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What hotel chain is the Best Western part of?

If you are a frequent traveler or someone who has booked accommodations for a vacation or business trip, the chances are that you have come across the name Best Western. The brand has over 4,700 hotels and motels located globally, and it is considered one of the biggest hotel chains worldwide. However, many people may not know which hotel chain Best Western is a part of. In this article, we will look at the hotel brand’s history and explore the larger organization that Best Western is a part of.

Best Western’s History

Best Western was founded in 1946, operating as a referral chain of motels. The first Best Western location was in Phoenix, Arizona, and it gained popularity due to its straightforward concept of providing comfortable, straightforward accommodation for travelers. The brand grew rapidly, launched an international division in 1963 and a reservations center in 1964, and by 1970, it had over 700 member properties.

Throughout its history, Best Western has been known for its brand consistency, affordable accommodations, and commitment to providing excellent customer service. The hotel chain has also won several awards, including JD Power’s Top Hotel Brand Award, which it has won now for 14 years in a row.

The Best Western Hotel Chain

Today, Best Western is one of the world’s largest hotel chains, with more than 4,700 properties located in over 100 countries worldwide. The hotel chain has a variety of properties, ranging from luxury hotels to budget motels, making it a suitable option for a diverse range of travelers.

Over the years, Best Western has expanded its offering to meet the changing needs of its customers. The hotel chain has introduced various sub-brands such as Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier Collection, and BW Premier Collection to cater to different travel experiences and enhance its brand offering.

Best Western Plus hotels, for example, offer additional amenities and services that meet a higher standard than the Best Western standard properties, while Best Western Premier Collection hotels are ideal for travelers who are looking for a luxurious hotel experience.

BWH Hotel Group

Now that we have established what the Best Western hotel chain is let us explore the larger organization that Best Western is a part of, BWH Hotel Group. BWH Hotel Group is a parent organization that encompasses several hotel brands such as WorldHotels, SureStay Hotels and Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

BWH Hotel Group is the first hotel group to establish a portfolio of independent hotel brands by way of a multi-brand licensing model. The hotel group serves more than eighteen different brands, and it provides an array of brand options to travelers and developers while also protecting the unique identity and offerings of each brand.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is an iconic brand that belongs explicitly to the BWH Hotel Group. With more than 4,700 properties worldwide, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is one of the largest hotel chains globally. The brand offers four different hotel types, including Best Western, BW Premier Collection, Best Western Plus, and Executive Residency.

The Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ goal is to provide excellent value to its guests, good service, a comfortable room, and quality amenities, no matter the reason for travel.

SureStay Hotel Group

SureStay Hotel Group is another brand that belongs to BWH Hotel Group. SureStay Hotel Group is a hotel franchise system that focuses on delivering high-quality accommodations while keeping the costs reasonable. The hotel group provides three different types of hotels, SureStay, SureStay Plus, and SureStay Collection, offering a diverse range of amenities, room types, and pricing to meet travelers’ needs.


In conclusion, Best Western is a part of BWH Hotel Group, which is one of the largest portfolios of hotels globally. Best Western Hotels & Resorts continues to grow and innovate while upholding its core values of excellent value, service, and quality accommodations to meet the needs of travelers worldwide. With BW Premier Collection, Best Western Plus, and Executive Residency, Best Western Hotels & Resorts has the perfect property for any guest, no matter the reason for travel.


Is Best Western Marriott or Hilton?

Best Western is one of the most recognizable hotel brands in the world, known for its excellent customer service and comfortable accommodations. Despite being a popular hotel chain, Best Western is not owned by another hospitality company such as Hilton or Marriott. Instead, it is owned by a company called BWH Hotel Group, which operates a number of different hotel brands including WorldHotels, SureStay, and Glo Hotels.

Hilton and Marriott are two other popular hotel chains that are often compared to Best Western. Hilton has a portfolio of 18 different brands, including Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Hilton Garden Inn, and Hampton Inn, while Marriott operates 30 different brands, including Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotels, and Courtyard by Marriott. Both Hilton and Marriott have a reputation for providing exceptional service and luxurious accommodations, and compete primarily in the high-end market.

Despite being in competition with Hilton and Marriott, Best Western operates in a slightly different space. The chain has more than 4,000 hotels across 100 countries, with a focus on providing comfortable and affordable accommodations for budget-conscious travelers. Many Best Western hotels offer amenities such as free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking, as well as on-site restaurants and fitness centers.

While Best Western, Hilton, and Marriott are all popular hotel chains that compete in the hospitality industry, Best Western is not owned by either Hilton or Marriott. Instead, it is owned by BWH Hotel Group and offers a different type of service and value to travelers.

