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What happened between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton?

Reality TV romances are often the subject of gossip and tabloid headlines. This was particularly true for “Bachelor in Paradise” couple Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton. They quickly fell in love on the show’s third season, with Murray proposing to Stanton during the finale. However, their relationship was short-lived, with the couple ending things later that year. In this blog post, we will explore what happened between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton.

Their Relationship on Bachelor in Paradise

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton were both contestants on the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Murray had previously appeared as a contestant on “The Bachelorette,” where he won Andi Dorfman’s season. Stanton had been a contestant on the 20th season of “The Bachelor,” where she competed for Ben Higgins’ heart.

On “Bachelor in Paradise,” Murray and Stanton hit it off immediately. They quickly became one of the show’s fan-favorite couples, with Murray even proposing to Stanton during the finale. Stanton accepted, and the couple left the show happily engaged.

Their Relationship After the Show

Unfortunately, Murray and Stanton’s engagement did not last long after the show ended. In early 2017, the couple announced that they had ended their relationship. At the time, they cited their “hectic schedules” and “long-distance” as reasons for the split.

However, things quickly turned ugly between Murray and Stanton. In a series of tweets, Murray accused Stanton of cheating on him with another “Bachelor” contestant, Robby Hayes. Stanton denied the allegations, and the feud between the two continued to escalate.

The Allegations in Stanton’s Book

In her 2019 book, “Now Accepting Roses,” Amanda Stanton opened up about her relationship with Josh Murray. She alleged that Murray had “control issues” during their time together, both on and off the show.

Stanton claimed that Murray would often become angry and jealous, even accusing her of flirting with other men on the show. She also alleged that Murray was controlling about what she wore and how she acted on the show, insisting that she only spend time with him.

Off camera, Stanton claimed that Murray continued to be jealous and controlling. She alleged that he would monitor her phone and social media accounts, becoming upset if she interacted with other men. Stanton also claimed that Murray was verbally abusive towards her, often calling her derogatory names and cursing at her.

The Aftermath

After the allegations in Stanton’s book were made public, Josh Murray released a statement denying the claims. He stated that Stanton’s allegations were “false” and “slanderous,” and that he had never been abusive towards her.

Despite Murray’s denial, the allegations have cast a shadow over his reality TV career and personal life. The feud between Murray and Stanton also continued, with both parties exchanging jabs on social media.


The relationship between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton may have started out as a fairytale romance on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but it quickly turned into a messy and bitter breakup. With allegations of control, verbal abuse, and infidelity, it’s clear that there were deeper issues in their relationship than just “hectic schedules” and “long-distance.” While the two have since moved on from each other, the fallout from their rocky relationship continues to follow them.


Who is Amanda from The Bachelor with now?

Amanda Stanton is a television personality who appeared on the 20th season of the hit reality TV show, The Bachelor. In the show, she competed for the heart of Ben Higgins. After her stint on The Bachelor, she joined the third season of the spin-off reality TV show, Bachelor in Paradise.

On Bachelor in Paradise, she started a relationship with Josh Murray, who was previously engaged to another Bachelor alumna, Andi Dorfman. Amanda and Josh dated for several months and even got engaged on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise. However, their relationship didn’t last long as they announced their split in December 2016.

After her time on Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda returned to her life as a single mother and continued to appear in various TV shows and events. In 2018, she started dating Bobby Jacobs, a professional volleyball player. The two shared a beautiful relationship and even moved in together in Laguna Beach, California. However, in 2019, Amanda and Bobby announced their split.

Currently, Amanda Stanton is in a relationship with Michael Fogel, a businessman from La Jolla, California. The couple started dating in December 2019 and have been together ever since. In September 2022, Amanda and Michael got married at a gorgeous wedding ceremony held at Kestrel Park in Santa Ynez, California. The couple’s wedding was attended by close family and friends, as well as Bachelor alumni. Amanda and Michael seem to be enjoying their married life together, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for them.

Are Amanda and Michael still together?

Amanda Bynes and Michael Clifford were once one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood, but in recent years, fans have been wondering if the pair are still together. Unfortunately, it appears that Amanda and Michael are no longer an item and have been going their separate ways for some time.

Rumors about the couple’s split started to surface in early 2022 when Bynes was spotted attending several events alone. Although they had been dating since 2019, it was clear that something was amiss between the two. However, it wasn’t until March 2023 that Michael finally confirmed their breakup in a public statement, stating that they are now just “friends.”

Despite this confirmation, fans of the couple have been left wondering what went wrong between them. Some have speculated that Amanda’s highly publicized struggles with addiction and mental illness played a role in their breakup. Others have suggested that the couple simply grew apart over time, as is often the case in Hollywood relationships.

Regardless of the reason for their split, it is clear that Amanda and Michael have a deep connection and remain close. Michael recently revealed details about Amanda’s public meltdown, an event that many believe led to their split. In an interview, he stated that he was with her during the entire ordeal and helped her through it.

While fans may be disappointed that Amanda and Michael are no longer together, they can take comfort in the fact that the two remain friends and are still involved in each other’s lives. Perhaps in the future, the pair will be able to rekindle their romance, but for now, it seems that they are content with their friendship.

Who is Amanda Bachelor ex husband?

I’m sorry but there is a mistake in the question, as it mentions Amanda Bachelor as if she is a known person, but there is no public figure with such a name. However, there is a reality TV personality and influencer named Amanda Stanton, who was a contestant on seasons 20 and 21 of “The Bachelor” and season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Amanda Stanton was married to Nick Buonfiglio, a former professional baseball player. They have two daughters together named Kinsley and Charlie. Their marriage ended in divorce, but the reasons for their separation are not publicly known. Since their divorce, Amanda has been single and focusing on her career as an author, fashion designer, and social media influencer.

Despite the end of their marriage, Amanda and Nick seem to have a healthy co-parenting relationship and both make effort to prioritize their children’s happiness and needs above all else. Amanda has also been open about her experience with co-parenting and frequently shares her tips and advice on how to navigate the challenges of raising kids with an ex-partner.

Amanda’S ex-husband is Nick Buonfiglio, but beyond that, not much information is publicly available about their former relationship.