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What is a good anniversary toast?

An anniversary is a very special day not only for the couple but also for their friends and family. It is the perfect time to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. For friends and family members who are giving a toast, it can be a bit daunting to come up with the perfect words to say. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you come up with a great anniversary toast.

How to Start Your Anniversary Toast

Starting a toast can be a challenging thing to do. It’s important to convey the right emotions in order to set the tone for the rest of the toast. Start your toast by congratulating the couple on reaching another milestone in their marriage. Share a memory or two about the couple and their relationship that you have seen over the years. This will help set the stage for your toast and help you connect with your audience.

What to Talk About During Your Anniversary Toast

During your anniversary toast, you can talk about many things. The key is to keep the focus on the couple and their relationship. Here are some things to consider talking about:

The Couple’s Love Story

Share the story of how the couple met or fell in love. This can be a great way to inject some humor and lightness into your toast. Be sure to highlight the special moments and milestones that have led the couple to this anniversary.

The Couple’s Achievements

Take a moment to recognize the couple’s achievements. This could include things like being great parents or grandparents, or even accomplishments in their careers or hobbies. Celebrate these achievements and let the couple know how much they are appreciated.

The Couple’s Qualities

Talk about the qualities that make the couple who they are. This could include their kindness, generosity, and their ability to make people feel loved and appreciated. Reflect on how these qualities have impacted your life and the lives of others.

Tips for Delivering an Excellent Anniversary Toast

If you want your anniversary toast to be excellent, here are some tips to help:

Write It Down

Writing your toast down can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you don’t forget any important points. You can bring your notes with you and refer to them if needed during your toast.


Practice your toast several times before delivering it. This will help you memorize the important points and feel more confident when delivering the toast.

Avoid Inside Jokes

While inside jokes can be great to share with the couple, they can confuse other guests who may not be familiar with the couple or their history. Stick with stories or topics that everyone can relate to.

Keep It Short and Sweet

A great toast doesn’t need to be long. In fact, shorter toasts can often be more impactful and memorable. Try to keep your toast to two or three minutes at most.


Giving a great anniversary toast doesn’t need to be complicated. By following these tips and focusing on the couple and their relationship, you can create a warm and memorable toast that they will cherish for years to come. Remember to stay true to yourself as you deliver your toast and speak from the heart. Everyone will appreciate your sincerity and your thoughtful words, and the couple will be grateful for the time you took to help them celebrate their special day.


How long should an anniversary toast be?

Anniversaries are special events that are celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm by wedded couples, their friends, and family members. A significant part of such celebrations often involves toasting the couple as a way of honoring their love and commitment to each other. However, when it comes to how long these toasts should be, there are some general guidelines that one can follow to ensure that the toast is both enjoyable and appropriate for the occasion.

Generally, it’s good to keep a celebratory toast under five minutes to keep the event light and fun. This duration is long enough to convey your message and short enough to keep the audience engaged. The last thing you want is to bore people with long and irrelevant stories or try to be funny and end up making uncomfortable jokes. Therefore, it’s important to prepare well and rehearse your words to ensure that they are both concise and meaningful.

When preparing for a toast, it’s essential to consider the audience and the couple being celebrated. Use your knowledge of their personalities to craft a message that suits the occasion. For instance, you can use anecdotes, quotes, or humor that relates to the couple’s journey or interests to make the toast more personalized and memorable.

It’s also important to remember that the aim of a toast is to honor the couple, not embarrass them. Therefore, it’s essential to express your admiration and appreciation for their love and commitment in a way that respects their relationship and values.

A good anniversary toast should be kept under five minutes, and it should focus on honoring the couple while shying away from embarrassing anecdotes that could make someone uncomfortable. The words used should be both concise and meaningful, and the message should be tailored to suit the couple’s personalities and interests. By adhering to these guidelines, one can deliver a memorable and enjoyable toast that will be cherished for years to come.