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What is the tradition of a first look wedding?

Weddings are one of the most important days in a person’s life, and couples are continually looking for new ways to make their big day even more special. One trend that has become increasingly popular is the “first look” wedding tradition. A first look is a private moment where the bride and groom see each other in their wedding attire before the ceremony. This the perfect opportunity to capture this special moment with beautiful and intimate photos and video.

What is a First Look Wedding?

Traditionally, the bride and groom would see each other for the first time as the bride walked down the aisle. But, times have changed, and couples are realizing that the first look is a beautiful and private moment that they can share together before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day begins.

A first look typically takes place before the wedding ceremony and ideally when the bride and groom are ready in their wedding attire. The bride and groom will be placed in a predetermined location by the wedding photographer, and the groom will have his back turned as the bride approaches him slowly from behind. When the groom turns around to see the bride, this is the first look moment.

This phenomenon has been growing in popularity for several years, and for many couples, it has become an essential part of their wedding day. This tradition is not for everyone, but for those who choose to do it, it can create a special memory that they will cherish forever.

The Benefits of a First Look Wedding

There are many advantages to doing a first look before the ceremony. One of the benefits is having that private and intimate moment with your partner before the ceremony. The first look allows couples to have a moment together to calm nerves, reflect on the day’s events, and take in the moment before the rest of the day’s festivities begin.

Another advantage of the first look is the opportunity to take beautiful photos in natural light. Photography is an essential part of any wedding, and taking advantage of natural light makes for the most stunning photos. A first look provides an ideal opportunity to take stunning photos at a quieter time, and it can ultimately save the couple time between the ceremony and reception.

Finally, a first look can help to ease any anxiety or nerves that the couple may have about seeing each other for the first time in front of everyone. Couples can be more relaxed and natural during the first look, and by the time they walk down the aisle, they will have already had that special moment together.

What to Consider Before a First Look Wedding

Although a first look can be a beautiful experience, it is essential to consider all aspects before making your decision. One consideration is the timeline; when scheduling a first look, it is important to keep in mind the time you will need to get ready and make it to the ceremony location. It is best to discuss with the photographer and venue what the ideal timeline and locations would be.

Another consideration is privacy. A first look is an intimate moment, and you want to ensure that you have as little distraction as possible. Be sure to choose a location that will be private and away from the distractions of the wedding day.

Finally, consider the opinions of those closest to you. Some may have very strong feelings about tradition and may not be so keen on the idea of a first look. Listen to their views, but ultimately, it is your day, and you should make the final decision based on your preference and vision.


Weddings are a special event, and ultimately, only the couple can decide on their perfect wedding day. A first look is just one of many options couples can choose that has the potential to create an unforgettable experience and memories to treasure for years to come. It provides a beautiful, intimate moment for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony and allows for unique and stunning photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Who is typically at the first look?

The “first look” is a term used in wedding contexts to describe the first time a bride and groom see each other on their wedding day before the ceremony. Usually, the first look is a private moment shared between the couple – without friends and family members present. The purpose of the first look is to capture the raw, emotional reaction of the couple seeing each other for the first time and create some stunning photos.

Traditionally, the first look involves one partner (traditionally the groom), being positioned away from the bride in a beautiful, private location. The other partner (traditionally the bride), is then brought out while the groom is facing away. Photography and videography teams are usually present to capture the moment. After the bride reaches the groom’s position, the photographer, or videographer gives a signal that they should turn around and see each other.

The first look typically happens before the wedding ceremony, and it has become increasingly popular among modern couples to have one. In the past, it was considered bad luck for the couple to see each other before the wedding ceremony, but this superstition has fallen by the wayside, particularly among couples who prioritize capturing beautiful, authentic moments on their big day.

The typical first look involves one partner, usually the groom, being placed in a separate location from the bride. The bride is then brought to the location while the groom stays facing away. The purpose of the first look is to capture the raw, emotional reaction of the couple seeing each other for the first time on their big day.

