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What airport do you fly into for Revelstoke?

Revelstoke is a beautiful city in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Known for its world-class ski resort, mountain biking trails, and stunning national parks, it is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from around the globe all year round. If you are planning a trip to Revelstoke, you may be wondering which airport is the most convenient to fly into. In this article, we will discuss the various airports you can fly into to reach Revelstoke.

Kelowna International Airport

The Kelowna International Airport, YLW, is often considered the gateway to Revelstoke. The airport is located about 195 kilometers (121 miles) from Revelstoke in the stunning Okanagan Valley. Kelowna International Airport is Interior BC’s largest hub, and it offers daily non-stop flights from Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Prince George, Victoria, Whitehorse, Seattle, and Cranbrook.

If you decide to fly into Kelowna International Airport, you have several transportation options to reach Revelstoke. You can choose from shuttles, taxis, car rentals, and public transport. The shuttle service is a popular option as it offers hassle-free, door-to-door service directly to your chosen accommodation in Revelstoke.

Calgary International Airport

The Calgary International Airport, YYC, is located approximately 400 kilometers (249 miles) from Revelstoke. It is the closest major airport to Revelstoke, and it offers a wide variety of domestic and international flights daily.

If you decide to fly into Calgary International Airport, you can rent a car, hire a shuttle, or take a bus to reach Revelstoke. Shuttles to Revelstoke typically take around six hours, while driving takes approximately five hours.

Vancouver International Airport

The Vancouver International Airport, YVR, is the second-largest airport in Canada and is located approximately 540 kilometers (336 miles) from Revelstoke. Vancouver International Airport operates daily flights from major cities worldwide, making it a convenient airport to fly into for international travelers.

If you fly into Vancouver International Airport, you can reach Revelstoke by car, bus, or flight. Car rental and shuttle services are readily available at the airport, and flights to Kelowna International Airport are also available. The drive from Vancouver to Revelstoke takes around six hours, and shuttle services typically take around eight hours.


In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Revelstoke, you have several airports to choose from when flying into the region. The Kelowna International Airport, Calgary International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport all offer convenient transportation options to reach Revelstoke. It is recommended that you plan your trip in advance and decide which airport to fly into based on your travel itinerary, budget, and personal preferences. Regardless of which airport you choose, you are sure to have a memorable experience exploring the stunning city of Revelstoke.


What is the closest major airport to Revelstoke?

Revelstoke is a small mountain town located in British Columbia, Canada. While it may not be easily accessible by flights, many travellers prefer to fly to the closest major airport and then drive or take a shuttle to the town. The closest major airport to Revelstoke is Kelowna International Airport, also known by its airport code YLW.

Kelowna International Airport is located approximately 200 kilometers southwest of Revelstoke, and is the largest and busiest airport in the region. Visitors to the airport can choose from a variety of airlines including Air Canada, West Jet, and Flair Airlines, which all provide regular flights to cities across Canada and parts of the United States. Depending on your location, you may need to connect through a larger airport such as Vancouver International Airport.

Once you arrive at Kelowna International Airport, you have a couple of options to reach Revelstoke. The most popular option is to rent a car and drive, which takes around 2.5 hours along a scenic route through the mountains. Car rental companies are available at the airport, and the drive is straightforward and easy to navigate with GPS.

Another option is to take a shuttle service, which is an affordable and convenient way to travel. There are several shuttle companies that operate between Kelowna and Revelstoke, including Rider Express and Revelstoke Connection. These shuttles run several times a day and offer door-to-door service, making it a great option for those who don’t want to drive.

While Revelstoke may not have its own airport, Kelowna International Airport is the closest major airport that offers regular flights to and from major cities across Canada and the United States. From there, visitors can either rent a car or take a shuttle to Revelstoke, both of which are convenient and easy ways to reach this beautiful mountain town.

What is Revelstoke close to?

Revelstoke, a charming city in the British Columbia province, Canada, is nestled in the heart of the Selkirk and Monashee mountains. Being surrounded by these wildly contrasting mountain ranges, Revelstoke is situated in a magically scenic location, making it an ideal destination for adventure travellers and nature enthusiasts alike.

One of the factors that makes Revelstoke a popular destination is its location. There are various options to get here, but the most convenient way is by driving on the Trans Canada Highway. Revelstoke is approximately halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, making it an ideal stopping point for travellers looking for a scenic break. Moreover, the town is situated centrally in British Columbia, making it easily accessible from other cities in the province.

Revelstoke is close to several popular tourist destinations, making it easy to plan for day trips or longer excursions. The nearby Mount Revelstoke National Park is just a short 20-minute drive from the town and is home to stunning alpine landscapes, pristine lakes, and numerous hiking trails. Another popular destination is the Glacier National Park, located a short distance east of Revelstoke, with its enchanting landscapes and alpine meadows.

Apart from natural attractions, Revelstoke is also in close proximity to various other amenities. The town has its own small airport, serving both commercial and private flights, with direct flights available from Vancouver during the peak season. For travellers who prefer train travel, Revelstoke is served by Via Rail Canada, with daily services from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

To summarize, Revelstoke is nestled centrally in the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges, along the Trans Canada Highway, halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, and located within British Columbia. It is conveniently situated close to popular tourist destinations, such as Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park, and there is easy access to other amenities, including air and train travel.

Does Revelstoke have a train station?

Yes, Revelstoke does have a train station. The Revelstoke Railway Station is located in downtown Revelstoke and is operated by Via Rail. This historic station was built in 1905 and serves the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main line, which runs between Vancouver, British Columbia, and Calgary, Alberta.

