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What happened between Bo and Bear Rinehart?

For over two decades, Bear and Bo Rinehart had been the driving force behind the Grammy-nominated band, NEEDTOBREATHE. Known for their unique blend of Southern rock, pop and Christian music, the two brothers were not only bandmates but also close friends. So, when Bo Rinehart suddenly left the band in 2020, it came as a shock to both fans and the music industry at large. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what happened between Bo and Bear Rinehart and try to shed light on the events that led to Bo’s departure.


To understand what happened between Bo and Bear Rinehart, it’s important to first take a brief look at the history of NEEDTOBREATHE. The band was formed in Seneca, South Carolina, in 1999 by the Rinehart brothers, their childhood friend Seth Bolt, and drummer Joe Stillwell. Over the years, NEEDTOBREATHE built a reputation as one of the most hardworking and passionate bands in the industry. Their unique style, which blended elements of rock, pop, and Christian music, earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

By 2020, NEEDTOBREATHE had released seven studio albums and had toured all over the world, playing at sold-out venues and festivals. Their discography includes hits like “More Time,” “Washed by the Water,” “Multiplied,” and “Brother.”

Bo Rinehart’s Departure

In early 2020, NEEDTOBREATHE had just finished recording their latest album, “Out of Body,” which was set to release on August 28, 2020. However, just a few weeks before the album’s release, Bo Rinehart announced that he was leaving the band.

In a statement released on social media, Bo explained that his decision to leave the band was not an easy one and that it came after much deliberation and prayer. He thanked the fans for their support and said that he would always cherish the memories and experiences he had while with the band.

The news of Bo’s departure came as a shock to fans, who had grown accustomed to seeing the two brothers perform together on stage. Many fans speculated that there might have been some underlying tension or conflict between the brothers that led to Bo’s departure.

The Reason Behind Bo’s Departure

While both Bear and Bo Rinehart have been tight-lipped about the reasons behind Bo’s departure, a few statements and interviews provide some insight. In an interview with CCM Magazine, Bear said that Bo’s departure was due to personal reasons and that the two brothers were still on good terms.

When asked about the impact of Bo’s departure on the band, Bear said, “It’s bittersweet, because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years together. But at the same time, we’re all really excited about the future.”

Bo, on the other hand, has not given any further interviews or statements about his departure from the band. However, some fans have speculated that he might have left the band due to creative differences or a desire to pursue other projects.


After Bo’s departure, NEEDTOBREATHE continued as a trio, with Bear Rinehart taking over lead guitar duties. The band released their eighth studio album, “Out of Body,” in August 2020, which debuted at number 20 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In a statement released before the album’s release, the band said, “We are incredibly excited to share this new chapter of NEEDTOBREATHE with the world. This album is the result of a lot of hard work and soul-searching, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it.”

Despite Bo’s departure, NEEDTOBREATHE has continued to tour and connect with their fans, often dedicating performances to their former bandmate. The band has proven that they can still deliver powerful performances and make great music, even without the two brothers playing together.


In conclusion, the departure of Bo Rinehart from NEEDTOBREATHE was a surprise to both fans and the music industry. While the exact reasons behind his departure remain unknown, the two brothers are reportedly on good terms, and the band has continued to thrive as a trio. With the release of their latest album, “Out of Body,” NEEDTOBREATHE has shown that they are still one of the most passionate and hardworking bands in the industry, and fans eagerly await what’s in store for the future.


Who is the new guitarist in Needtobreathe?

The new guitarist in Needtobreathe is Tyler Burkum. After Bo Rinehart stepped down from his role as a guitarist in the band, there was a lot of speculation about who would join the remaining members. However, fans were pleased to hear that Tyler Burkum had taken Bo Rinehart’s slot in the band and joined founding members Bear Rinehart, bassist Bolt, and long-time keyboardist Josh Lovelace and drummer Randall Harris in the current lineup.

Tyler Burkum is a highly skilled guitarist, having played with many other popular musicians over the years. He has previously played for the likes of Mat Kearney, Leeland, Audio Adrenaline, and Rebecca St. James. His addition to the band has been well received by fans, and he has proven to be an important member of the group.

Needtobreathe is a highly successful band that has been active since 2000. They have released several successful albums and have been nominated for numerous awards, including Grammy awards. Their style of music is a mix of rock, alternative, and Christian music, and their uplifting lyrics and catchy melodies have won them a dedicated fan base all around the world.

