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What is the couple game for raising shoes?

Weddings can be stressful, but they can also be a lot of fun. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a wedding reception is the chance to play games with your guests. Among these games, there is a fun and simple game that couples can play for a good laugh known as the “Couple Game for Raising Shoes.”

This game is ideal for newlyweds getting married for the first time, but it can be played by any couple who wants to inject some fun into their relationship. The game involves asking a series of questions, and each spouse lifts a shoe in answer. It’s that simple!

The game can be played by the bridal couple themselves or by all the attendees. It is a fun way to discover one another’s personality traits, differences, and similarities, making it a great way to unite family and friends. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the couple game for raising shoes in detail.

How to Play the Couple Game for Raising Shoes?

Here’s how to play the game:

1. The couple sits in chairs facing one another.

2. The bride or groom then asks a series of questions, and each spouse lifts a shoe in answer.

3. If the bride thinks the answer is true of her, she lifts one foot and points the toe towards her partner. On the other hand, if the groom believes the answer is true of him, he lifts one shoe and points the toe towards his partner.

4. If both the bride and groom believe the answer is true for both of them, they will lift both feet off the floor and keep them in the air to signal a tie.

5. The game continues with a series of questions, each time giving each partner a chance to answer.

The following are some common questions that you can ask:

– Who is more likely to sleep in the morning?
– Who is more likely to cook breakfast?
– Who is more likely to choose a movie on date night?
– Who is more of a messy person?
– Who is more of an introvert?

It is essential to make sure that you ask questions that are not too personal and are appropriate for the audience playing the game.

Fun Variations of the Couple Game for Raising Shoes

One of the great things about this game is that it’s flexible and can be customized based on what you want to achieve. Here are some fun variations of the couple game for raising shoes:

The Newlywed Game

This game is ideal for honeymooning couples, as it requires the couple to answer questions to see how well they know each other. For instance, the host of the game may ask a question like “what’s your spouse’s favorite ice cream flavor?” If the answer is correct, the couple gets a point, and if it’s incorrect, they don’t get a point.

The Office Game

If you want to play the game at your workplace, then this version of the game is ideal. The host will ask a series of questions related to office culture, and employees will have to lift their shoes in response to the answer. The winner of the game can be rewarded with a bonus or get to leave work early.


The couple game for raising shoes is a fun and easy way to bring some laughter and enjoyment to any wedding reception or social event. It’s a perfect icebreaker, and it allows participants to reveal their quirks and secrets while also making others laugh. The game is flexible, and you can customize it to suit your event’s specific needs. Whether you’re a newlywed couple, planning a corporate event, or hosting a dinner party, this game is sure to add some entertainment value to your event. So, get those shoes ready, and let the game begin!


How many questions should you ask in the shoe game?

The shoe game is a popular and fun activity played at weddings, where the newlywed couple sits back to back in chairs and holds one of each other’s shoes in hand. The game master or the DJ then asks a series of questions about the couple, and the couple holds up the shoe of the person they think the answer applies to. While it is an entertaining way to involve the bride and groom in the celebration, it is essential to keep in mind that the game should not be too long that it loses its charm.

Usually, the game involves a list of questions, and it’s essential to keep the list limited to 30-40 questions so that it doesn’t drag on and on. The game should be long enough to entertain the guests and provide an insight into the couple’s personalities but not too long that it becomes dull. It is vital to print out the questions ahead of time in a legible font, so the DJ or the game master can easily read them. Furthermore, including some unique questions that pertain specifically to the couple can be a cherry on top. For example, asking about a shared passion or hobby can be a fantastic way to personalize the game to the newlyweds.

The number of questions asked in the shoe game should be carefully managed to ensure that the game remains enjoyable and engaging. While it’s essential to include an adequate amount of questions, it’s equally vital to avoid dragging out the game for too long. Keeping the list of questions to around 30-40, including unique and personalized questions, can help make the shoe game a memorable and fun experience for all those involved.