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What should a bridesmaid say in her speech?

As a bridesmaid, it’s an honor to stand by your best friend or family member on their special day. One of the roles of a bridesmaid is to give a speech during the reception. Many people feel nervous or unsure of what they should say during their speech, but with a little preparation and thought, it can be one of the most memorable parts of the wedding.

Celebrate the Couple

The first thing a bridesmaid should do during their speech is celebrate the couple. Talk about how they met and fell in love, what makes them special, and how they bring out the best in each other. Share a funny or heartwarming story about the couple that shows their personalities and your bond with them. By celebrating the couple, you show everyone how much you love and support them both.

Share Your Love for the Bride

As a bridesmaid, you’ve been chosen because you’re special to the bride. Use your speech as an opportunity to express just how much she means to you. Share a story about your friendship or talk about why you admire her. Make her feel loved and supported on her special day.

Offer Words of Wisdom

Marriage can be both beautiful and challenging. Share some pearls of wisdom you’ve learned throughout your own experiences, either through your own marriage or through witnessing others’. Remind the couple to communicate, respect each other, and to always choose love. Offer words of encouragement and support as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.

Quote Inspiration

If you’re struggling to find the right words to say, pull inspiration from a quote you love. Whether it be from a famous author, movie, or religious text, find something that beautifully encapsulates the love between the couple. Alternatively, you can recite a meaningful poem or song lyrics. This can add an emotional and personal touch to the speech.

End with a Toast

As the bridesmaid giving the speech, it’s appropriate to end with a toast. Raise your glass and offer a toast to the couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness, love, and unity. End on a positive note, reminding the couple how much they’re loved and supported by you and everyone in attendance.


Giving a bridesmaid speech can seem daunting, but remember that it’s an opportunity to celebrate the love between the couple. Share your love for the bride, offer words of wisdom, and end with a toast. With this guide, you can craft a speech that’s memorable and meaningful for everyone in attendance.


How long should a bridesmaid speech go for?

As a bridesmaid, you have been chosen to stand by the bride on one of the most important days of her life. Part of your responsibility as a bridesmaid is delivering a speech that celebrates the bride and her relationship with her partner while entertaining the guests. However, bridesmaid speeches have a bad reputation for being overly long and dragging on for too long. To avoid this, it is essential to know the ideal length of a bridesmaid speech.

The most critical factor to consider when deciding the length of your bridesmaid speech is timing. Remember that the wedding day has a tight schedule that needs to be followed. You don’t want your speech to make things run late. A bridesmaid speech should be long enough to convey your message and express your emotions, but short enough to keep guests engaged. Ideally, a bridesmaid speech should last no longer than five minutes. In some cases, even two to four minutes may be more than enough.

It’s important to keep in mind that you aren’t the only person giving a speech at the wedding, which means you need to respect the other speakers and the guests’ time. Also, remember that your speech is not the main event of the day, so don’t feel pressured to make a grandiose speech. Instead, keep it simple and straight to the point, and avoid rambling.

When creating a bridesmaid speech, it is best to focus on quality over quantity. It’s better to have a short and memorable speech that leaves a lasting impression on the couple, than a long speech that leaves guests yawning. Start by brainstorming the main message you want to convey, and then choose a few key stories or anecdotes that showcase the bride’s qualities. You can tie everything together with a heartfelt quote or well-wishes for the couple’s future together.

When planning your bridesmaid speech, keep it short and sweet. Time yourself while practicing, and aim for no more than five minutes. Remember that you’re not the only speaker, so respect the schedule and don’t take up too much of the guests’ time. And most importantly, focus on quality over quantity, and deliver a speech that is heartfelt, meaningful, and memorable.

Can bridesmaids do speeches?

Traditionally, wedding speeches have been reserved for the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man. However, with more modern weddings, there has been a shift towards giving other members of the wedding party the opportunity to speak, including bridesmaids.

While it may not be traditional for bridesmaids to give speeches at weddings, it is becoming increasingly common. Many brides now opt to include speeches from their bridesmaids in their wedding day schedule, and it can be a great way to show appreciation for the important role that the bridesmaids play in the wedding and in the bride’s life.

When it comes to wedding speeches, there are no hard and fast rules that dictate who can give them. it is up to the couple to decide who they would like to speak at their wedding. As long as everyone involved is comfortable with the idea, there is no reason why bridesmaids shouldn’t be able to give speeches.

If you are a bridesmaid and you have been asked to give a speech at the wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure that your speech is appropriate for the occasion. This means avoiding anything that might be offensive or inappropriate, and focusing instead on positive memories and experiences that you have shared with the bride.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that your speech should be relatively short. Most weddings have a schedule that is packed with activities, so you don’t want to take up too much time with your speech. Aim for a length of around three to five minutes, and make sure that you practice your speech beforehand so that you feel comfortable delivering it on the day.

While it may not be traditional for bridesmaids to give speeches at weddings, there is no reason why they shouldn’t. As long as everyone involved is comfortable with the idea, giving bridesmaids the opportunity to speak can be a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding day.

Do bridesmaids ever say no?