The addition of Tyler Burkum as the new guitarist in Needtobreathe has been a positive change for the band. His skillful guitar playing and musical talents have helped to enhance the band’s sound and have contributed to their continued success.

Who is the new singer for Thornhill?

Thornhill is an Australian metalcore band formed in 2015. In early 2021, there was a change in the lineup of the band, specifically their vocalist. After parting ways with their previous singer, the band began to search for a new lead vocalist.

In May 2021, Thornhill announced that they had found their new singer, Jacob Charlton, who previously served as the clean vocalist for the band. Charlton had already been a member of Thornhill for some time and played a significant role in their music.

Apart from Jacob Charlton, the current lineup for Thornhill includes Ethan McCann on guitar, Ben Maida on drums, and Nick Sjogren on bass guitar. They have released a number of successful singles, EPs, and one full-length studio album to date.

Although losing a lead singer can be a significant setback for a band, Thornhill has been able to successfully overcome this challenge and is now moving forward with their new vocalist. Fans are eagerly awaiting new music from Thornhill and are excited to see what Jacob Charlton brings to the table as their new lead singer.

Who is the new band with Richie Faulkner?

Richie Faulkner is the lead guitarist of the legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest. However, he has recently ventured into a new project called Elegant Weapons. This new band is set to release their debut album titled “Horns for a Halo” on Friday.

Faulkner assembled Elegant Weapons using music that inspired him and helped shape his sound. He is the main driving force behind the band’s creation, and fans are excited to see what he has in store. Faulkner is an incredibly talented guitarist, and his work with Judas Priest has solidified him as a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy metal.

The emergence of Elegant Weapons displays Faulkner’s versatility as a musician, proving that he is not afraid to explore new musical directions and work with new groups of people. The band’s sound will undoubtedly be heavily influenced by Faulkner’s previous work, but fans can expect to hear a unique and distinct sound that’s separate from Judas Priest’s signature sound.

Elegant Weapons is the latest musical project led by Richie Faulkner, the lead guitarist of Judas Priest. The band’s debut album, Horns for a Halo, is set to release shortly, and fans are eagerly anticipating the new sound that Faulkner will bring to the table. It will be exciting to see where this new project takes him, and what the future holds for Elegant Weapons.

Who is the lead guitarist for Huey Lewis and the News?

The lead guitarist for Huey Lewis and the News is Christopher John Hayes, who was born on November 24, 1957 in Sacramento, California. He began playing guitar at age nine and studied various styles of music, including folk and jazz. He is now known as a self-described “jazz freak.”

Hayes joined Huey Lewis and the News in 1979, shortly after the band was formed. He quickly became an integral part of the group’s sound, contributing guitar riffs and solos to many of their biggest hits. Some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “The Heart of Rock & Roll,” “Power of Love,” and “Hip to be Square,” feature Hayes’ distinctive guitar playing.

Over the years, Hayes has also been involved in various side projects and collaborations. He has played with other musicians, including Warren Zevon and Bonnie Raitt, and he has released solo albums as well.

Throughout his career, Hayes has been recognized as a talented guitarist and musician. He has received numerous accolades, including several Grammy nominations and awards. His contributions to Huey Lewis and the News have helped to shape the band’s unique sound and make them one of the most successful and beloved acts of the 80s and 90s.

Who plays guitar for Bret Michaels?

Bret Michaels is a well-known American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor who has been entertaining audiences for over three decades. Michaels is best known as the lead vocalist of the popular Rock band Poison, which he co-founded in the mid-1980s. Since then, he has released many solo albums and also appeared in numerous TV shows as an actor and reality TV personality. Michaels’ live performances are always high energy, and he is known for his exceptional performances on stage.

In terms of guitar playing, Bret Michaels is a multi-instrumentalist, but he does not play guitar on stage. Instead, he relies on a group of professional musicians who back him up during his live performances. The guitarist who usually plays for Bret Michaels is named Pete Evick.

Pete Evick is an experienced Musician, known to have worked with many renowned artists over the years, including Bret Michaels and Dark New Day. He is a skilled Guitarist, and he brings his unique style to every performance, adding an exciting new dynamic to Bret Michaels’ live shows. Together they make quite the duo on stage, and their chemistry keeps audiences rocking and rolling all night long. If you ever get the chance to attend one of Bret Michaels’ concerts, you can expect to see an incredible show, complete with fantastic musicianship from Pete Evick and the rest of the band.