The Revelstoke Railway Station is a charming and historic building that has been carefully preserved over the years. It is a designated heritage site and was restored in the 1980s to its original appearance. It now serves as a hub for both passenger and freight trains.

If you are planning to travel to Revelstoke by train, you can catch a train from Vancouver or Calgary that stops at the Revelstoke station. The station is served by Via Rail’s Canadian train, which is a luxury train that runs from Toronto to Vancouver. The Canadian stops in Revelstoke twice a week in both directions, making it a great option for travelers who want to experience the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The Revelstoke Railway Station is an important transportation hub and a historic landmark in Revelstoke. It serves as a gateway to the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area and is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Do passenger trains go through Revelstoke?

Yes, passenger trains do go through Revelstoke. Revelstoke has a long and rich history with railways. It was once a transportation hub for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and today it continues to be an important stop on the Trans-Canada Highway. The city is located in a stunning area of British Columbia and is a popular destination for tourists who want to explore the region’s beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Canadian Pacific Railway’s main line runs through Revelstoke, providing connections to other major cities and towns across Canada. This means that passengers traveling by train can easily reach Revelstoke from a variety of destinations, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. The journey from Vancouver to Revelstoke takes approximately 10 hours and offers passengers spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the Kicking Horse River.

Passengers traveling by train to Revelstoke can choose from a range of services, from economy class to sleeper cabins. Many trains feature amenities such as meals, entertainment, and Wi-Fi, ensuring that passengers can relax and enjoy their journey. Additionally, traveling by train is an environmentally friendly option, as it produces significantly less carbon emissions than driving or flying.

Revelstoke is an important stop on Canada’s railways, providing travelers with easy access to the city’s many attractions and the beautiful surrounds of the British Columbia wilderness. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, taking the train to Revelstoke is a convenient and enjoyable way to explore this stunning region of Canada.

What train goes through the mountain in BC?

The Rocky Mountaineer is a scenic train that travels through the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta. This train journey is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, with breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies and the stunning landscapes surrounding them. The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train that offers passengers a comfortable and relaxing way to travel through these stunning vistas.

The train journey starts in Vancouver, British Columbia, and runs through to Banff, Alberta, with a number of stops along the way. The Rocky Mountaineer is known for its exceptional service, which includes gourmet meals, attentive staff, and comfortable seating that allows passengers to fully enjoy the views. The train also offers a glass-domed coach, which provides 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery, so that passengers can truly take it all in.

One of the key highlights of the Rocky Mountaineer journey is passing through the Spiral Tunnels in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. These tunnels were built in the early 1900s to help trains navigate the treacherous mountain terrain, and are still used by the Rocky Mountaineer today. The train also passes through some of the most stunning landscapes in Canada, including Glacier National Park, Kicking Horse Canyon, and the Coastal Mountains.

In addition to the stunning scenery, the Rocky Mountaineer also offers a number of unique experiences for passengers. For example, the train offers an outdoor viewing platform, where passengers can feel the wind in their hair as they take in the views. The train also offers a number of themed trips, such as the First Passage to the West, which follows the historic route of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a must-see experience for anyone visiting British Columbia, Alberta, or Canada as a whole. Its stunning views, comfortable and luxurious accommodation, and exceptional service make it a truly unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Where does the Banff train go?

The Banff train is a popular tourist attraction that takes passengers on a scenic journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada. The train is operated by Rocky Mountaineer, one of the leading luxury train services in the world. The journey takes passengers from Vancouver to Banff, making stops in Kamloops and Lake Louise along the way.

The train departs from Vancouver and travels through the scenic Fraser Valley, which is famous for its beautiful farms and ranches. The route then takes passengers through the rugged mountains and pristine forests of British Columbia, passing by a number of small towns and villages.

After an overnight stay in Kamloops, passengers board the train again and head towards the Rocky Mountains. The train passes through the Spiral Tunnels, which were built in the early 1900s to help trains navigate the steep and winding terrain. Along the way, passengers are treated to breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and crystal-clear lakes.

The highlight of the journey is the visit to Banff, which is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Banff is known for its stunning natural beauty and offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, and wildlife watching. The train also stops at Lake Louise, which is one of the most photographed lakes in the world and is famous for its turquoise waters and majestic surrounding mountains.

The Banff train journey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers passengers the chance to see some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. Whether you are a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, or just someone looking for a unique travel experience, the Banff train is definitely worth considering.

Does VIA Rail go to Banff?

Yes, VIA Rail is one of the two railways that provides train travel to Banff, a town located in the province of Alberta, Canada. The other railway is the Rocky Mountaineer. Banff is a popular tourist destination known for its hot springs, natural beauty, and skiing opportunities.

VIA Rail is a Canadian national passenger railway network that serves over 450 communities across Canada. It operates different types of trains, including long-distance, regional, and commuter services. VIA Rail provides transportation services to destinations between Ontario and British Columbia, including Banff.

If you are planning to travel from Toronto or Vancouver to Banff, VIA Rail offers The Canadian train, which provides a scenic trip through the Canadian Rockies. The train has Sleeper Touring Class, Prestige Class, and Economy Class seating options. The Sleeper Touring Class option is the most comfortable and expensive with private cabins that include meals prepared by an onboard chef. The Prestige Class is another premium option with private cabins and unique amenities like priority boarding, complimentary drinks, and a concierge service. The Economy Class is the most affordable seating option with reclining seats that include a shared shower and toilet facility.

The train travel from Toronto to Banff takes about two days and crosses five provinces (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia). The Vancouver to Banff train ride takes about 20 hours.

Via Rail does go to Banff, and train travel to Banff is a unique way to see the Canadian Rockies. The train ride offers a picturesque journey, and VIA Rail has different seating options for tourists with varying budget levels.