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What song by Rob Thomas is about his wife?

Rob Thomas is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and musician who has made a significant impact in the music industry. With multiple chart-topping hits and over 80 million records sold, he has cemented his place in the hearts of his fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Among the many songs that Rob Thomas has penned over the years, one song that stands out is “Ever the Same”. This heartfelt ballad not only showcases Rob’s songwriting and vocal abilities, but it’s about his wife, Marisol Maldonado.

The Inspiration behind “Ever the Same”

Marisol Maldonado has been an essential part of Rob Thomas’ life for many years and has played a significant role in his music career. The couple first met in 1998 when Marisol was working as a model for Matchbox Twenty’s music video “Push”. From that moment, they hit it off, and their relationship blossomed, leading to the altar in 1999.

In 2002, Marisol was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder known as “Lupus”. Her battle with the disease had a substantial impact on Rob, and he wanted to express his love and support for her through his music.

The song “Ever the Same” was written at a challenging time for both Rob and Marisol. Rob recalls that back then, he was overwhelmed with emotion, and the words and melody of the song poured out of him. He wrote it to provide comfort and support for his partner, and fans have since appreciated the song’s honest and emotional message.

An Overview of “Ever the Same”

“Ever the Same” is a tender, soulful, and introspective song that showcases Rob Thomas’ smooth vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The song starts out with a mellow guitar riff accompanied by Rob’s soft voice, making the listeners feel the depth of the song’s emotions.

The song’s chorus “Can you even see what you’re fighting for, blood lust, and a holy war” is a question that Rob poses to his wife, asking her whether she is aware that he is fighting for her and will always be by her side.

Throughout the song, Rob reassures his wife that he loves her and would always be there for her, no matter what. He sings, “It’s not a matter of you versus me, it’s fine the way you want me to be. We both know that was never me,” reaffirming his commitment to his wife and who he is as a person.

The song’s lyrics are simple yet profound, and it’s clear that Rob Thomas wrote them from the heart. The melody of the song is soothing and calming, making it an easy song to listen to and appreciate, as opposed to merely hearing it. The harmonies and background vocals complement Rob Thomas’ voice, making the song sound beautiful and timeless.

The Impact of “Ever the Same”

“Ever the Same” was well-received by music critics and fans alike. It was released in 2005 as the first single from Rob Thomas’ debut solo album, “Something to Be”. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart and went on to become a classic hit for Thomas.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody have made it a fan favorite, and people can relate to it on an emotional level. The song was also a significant turning point in Rob’s career as a solo artist, as it showcased his talents, both as a singer and songwriter.

In an interview with Songfacts, Rob said that the song remains a favorite among his fans, and he still performs it live. He added that he appreciates what the song means to his fans, and performing it always brings him back to the moment when he wrote it.

Closing Thoughts

“Ever the Same” is not just a song; it’s a love letter from a husband to his wife. Rob Thomas’ heartfelt ballad shows that he wrote the song with genuine feeling and intention. The song not only uplifts and inspires Marisol but also resonates with people across the world who may be going through challenging times in their personal lives.

Rob Thomas’ “Ever the Same” showcases his creativity, passion, and love for his wife. A testament of his affection, the song remains one of his most popular hits, and its enduring message to love and support those closest to us endures to this day.


How did the song Smooth come about?

The song “Smooth” is a collaborative effort between songwriter Itaal Shur and musician Rob Thomas that became a massive hit for legendary rock guitarist Carlos Santana. The story of the creation of this track is both interesting and intriguing, as it involves a bit of serendipity and a lot of creative intuition.

According to reports, Itaal Shur started working on the initial melody while in his studio, and the track eventually evolved into a song called “Room 17”. However, he felt like the song needed a compelling hook and asked his friend, a fellow musician named Rob Thomas, to help him out. Thomas had just left his band, Matchbox Twenty, and was focused on pursuing a solo career. Since he and Shur were friends, he obliged and started working on the song with him.

Thomas reportedly came up with a catchy melody and lyrics that he thought would complement the existing track. He then recorded a demo of the song, which he titled “Smooth”, thinking it would be a quirky title that would catch the listener’s attention. However, he did not think much of it, and neither did Shur. They simply passed the demo around for other artists to see if anyone would be interested in recording it.

