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What bridesmaids should carry instead of flowers?

Bridesmaids traditionally carry bouquets of flowers during the wedding ceremony. However, more brides are opting for non-floral alternatives for their bridesmaids. This not only adds a unique and personal touch to the wedding but also allows bridesmaids to carry something that they can keep and use after the wedding. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best non-floral items that bridesmaids can carry instead of flowers.

1. Books

A great alternative to bridesmaid bouquets is to use books! Instead of carrying a lantern or a bouquet, you can ask your bridesmaids to carry a book to the wedding ceremony. Of course, you can set the theme for this too! For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you could have your bridesmaids carry a book of poems by the sea or a book about marine life. This is not only a unique and beautiful way to add a personal touch to your wedding but also allows bridesmaids to have a keepsake that they can cherish forever.

2. Clutches/Purses

Instead of flowers, you can also have your bridesmaids carry a clutch or purse. Not only are clutches and purses practical, but they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding. You can have your bridesmaids carry matching clutches or purses that complement their dresses. This is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into the bridesmaids’ accessories as well.

3. Lanterns

Another trendy alternative to bridesmaid bouquets is to have your bridesmaids carry lanterns down the aisle. This is a great option for evening or outdoor weddings when it gets dark early. The lanterns can also add a romantic and cozy touch to your wedding. You can choose to have your bridesmaids carry different sizes and colors of lanterns or opt for uniform ones that match the rest of the wedding decor.

4. Parasols

If you are having a summer or outdoor wedding, parasols are a great non-floral alternative for bridesmaid bouquets. Not only do they provide shade for your bridesmaids, but they can also add a pop of color and style to your wedding. You can choose parasols that match your wedding colors or have each bridesmaid carry one in a different shade. This is also a great way to incorporate a vintage or bohemian theme into your wedding.

5. Fans

Another great non-floral item that bridesmaids can carry instead of flowers is a fan. If you are having a summer or outdoor wedding, fans can be practical and stylish. You can choose fans that match your wedding colors or opt for ones that have a unique and intricate design. This is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding while keeping your bridesmaids cool and comfortable.


While traditional bridesmaid bouquets are beautiful, non-floral alternatives can be just as stunning and unique. From books to lanterns, clutches, parasols, and fans, there are plenty of options to choose from that will suit any wedding style and theme. Incorporating non-floral items into your bridesmaids’ accessories adds a personal touch and allows them to have a keepsake that they can cherish after the wedding is over. Get creative, have fun with it, and make your wedding a reflection of your personal style and taste.


Are bridesmaids supposed to carry bouquets?

Traditionally, bridesmaids are expected to carry bouquets as they walk down the aisle. The main purpose of bridesmaid bouquets is to complement the bride’s bouquet and to complete the overall wedding look. Bridesmaid bouquets often feature smaller versions of the bridal bouquet, but they can also be a slightly different style or color depending on the preferences of the bride and her bridesmaids.

In addition to complementing the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets serve a symbolic purpose as well. Historically, flowers were believed to ward off evil spirits, and bridesmaid bouquets were intended to protect the bride from malevolent forces. Today, bridesmaid bouquets are a symbol of unity and support for the bride and groom. They represent the bridesmaids’ role as supporters of the couple’s love and commitment to one another.

While carrying bouquets is traditional for bridesmaids, it is not necessarily a requirement. Some brides may choose to have their bridesmaids carry other items instead, such as small lanterns, books, or parasols. There are also instances where brides choose to forego bridesmaid bouquets altogether, particularly if the wedding has a minimalist aesthetic.

Bridesmaids are typically expected to carry bouquets that complement the bride’s bouquet and complete the overall wedding look. However, the choice to have bridesmaid bouquets or not is ultimately up to the bride’s personal preferences and the style and theme of the wedding. Regardless of whether they carry bouquets or not, bridesmaids play an important role in supporting the bride and groom on their special day.

Do bridesmaids buy their own stuff?

When it comes to weddings, a common question many people ask is whether bridesmaids are responsible for buying their own stuff. The short answer is yes, they are generally expected to pay for their own dresses, shoes, and accessories. This tradition has been around for a long time and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Bridesmaids are typically chosen by the bride to be a part of her special day. Being a bridesmaid comes with a few obligations and responsibilities, and one of those is paying for their own attire. According to etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, bridesmaids should be prepared to cover the costs of their dresses and accessories once they accept the offer to be in the wedding party.

Of course, the cost of the bridesmaid dress and other accessories varies depending on the wedding and the bride’s chosen attire. For instance, if the bride prefers a luxury designer dress, the costs can quickly add up. Some brides opt for more affordable options to make it easier for bridesmaids, but ultimately, the bride gets to choose the dresses and accessories that she wants.

Besides dresses and accessories, bridesmaids may also be responsible for other expenses such as hair and makeup appointments and transportation to the wedding. If the wedding is out of town, bridesmaids may need to pay for their own lodging and travel expenses as well.

Bridesmaids are expected to buy their own stuff for the wedding. However, if a bridesmaid is unable to pay for their dress or other related expenses, they should have a conversation with the bride to make other arrangements. being a bridesmaid is an honor and an important responsibility, and paying for their own attire is just one part of that role.

What do brides have bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are an integral part of a traditional wedding ceremony. They are a group of women, usually consisting of friends, relatives or sisters of the bride, who are chosen to support and assist the bride throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day itself. The role of the bridesmaid is an essential one, as they provide emotional and practical support to the bride before and during the wedding ceremony.

The tradition of having bridesmaids dates back to ancient Rome when bridesmaids were used as a decoy to confuse and ward off evil spirits that menaced the bride. In modern times, bridesmaids are chosen based on their closeness to the bride, as well as their ability to provide support and help with wedding preparations.

A bride typically chooses the maid of honor, who is the chief bridesmaid and the closest friend or relative to the bride, to be her right-hand woman during all wedding-related activities. The maid of honor’s responsibilities include planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and in some cases, the rehearsal dinner as well. On the day of the wedding, the maid of honor is responsible for keeping the bride calm and making sure everything runs smoothly, from helping the bride get into her dress and making sure she has everything she needs to walking down the aisle beside her.

Other bridesmaids may have a variety of responsibilities, depending on the bride’s wishes and what needs to be done. Some bridesmaids may assist with selecting attire, decorating the venue, and helping with pre-wedding events. They may also help with planning the seating arrangements, writing thank-you notes, and other tasks as needed.

In addition to providing practical support, bridesmaids also serve an important role as emotional support for the bride. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, and having close friends and family members by her side can help a bride feel supported and loved during this time.

Bridesmaids are a vital part of traditional wedding events, providing practical and emotional support to brides throughout the wedding preparations and ceremony. They help with planning, organizing, and making the wedding day everything the bride has dreamed of. To put it simply, the role of the bridesmaid is to be a close and helpful friend to the bride during one of the most important moments of her life.