Wedding Planners: 3 Reasons Why You Need One NOW Wedding Planners: 3 Reasons Why You Need One NOW
It’s a few months out from your wedding, but the stress is real. From finding the best vendors to figuring out how to make... Wedding Planners: 3 Reasons Why You Need One NOW

It’s a few months out from your wedding, but the stress is real. From finding the best vendors to figuring out how to make your day-of timeline, you constantly feel like you need a cocktail and a good massage. If you’re starting to feel like you’re in over your head in wedding to-dos, it might be time to consider hiring a wedding planner.

“Ugh, but wedding planners are so expensive!”

Hold that thought – While it is true that wedding planning pay can be on the high end, they are almost always worth the cost. We have three reasons why finding a great planner and coordinator should be top of your list.

Money Matters: Hire a Planner

Sounds counterintuitive, we know, but hiring a planner in the long run can actually save you money. If you’re new to the wedding scene, you probably don’t know who to hire for a DJ or caterer.

A good wedding planner, however, will be able to tell you everything you want to know about the wedding industry in your area.

Wondering why ‘good’ was bolded above? Because there are a lot of wanna-be wedding planners out there who thought they’d find their Matthew McConaugheys by eating only brown M&Ms, that’s why. Thanks, J-Lo.

But there are great wedding planners out there. Find friends or family members who have used someone, and meet up with them for coffee or lunch. If your personalities mesh and you like the portfolio he or she shows you, book!

These planners who know the industry well will be able to point you toward vendors who might fly under the radar but who perform excellently on the wedding day. Deals are to be found around every corner if only you know where to look. Let an amazing wedding planner show you the way.

The Good Kind of Buffer

Family drama should never, ever ruin your wedding day. But all it takes is one overbearing and prying mother-in-law to tarnish your wedding memories. When hiring a coordinator, try to find one who is professional and accustomed to acting as a buffer for you and your partner.

Same-sex weddings sometimes can be extra stressful, especially if certain family members aren’t supportive of your right and desire to wed. Finding a planner who has planned and coordinated same-sex weddings before would provide you with more peace of mind.

Know that your wedding planner should have your and your future spouse’s back throughout the planning process and the day of the wedding.

Last Minute Drama, Solved

Barely any weddings are truly ‘perfect’, and while that may be scary to hear, it’s something you should come to terms with now. On the day of your wedding, do you want to be the one to call the limo when it’s late? Or what about giving directions to the baker who isn’t sure where to drop off the cake?

Even if you don’t hire a planner, a wedding coordinator will save you from ripping your hair out on the day of your wedding. The goal of a coordinator is to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, and when it doesn’t, take care of the issues so you don’t even know they happened.

Your sole responsibility the day of your wedding needs to be staying focused on your partner and having fun! Have that wine, get out there on the dance floor, and enjoy being surrounded by the love of your friends and family.

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