Weddings + Zola = True Love Weddings + Zola = True Love
Weddings + Zola = True Love: 3 Reasons You Won’t Go Anywhere Else for Your Registry Needs You know your style. How you make... Weddings + Zola = True Love

Weddings + Zola = True Love: 3 Reasons You Won’t Go Anywhere Else for Your Registry Needs

You know your style. How you make sure everyone else knows your style can be the difficult part.

Creating a wedding registry should be fun and exciting, but too many couples get overwhelmed and frustrated. Not every website carries exactly what you want or need, and having five or six registries on different sites is too much to keep track of.

With the age of technology, there should be an easy solution, right?

Welcome to Zola, your one-stop shop for wedding registries.

In a busy, fast-paced world, Zola makes your wedding registry planning simple! Starting on the homepage, the site is sleek and modern, making navigability easy for anyone (which is a plus for folks who may purchase off of your registry who aren’t the most tech-savvy).

Although we could create a list taller than the Eiffel Tower on why we love Zola, we thought we’d condense it to the three main features. Here we go!

Brands Ahoy!

Zola has done a wonderful job of curating their listed brands. From staple brands like Vitamix and Pyrex to the fanciful ones such as Villeroy & Boch, you and your fiancé will not be for want.

Create your registry with your home design in mind. Zola has both rustic and modern touches for your home, so even the quirkiest of minds will not be left out by using Zola. The best thing: everyone who is purchasing for you will know EXACTLY what you want with no guesswork involved.

Customizable Page

Once you’re hooked on the brands Zola offers (which we don’t think will take long), it’s time to start creating your registry. With some sites, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, but Zola has made the process streamlined and functional.

You can add a profile picture to your registry and a custom greeting when guests log in. These personalized pages are clean and modern, which means guests will get all of the necessary information without having to dig forever.

Features, Features Everywhere

Zola is not your bare-bones registry. Unlike big box stores that have a registry feature, Zola is primarily geared toward creating easy to use registries. And they did NOT skimp on the features that will make your life easier and more plentiful!

Gift Swap: On Zola, you’ll be able to see your gifts before they are shipped, giving you the option of swapping for something different if you’ve changed your mind or don’t like the gift – you can then use that credit toward something else on the site!

Group Gifting: If you and your partner are aiming for a big-ticket item that might break the bank for most single buyers, Zola allows you to mark it as a group gift, and people can pay as much as they like toward the item.

Thank You Manager: Keeping track of who bought what for you and your sweetheart just became ten times easier with Zola’s thank you manager. When you’re ready to start writing out those cards, export a list of who bought what gift, complete even with their addresses, and get to mailing!

Some of the other great features Zola includes is receiving 10% off EVERYTHING on the Zola site up to 1 year after your wedding date. We’ll take that in a heartbeat!

If you’re bummed because you made your registry already, don’t fret! With Zola’s complimentary Registry Advisor, you can import all of your other registries right onto this site.

Sound too good to be true? Explore Zola today for your registry needs and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Lauren Stine


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