Wedding Day Pampering Tips Wedding Day Pampering Tips
As the big day nears and the wedding stress looms it’s important to care for yourself and show a little love to your wedding... Wedding Day Pampering Tips

As the big day nears and the wedding stress looms it’s important to care for yourself and show a little love to your wedding party as well with these pampering tips. Planning a wedding is tough work, so as the day nears you should set aside some time for a little pampering for you and your group. If you want to look your best and feel relaxed when you’re walking down the aisle, consider these tips from the pros at 20 Lounge, an upscale nail bar based in California with locations in Arizona.


You may think that pampering the day before your wedding is key to looking your best, but according to 20 Lounge nail technician, Kristy Flores you want to make sure you book your spa day to occur loungeLR2one week in advance of the big day. “Do not try to do your spa day the morning of the event,” says Flores. “You are taking a huge risk if something goes wrong.” 20 Lounge has a one-week guarantee on their nail services, so if anything (paint chips, nail breaks, etc.) happens during that week, you can come back and get it fixed for free.

If you have any skin problems like scars or creases, be sure to consult a reputed dermatologist or take advantage of skincare cosmeceuticals like beverly hills md to get it remedied. Do note that you should start your treatment at the least four months before the big day.

Flores also suggests doing your homework; know which services you’ll be getting for the wedding party and it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate the number of people and services to ensure there is enough time and staffing.


Glowing skin, manicured nails, hair in place. For men and women alike, the goal is to look flawless. If you’re wondering what services will help you achieve this, Flores first suggests a paraffin wax treatment to soften and smoothen hands and feet. Rid yourself of dead and dry skin with callus remover treatment or a sugar scrub. A general cleanup is important for all parties involved, a manicure, a pedicure and some waxing. “If you’re going to do ring pictures, get your knuckles waxed,” advises Flores.

To ensure your nails will stand the test of time, it’s best to go with a Shellac polish, as it lasts a lot longer than regular polish. “The french manicure and pedicure is a classic for bridal parties”, says Danielle Taurone, lead nail technician and assistant manager at 20 Lounge Del Mar. You can also opt for a pretty Shellac polish that is neutral or one that matches your wedding colors. Men can make sure their nails look good with a cuticle treatment and a clear coat of polish.

Want to go the extra mile? A massage is a really enjoyable add-on. Hot towels are also really relaxing and help soothe the wedding planning stress away.


You’re looking fresh and so is your bridal party. You may be wondering what the proper etiquette is when it comes to paying for your services. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but according to the professionals at 20 Lounge, typically the bill ends up in the hand of one of the bride’s or groom’s parents, or best man and maid of honor. “In my ten years of experience, I have never seen the bride/groom pay for their own services,” says Taurone. Flores says it is also common for everyone to pitch in and pay for their own service. “It’s the courteous thing to do; you’re there to celebrate his or her big day.”


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