, which came as a shock to many. She revealed that she is 52 years old, while Blake Shelton is 45 years old. This means that Stefani is seven years older than Shelton. Despite the age gap, Stefani and Shelton’s relationship has remained strong and well-admired by fans.

Age is just a number, and it does not diminish the love and respect that Stefani and Shelton have for each other. In fact, their relationship is believed to be a source of inspiration to many, as it shows that age is just a number, and people can connect in ways that transcend age.

Gwen Stefani is seven years older than Blake Shelton. While some may be surprised by this revelation, others have come to realize that age is just a number and what truly matters is the love and respect that two people share for each other.

When did Gwen Stefani meet Blake Shelton?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first met on the set of the singing competition show The Voice. The two musicians met during the filming of season seven of the show, which aired in late 2014 and early 2015. This season was a turning point for both Blake and Gwen, as they both became coaches for the first time. During this season, the two hit it off as friends and colleagues, often teasing and flirting with each other on camera.

It wasn’t until a few months later, during the filming of season nine of The Voice in November 2015, that their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. During this season, both Gwen and Blake were going through divorces from their respective spouses, which drew them closer together. Halfway through the season, they officially announced to the public that they were dating, surprising many fans.

Since then, Gwen and Blake have been by each other’s sides through thick and thin, supporting each other’s careers and personal lives. They got engaged in October 2020, and finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in July 2021. They’ve been together for over six years now, and continue to be one of the most beloved and talked-about couples in the music industry.