Yes, bridesmaids can definitely say no to being part of a wedding party. The decision to say no can be based on many reasons such as personal commitments, financial constraints, or even issues with the bride or groom. In addition to these factors, there may also be practical considerations such as living far away or being unable to attend all the events and rehearsals. it’s important to consider all these factors before accepting the invitation to be a bridesmaid.

If you do decide to decline the offer, it’s important to do so politely and in a timely manner. You can start by expressing your gratitude for being asked and explain the reasons why you’re unable to accept. It’s always best to be honest, but also diplomatic. It’s also important to remember that the bride and groom may be disappointed with your decision, so try to be understanding of their feelings.

Alternatively, if you’ve already accepted the invitation and are having second thoughts, it’s still best to communicate your concerns as soon as possible. Again, be honest and upfront about your reasons for wanting to step back from the role. It’s better to address the issue early on rather than back out at the last minute, when the bride and groom may struggle to find a replacement.

While it’s not ideal to say no to being a bridesmaid or groomsman, it’s understandable that personal circumstances may prevent you from accepting. The key is to be honest and respectful in your communication with the couple, while also being mindful of their feelings and needs.

Do all bridesmaids give speeches at rehearsal dinner?

The answer to whether all bridesmaids need to give speeches at the rehearsal dinner is not straight forward. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the wedding planning process. While traditions vary by culture and geography, it is not a mandatory requirement for the bridesmaids to give speeches at the rehearsal dinner, and there is no rule that requires bridesmaids to take the stage that night.

Typically, at the rehearsal dinner, the maid of honor and the best man are the ones who give speeches expressing their love and admiration for the couple. However, it is a good idea to acknowledge and thank all members of the bridal party for being a part of the wedding. Therefore bridesmaids can also be given an opportunity to deliver speeches during the rehearsal dinner.

In some cases, the bride may designate one or two bridesmaids to give speeches that reflect the theme and tone of the wedding. Additionally, the bridesmaids’ speeches can offer a different perspective of your relationship with the bride. Then again, some brides prefer to keep the rehearsal dinner speeches to themselves, the maid of honor, and the best man, and that’s perfectly okay too.

It is essential to communicate with your bridal party and discuss the roles they want to play in the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day speeches. By reaching out to them in advance, you will be able to make informed decisions and avoid any unnecessary disappointments. Therefore, the best way to determine whether all bridesmaids give speeches at the rehearsal dinner is to talk to them and figure out what they prefer.

What are the duties of bridesmaids?

Being a bridesmaid is not just about wearing a matching dress and standing next to the bride on her special day. It comes with a set of important responsibilities that help ensure the wedding preparations go smoothly and the bride has a memorable experience. Here are some duties of bridesmaids that are commonly expected:

First and foremost, the Maid of Honor and the rest of the bridesmaids are expected to lead the bridesmaid troop. They are generally the main point of contact for the bride on matters that concern the bridal party. This includes organizing dress fittings, answering guests’ questions, coordinating the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and taking care of other wedding-related details.

The Maid of Honor is typically expected to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. This includes selecting a date and venue, creating a guest list, coordinating food and drinks, and organizing games or activities. It’s important to keep in mind the bride’s preference and budget when planning these events.

Bridesmaids are often called upon to go wedding dress shopping with the bride. They can offer feedback on which dress looks the best and provide support and encouragement throughout the process.

Bridesmaids may also be asked to help tackle DIY projects, such as creating centerpieces or putting together wedding favors. It’s important to work as a team and pitch in where needed to help make the bride’s vision a reality.

During the wedding ceremony, one of the bridesmaids is typically asked to hold the bride’s bouquet while she exchanges wedding vows and rings. This is an important role, and the bridesmaid should make sure to handle the bouquet carefully and return it to the bride afterward.

One of the bridesmaids or the Maid of Honor may also be asked to give a toast at the reception. This is a chance to express congratulations and share a personal message with the newlyweds.

Finally, one of the most important duties of a bridesmaid is to keep the groom’s ring safe until it’s time for the exchange of rings during the ceremony. It’s important to be responsible and ensure the ring is readily available when needed.

Being a bridesmaid involves much more than just standing next to the bride on her big day. It requires a lot of work and coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, it’s also a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to not only support a close friend or family member but also create lasting memories.

Is it normal for the bride to give a speech?

Traditionally, it has not been expected for the bride to give a speech at the wedding reception. Rather, the groom, father of the bride, and best man are the ones expected to deliver speeches. However, in recent years, more and more brides have taken to the microphone to share their own thoughts and feelings on their special day.

There are plenty of good reasons why a bride might choose to give a speech at her wedding reception. For one thing, the wedding day is just as special for the bride as it is for the groom, and it can be incredibly meaningful for her to have the opportunity to publicly express her love and gratitude for her new spouse.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that weddings are highly personal events, and there are no hard and fast rules about who should or shouldn’t speak. Wedding traditions and customs vary widely across different cultures, religions, and regions, so if you feel strongly about giving a speech on your wedding day, then go for it!

The decision of whether or not to give a speech is up to the bride herself. Some brides may prefer to keep a more low-key role during the reception, while others may relish the opportunity to speak in front of their loved ones. Whatever you choose, remember that your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other, and that’s all that really matters.