How many hotel brands does Best Western represent?

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a global hospitality company that was founded in 1946 in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the years, the company has grown from a single hotel to become one of the world’s largest hotel chains, with over 4,700 hotels in more than 100 countries.

Today Best Western is represented by BWH Hotel Group, a modern and innovative global hospitality powerhouse with 19 distinctive brands across every chain scale segment – from economy to luxury – providing unique offerings and experiences that suit the needs of every traveler and developer.

Some of the brands under the Best Western umbrella include Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, BW Premier Collection, Executive Residency by Best Western, Sadie Hotel, Vib, GLō, Aiden, SureStay Hotel, and SureStay Plus Hotel. Each brand has its own unique story, style, and service offerings, ranging from affordable and comfortable stays to luxury accommodations.

The Best Western brand itself has undergone a transformation to stay current with changing traveler preferences, offering thoughtful amenities and services, such as complimentary breakfast, high-speed Wi-Fi, and fitness centers, along with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It also offers the Best Western Rewards program, which allows members to earn points that can be redeemed for free stays, gift cards, and other benefits.

Best Western’s extensive portfolio of 19 brands provides travelers with a wide range of options for their next hotel stay, no matter what their preferences or budget may be. The company’s commitment to delivering personalized experiences, exceptional service, and high-quality amenities has made it a trusted choice for travelers worldwide.

What hotel chain does Bill Gates own?

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hotel chain headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is the hotel chain partly owned by Bill Gates. The chain, which was established in 1960, holds the reputation for offering excellent customer service, luxurious amenities, and high-end accommodations to its guests. Since 2007, Gates, through his investment company Cascade Investment, and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, through Kingdom Holding Company, have been majority owners of the hotel chain.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has more than 100 hotels and resorts scattered across 47 countries in the world. These properties include some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, including the Maldives, Bora Bora, Seychelles, and Bali, among others. The architectural designs of the hotels and resorts are unique, and attention is paid to every detail to ensure that guests have a memorable stay.

The hotels and resorts in the Four Seasons chain offer a host of amenities, including fine dining restaurants, spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, and a range of activities for the guests’ entertainment. The hotel provides customized services that meet the guests’ unique needs, making them feel like royalty.

In recent years, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has positioned itself as a leading hotel chain in the luxury sector, thanks to its ownership structure and the excellent services it provides its guests. The chain’s collaboration with Bill Gates has been instrumental in bringing significant changes to the brand, including the incorporation of innovative technologies and eco-friendly measures to enhance sustainability.

Are Best Westerns independently owned?

Best Western is a membership association of independently owned and operated hotels around the world. Each hotel is owned and operated by a member-owner, who has a voice in the operation of the company. Best Western strongly believes that independent hotel owners who unite to promote their properties can increase profitability. Therefore, Best Western hotel owners are incentivized to work together and to share best practices, resources, and marketing strategies to drive revenue and growth for all member-owners.

Being independently owned means that each Best Western hotel is unique and reflects the local culture, history, and ambiance of its location. The independent ownership structure also allows member-owners to make decisions that best suit their property while still adhering to Best Western’s quality standards. In this way, Best Western hotels offer guests the benefits of a global brand’s loyalty program, while still maintaining a local, personalized touch.

Best Western hotels are independently owned and operated by member-owners who leverage the power of the brand to promote their properties and drive growth and profitability. This structure enables each hotel to reflect the unique character and charm of its location, while still benefiting from the global reach and resources of the Best Western brand.

What is the number 1 hotel chain in the world?

Marriott International is currently the largest hotel chain in the world, with a revenue of $20.77 billion. The company has over 7,800 properties across 131 countries and territories, including well-known brands such as Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, and Westin, and offers a range of accommodations from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels.

Marriott International has a long history, dating back to 1927 when founder J. Willard Marriott opened a small root beer stand in Washington, D.C. over time, the company expanded into a chain of restaurants and later hotels, becoming a publicly-traded company in 1953.

Today, Marriott International is a global powerhouse in the hospitality industry. In addition to its vast property portfolio, the company offers loyalty programs such as Marriott Bonvoy, which has over 147 million members worldwide. The company has also made a significant impact on sustainability, with initiatives that aim to reduce its environmental impact, including reducing plastic waste and conserving energy.

The global hotel industry is a lucrative market with a size of $1.5 trillion U.S. dollars. Other notable hotel chains that compete with Marriott International include Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group, and AccorHotels, among others. However, Marriott International’s impressive revenue figures and global presence have contributed to its position as the world’s number one hotel chain.