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What can I use to hang paper lanterns?

Paper lanterns are one of the most versatile, inexpensive and stunning pieces of decor that add flair and vibrancy to any home or event. They are perfect for weddings, birthdays, garden parties, and even for everyday decorating. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic mood, celebrate your cultural heritage, or add a pop of color to your home, paper lanterns can do the trick. If you’re wondering how to hang paper lanterns, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most creative and practical ways to hang paper lanterns, along with some tips and tricks on how to make them look their best.

Fishing line or Thread

One of the easiest ways to hang paper lanterns is to use fishing line or thread to create a “net” over your party venue, on which you can hang your lanterns at different heights. The great thing about fishing line or thread is that it’s practically invisible, so it won’t take away from the beauty of your lanterns. Moreover, it’s sturdy enough to hold even the largest and heaviest of lanterns, so you don’t have to worry about them falling down.

To use fishing line or thread to hang your paper lanterns, tie a knot on one end and attach it to a hook or any other anchor point on your ceiling. Then, string the fishing line or thread across the room, crisscrossing it at different heights until you’ve created a “net” that covers the entire space. Finally, tie each lantern to the fishing line or thread using a loop knot or any other knot that you prefer. Make sure to adjust the height of your lanterns to create a dynamic effect. For example, you can hang some lanterns low for an intimate atmosphere and some high for a grand effect.

Metallic Ceiling Structure

If you’re hosting your event in a wedding tent or any other venue with a metallic ceiling structure, you’re in luck. You can use the ceiling itself as a hanging solution for your paper lanterns. All you need to do is attach the lanterns to the metallic frame using wire or string. The great thing about this method is that it’s straightforward and can save you a lot of time and effort.

To hang your paper lanterns on a metallic ceiling structure, start by measuring the distance between the metallic beams. Then, attach a piece of wire or string to each lantern and bend it into a loop. Finally, tie the loops to the metallic beams using wire or string, making sure to create an even and spaced-out pattern.

Tension Rods

If you’re looking for a more temporary and versatile solution, tension rods can do the trick. Tension rods are adjustable rods that you can hang on your ceiling or walls without any drilling or installation. They are perfect for renters, people who change their decor often, or those who need a quick and easy solution.

To use tension rods to hang your paper lanterns, you’ll need to choose the right size and strength. You should choose a rod that’s strong enough to hold the weight of your lanterns and long enough to span your desired space. Then, install the rods on your ceiling or walls according to the instructions. Finally, tie your lanterns to the rods, making sure to adjust their height and placement to create a balanced and eye-catching display.


Hanging paper lanterns is a fun and creative way to add charm and elegance to any event or home. With the right hanging solution, you can create a dynamic and visually stunning display that captivates your guests and creates a memorable atmosphere. Whether you choose to use fishing line or thread, a metallic ceiling structure, tension rods, or any other hanging solution, make sure to have fun and let your creativity fly. Happy hanging!


How do you stick lights to the wall?

When it comes to decorating a room or a space, string lights can add a magical touch. While it might seem like a difficult task to stick lights to the wall without damaging them or the wall, there are several ways to do it.

One of the most effective ways to stick lights to the wall is by using transparent tape. The trick is to use the strongest type of regular or double-sided transparent adhesive tape to support your lights fully. Some tapes can hold up to 15 pounds and withstand all kinds of weather. It’s important to note that not all tapes are created equal, so it’s worth investing in a good quality tape to ensure that your lights stay in place.

Before sticking your lights to the wall, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. This will help the tape to stick better and hold the lights more securely. It’s also a good idea to plan the layout of your lights before sticking them to the wall. This will help you to create a design that looks intentional and cohesive.

Another option for sticking lights to the wall is by using hooks. 3M Command hooks are a popular choice as they can hold up to 7.5 pounds and come in a range of sizes. The hooks have an adhesive backing that can be easily removed without damaging the wall. Simply stick the hooks to the wall and loop your lights around them.

For a more permanent solution, you can use screws to attach hooks to the wall. This method is ideal if you plan on leaving your lights up for an extended period of time. However, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools and materials. You’ll need a drill, screws, hooks, and possibly a stud finder to locate the framing behind the wall.

Sticking lights to the wall can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and the right materials, you can create a magical display that will add ambiance and warmth to any room or space. Whether you choose to use transparent tape, hooks, or screws, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your lights or the wall.

How do I hang Christmas lights on my wall?

Hanging Christmas lights on your wall is a great way to create a festive atmosphere during the holiday season. Luckily, it’s a relatively simple process that can be done quickly and easily. The following steps will guide you on how to hang Christmas lights on your wall:

1. Decide which wall you want to hang the Christmas lights on.

2. Measure the length of the wall to determine how many strands of lights you will need.

3. Purchase adhesive decorating clips from a hardware store to attach the lights to the wall. These clips are specifically designed to hold Christmas lights securely and can be easily removed without damaging the wall when the holiday season is over.

4. Attach the decorating clips to the wall in each place where you want to attach the lights. The clips should be placed at regular intervals along the wall to ensure that the lights are evenly spaced.

5. If you are hanging a vertical stretch of lights going straight up or down the wall, face the clips in alternating directions to make the arrangement more secure.

6. Once all of the clips are in place, carefully attach the Christmas lights to each clip. Make sure the lights are securely attached and have no chance of falling off.

7. Once all of the lights are hung, plug them in and enjoy the warm glow of your beautifully decorated wall!

Hanging Christmas lights on your wall is a simple and easy way to create a festive atmosphere during the holiday season. By following these steps, you can hang your lights securely and ensure that they stay in place throughout the holiday season.