Are you allowed to kiss during first look?

During a wedding, there are various rituals and customs that couples follow to make their special day memorable and unique. One of the latest trends that is gaining popularity among the couples planning their weddings is the ‘first look.’ A first look is a sneaky peek of the bride and the groom seeing each other before the wedding ceremony, usually arranged by the wedding photographer.

Many couples believe that the first look creates an intimate moment, and they get to express themselves genuinely without the fear of audience gazes. Besides, it also allows couples to free up time and get the couple’s photos out of the way before the ceremony even starts taking place.

Now the question arises, are couples allowed to kiss during the first look? The short answer is absolutely! Unlike the traditional wedding ceremony, the first look is a private moment between the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony starts. Therefore, couples can express their emotions freely, hug, and even share a kiss without the fear of an audience judging their actions.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that the first look is a special moment that should be treasured and captured by their wedding photographer. Therefore, couples should take it genuinely and avoid overindulging in public displays of affection.

The first look is a perfect opportunity for couples to spend some quality time together, composing themselves, and taking a moment of quiet before the start of the big moments of their wedding day. It’s a private moment of intimacy and love that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Therefore, couples should cherish the moment and make it memorable. And, of course, if couples feel like kissing during the first look, they should go for it, embrace the moment and make it theirs!

What does first touch mean in a wedding?

In a wedding, the first touch is a moment that some couples choose to have before the ceremony begins. It is a special moment shared between the bride and groom without actually seeing each other. The first touch can mean different things to different people.

It is usually a scenario where the bride and groom will remain back to back, meet at a corner and hold hands or any other arrangement in their space that allows the bride to still be unseen. This can be done while standing on opposite sides of a door, a corner of a building, or even just with the use of a piece of fabric to separate them visually.

This special moment gives the couple an opportunity to exchange words of love and encouragement, pray together, or just take a deep breath and calm their nerves before the ceremony. It is also a chance for the couple to share a moment of intimacy without violating the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony.

For some couples, the first touch is a very emotional moment, as it symbolizes the commitment they are about to make to each other. This moment can be made even more special by adding music or including family members or friends. It can also be a time for the couple to exchange gifts or letters.

The first touch is a beautiful moment that allows the bride and groom to share a special connection before the ceremony. It is a unique and intimate way to calm nerves, exchange words of encouragement, and remind each other of the love they share without violating the traditional wedding customs.

How long does it take to get your first touch wedding?

Getting married is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times in a person’s life. Every little moment leading up to the wedding day can evoke emotions of happiness, excitement, anxiety, and love. One of those moments is the first touch, which has become a popular alternative for couples who prefer not to do a first look or see each other before the ceremony. But how long does it take to get your first touch wedding?

A first touch is a special moment that occurs just before the wedding ceremony. It is a moment where the bride and groom take a few minutes to connect with each other while they are still separate, without seeing each other. During this moment, they can talk, pray, read letters they have written to each other, or simply hold hands. The first touch can be a very intimate and emotional moment, and it is a great way to calm nerves before walking down the aisle.

In terms of timing, the first touch usually takes place about an hour or so before the ceremony. This allows both the bride and groom to get ready fully before the nuptials and to have all the pre-wedding jitters at full force. The timing also gives enough opportunity for photographers and videographers to capture the moment in a beautiful way.

The duration of the first touch will depend on the couple’s preferences and the events of the day. Some couples may only need a few minutes to connect, while others may take longer. The timing will also depend on the schedule for the rest of the ceremony and reception. The first touch may also have to end earlier if there are any last-minute preparations or unforeseen delays.

The first touch is a beautiful and intimate moment that many couples are choosing to add to their wedding day. The timing of the first touch is usually about an hour before the wedding ceremony and can be a great way to connect with your partner and calm your nerves before walking down the aisle. The duration of the moment will vary depending on the couple’s preferences and the schedule for the rest of the day.