A lucky break came when Carlos Santana was working on a new album and was looking for a song that would showcase his guitar skills. His producer, Clive Davis, came across the demo of “Smooth” and thought it would be a perfect fit for Santana. Davis contacted Thomas and Shur and asked if they could create a new version of the song that would feature Carlos Santana’s guitar playing. The duo jumped at the opportunity and quickly got to work.

They stripped down the original song and reworked it to include more guitar riffs and instrumental sections. They also added some Latin-flavored percussion elements to give it a distinctive sound. When Santana heard the new version, he was impressed with the groovy rhythm and soulful melody. He agreed to record the song, and the rest is history.

Released in 1999, “Smooth” became an instant hit, topping the charts in multiple countries and winning three Grammy Awards. The song’s success helped launch the career of Rob Thomas and renewed interest in Carlos Santana’s music. It also introduced a new generation of listeners to the enchanting sounds of Latin-inspired rock music.

“Smooth” is a testament to the power of collaboration and the creative magic that can happen when talented musicians come together to work on a project. Though the song had humble beginnings, it grew into a cultural phenomenon that continues to enchant and inspire listeners to this day.

Who was Rob Thomas first wife?

Rob Thomas’s first wife was Marisol Maldonado. She is a former model from New York City of Puerto Rican and Spanish descent, according to a 2000 profile in People magazine. Rob Thomas, the lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty, met Marisol Maldonado when she was working as a waitress at an Australian-themed restaurant in New York City. The two fell in love and eventually got married in 1999.

Marisol Maldonado is known for her work in the fashion industry, having modeled for several high-profile magazines and brands. Despite her success in the modeling world, she has also had to overcome some significant obstacles. In 2002, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), which causes her heart rate to increase rapidly upon standing. She has been open about her struggles with the condition and has used her platform to raise awareness about POTS.

Rob Thomas and Marisol Maldonado were married for over 20 years, but unfortunately, their relationship came to an end in 2020. In a statement to People magazine, the couple announced that they were getting a divorce but planned to remain friends. Despite the end of their marriage, both Rob and Marisol have expressed their love and respect for each other, and continue to support each other in their respective careers and personal lives.

Rob Thomas’s first wife was Marisol Maldonado, a former model from New York City. Although their marriage may have come to an end, both Rob and Marisol have made significant contributions in their respective careers and continue to inspire others through their work and personal experiences.

Where does Rob Thomas currently live?

Rob Thomas, the American singer-songwriter and frontman of the rock band Matchbox Twenty, currently lives in Bedford, New York. The town is located in Westchester County, just north of New York City. Thomas has been residing in Bedford for several years now with his wife Marisol Maldonado and their child.

In addition to being a peaceful and picturesque place to live, Bedford has a rich cultural history and is home to many notable residents, including actors, musicians, and business leaders. Thomas has expressed his love for the town in several interviews, citing its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere as reasons for choosing to settle there.

Aside from his musical pursuits, Thomas is also known for his philanthropic work, particularly his support of research into finding a cure for autoimmune diseases. He has been actively involved with the Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization that he founded with his wife in 2003 to provide assistance and aid to homeless individuals and animal shelters.

Rob Thomas currently resides in Bedford, a town in Westchester County, New York, with his wife and child. He has been living there for several years and enjoys the town’s natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, Thomas is known for his philanthropic work, particularly his involvement in the Sidewalk Angels Foundation.

Is Rob Thomas still married to his wife?

Yes, Rob Thomas is still married to his wife Marisol Maldonado. The couple has been together for over 21 years, having tied the knot in 1999. Marisol Maldonado is of Puerto Rican origin and works as a model. Rob has often spoken about his wife and how their love for each other has helped them navigate life’s ups and downs together.

Marisol underwent brain surgery in 2015 to remove a benign lesion, which led to other health complications. After the surgery, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left her unable to walk for several months. Rob was by her side throughout the ordeal, taking a break from his music career to be with his wife. In interviews, he has credited his wife with being his rock and has spoken about how important it is to have a supportive partner in life.

Despite the health scare, Rob and Marisol have remained together and kept their marriage strong. They frequently appear together at events and on social media, often sharing heartwarming moments with their fans. In an interview with People, Rob spoke about how grateful he is for his wife and their life together. He said, “we’ve been through so much together. We’ve been through some of the most insanely difficult things that people can go through and we’re still here. We’re still together, and we’re still fighting. We’re still in love and we’re still happy.”