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What is the Disney Wilderness Lodge based on?

Many Disney resorts transport guests to a different time and place, but there’s something special about the Disney Wilderness Lodge – it immerses guests in the beauty and tranquillity of the American West. The stunning landscapes and natural wonders of national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite are brought to life in the design and atmosphere of the resort. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inspiration for the Disney Wilderness Lodge and how it captures the spirit of America’s natural wonders.

The Old Faithful Inn

The Disney Wilderness Lodge’s main building was modeled after the Old Faithful Inn, a historic hotel located in Yellowstone National Park. Built in 1903-1904, the Old Faithful Inn was designed by architect Robert C. Reamer, who drew inspiration from the rustic style of the Swiss chalet. The result is a grand, building made primarily of logs, stone, and shingles, with a towering lobby that rises 76 feet high and features a massive stone fireplace. The Old Faithful Inn is a remarkable example of the rustic architecture that has come to be associated with America’s national parks. Guests at the Disney Wilderness Lodge can experience the same awe-inspiring space and rustic charm, but with modern amenities and comforts.

The Great American Northwest

The Disney Wilderness Lodge transports guests to the heart of the Great American Northwest. The region is known for its vast forests, towering mountains, and stunning waterfalls. The resort’s design features a variety of natural elements, including rock formations, waterfalls, hot springs, and wooded areas. The lobby of the resort is particularly stunning, with a soaring ceiling supported by massive logs and intricate woodwork that evokes the craftsmanship of Native American tribes.

Native American Elements

In addition to natural elements, the Disney Wilderness Lodge also incorporates Native American elements in its design and decorations. The resort’s team worked with a number of Native American groups to ensure that the elements used were both authentic and respectful. The resort showcases a collection of Native American art and artifacts, including drums, totem poles, and woven baskets. The resort’s design also features Native American patterns and motifs, including the use of bison, eagles, and other animals in the decor.

The Geyser

One of the most striking features of the Disney Wilderness Lodge is the geyser that erupts regularly outside the main building. The geyser is named “Fire Rock Geyser” and reaches heights of up to 120 feet. The geyser is located on a man-made hill that hides the resort’s parking lot beneath it. The geyser erupts every hour, beginning at 7 am and continuing through 10 pm. It’s an exciting and unexpected feature of the resort that adds to the overall atmosphere and experience.


The Disney Wilderness Lodge is a remarkable feat of design and engineering that captures the spirit of America’s national parks and wilderness areas. With its stunning natural elements, authentic Native American art and artifacts, and modern amenities, it’s a resort that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore the nearby parks, relax by the pool, or simply experience the beauty of the American West, the Disney Wilderness Lodge is a breathtaking destination worth visiting.


How often does the geyser at Wilderness Lodge erupt?

The Fire Rock Geyser at Wilderness Lodge is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages. This geyser is a man-made structure that was designed to emulate a natural geyser eruption. The geyser shoots a column of water 120 feet into the air, making it a spectacular sight to behold.

If you are planning a visit to Wilderness Lodge, you may be wondering how often the geyser erupts. According to the official Disney website, the geyser erupts every hour on the hour from 7 am to 10 PM. This makes it easy to plan your visit so that you can witness the eruption of the geyser.

The geyser is located at the back of the lodge’s pool area and can be easily accessed via a walkway. This walkway provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the geyser eruption. You can also take in the beautiful views of the surrounding area from this location.

While the geyser eruption is the main event, there are other things to enjoy in the area surrounding the geyser. The pool area itself is a great place to swim and relax in the sun. The lodge’s restaurants and shops are also nearby, making it easy to grab a bite to eat or pick up some souvenirs before or after the eruption.

The Fire Rock Geyser at Wilderness Lodge erupts every hour on the hour from 7 am to 10 PM. The geyser is a sight to behold, and the surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you are staying at the lodge or just visiting for the day, the geyser is a must-see attraction that is sure to delight people of all ages.

Is the Wilderness Lodge made from real wood?

Yes, the Wilderness Lodge is made from real wood. In fact, the floor is made entirely from wood including Brazilian cherry, white oak, bird’s eye maple, and burl walnut wood. Although the floor might appear to be a rug, it’s actually a stunning display of all-natural colors and patterns in wood. The wood paneling and beams throughout the lodge also emphasize the natural theme of the resort.

Additionally, the lodge is designed to resemble the Pacific Northwest, where the architecture often features wood elements that blend in seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The Wilderness Lodge’s use of raw materials such as timber, stone, and metal perfectly captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

During the holiday season, the Wilderness Lodge is transformed into a winter wonderland. The teepee-shaped light fixtures add a unique touch to the overall atmosphere. They not only serve the practical purpose of lighting the lodge, but they also contribute to its rustic, natural charm.

The Wilderness Lodge is a stunning example of the use of real wood in creating an authentic, natural ambiance. From the Brazilian cherry, white oak, bird’s eye maple, and burl walnut wood floor to the teepee-shaped light fixtures, the resort’s wood elements truly capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest.