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What is the dress code for Run for the Roses Denver?

Are you planning to attend the Run for the Roses Denver event but do not know what to wear? Do not worry, we are here with all the necessary information to help you decide on the appropriate dress code for this event.

Colorado’s Run for the Roses is one of the most awaited events of the year. The event is usually held in May, and it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Kentucky Derby while supporting a good cause. To make sure you look your best while participating in this stylish event, we have compiled a few insights into the dress code.

What is Run for the Roses Denver?

Run for the Roses is an annual event organized by Cancer League of Colorado that takes place in Denver. The event is designed as a fundraiser to help finance cancer research and operates under the theme of the Kentucky Derby. Attendees dress their best for this event to honor the derby day tradition while raising money for the cancer community.

As a result, the event is held in a country-club atmosphere, with participants dressing in their finest clothing, caps, and daring hats. The race reflects traditional southern charm in both fashion and entertainment in a variety of ways that you might want to emulate. So let’s further discuss how you can dress for Run for the Roses Denver.

What to Wear for Run for the Roses Denver?

When it comes to dressing for Run for the Roses Denver event, there are a few essential factors to remember before you start rummaging through your wardrobe.

For Women

Ladies, the attire for Run for the Roses Denver event is highly influenced by the Kentucky Derby, which is all about southern heritage, pastels, florals, and classy dress styles. So, let’s begin by discussing the appropriate dress code for women.

For women participating in Run for the Roses, the dress code includes:

Dresses and Skirts

Spring calls for light and flowy dresses and skirts. We encourage women to embrace bold prints, floral patterns, and pastel-colored, knee-length dresses or mid-calf dresses for this event. Avoid wearing short dresses, tight-fitted skirts, or excessively revealing outfits.


Hats can become the show stopper at Run for the Roses. Women are encouraged to opt for elegant, wide-brimmed hats, headpieces, or fascinators. A fascinator is a chic headpiece that is often decorated with feathers, small flowers, or ribbons. Make sure your hat or fascinator coordinates with your dress and shoes and is comfortable to wear.


Ladies, bring out your summer shoes for this event. Sandals, wedges, or pumps are all appropriate options to pair with your dress or skirt. Avoid wearing sneakers and flip flops.

For Men

Lads, you need to step up your style game. Remember, the dress code for Run for the Roses Denver is dressier than casual. So, make sure your attire reflects this. For men attending the race, the dress code includes:

Suits and Sport Jackets

Suit up, gentlemen. Men should wear a sharp, well-tailored suit or a sport jacket with dress pants. Suits should be light-colored if possible, as the event is held during the daytime. Occasional khakis or pants and sport jackets are acceptable as well.


A tie is necessary to complete any formal look. Men should pair their suits or sport jackets with ties that coordinate with their outfits. Understandably, you may want to wear a bow tie or a necktie, so it ultimately depends on your preference.


Similar to women, men this is an ideal event to wear a derby hat, although it’s not a dress code requirement. Alternatively, a fedora or a Panama hat works excellent with your outfit. Avoid wearing baseball caps.


For footwear, men should consider wearing dress shoes. Oxfords, leather loafers, or Derby shoes will elevate your style and match well with your suit or sport jacket. Stay away from sandals and sneakers.


In conclusion, Run for the Roses Denver is a fashionable event, and the dress code is a significant aspect that participants must take into account when attending. As announced, the dress code for the Run for the Roses Denver is casual dress; however, the casual dress code is interpreted more elegantly, so make sure you dress appropriately.

Ladies, embrace bold prints, spring colors, and elegant hats or fascinators. Men, it’s time to suit up. Wear a sharp, well-tailored suit, a fedora, or a Panama hat and complete your look with dress shoes. With these tips, you are guaranteed to make a statement at the Run for the Roses Denver event.