Wedding Day in Australia Wedding Day in Australia
We first met online way back when I was at uni (Nat) and she was still living at home in country Victoria (Tara) and... Wedding Day in Australia

We first met online way back when I was at uni (Nat) and she was still living at home in country Victoria (Tara) and we were both looking for friends to talk to. Just a few weeks after we started chatting, I decided to jump on a plane to Melbourne to meet her properly and go and stay with her family for a few days. We met at Spencer Street Station and then had to catch a 5 hour train to Warnambool then a bus to Heywood. Tara was EXTREMELY shy and barely spoke a word the entire train trip!

We then missed the connecting bus and had to call her Mum to come get us (which was still an hours drive away!). Sidenote: Tara had told her Mum that I was an old school friend (despite them living in a small country town and her mother knowing everyone who lived in town). It was a memorable trip for sure! We kept in touch as friends for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until she joined the Navy and was deployed to Sydney before we properly reconnected and sparks appeared.

When did you know they were the one? Was there something they did?, etc

For me (Nat), it was knowing that I didn’t want to do life without her. Tara is really such a sweet, generous and loving person and is the best companion.

I always knew she was someone special. She is an amazingly nice person who always sees the positive in everyone and everything. And me being the shy person that I am, I always looked up to her and wanted to be like her.

Tell me about the proposal:


We had always talked about marriage from the early and we even toyed with the idea of eloping overseas because at the time it was still not legal here. However, we always came back to wanting to be surrounded by family and friends when the time came.

The proposal itself was not planned or orchestrated – it was a spontaneous hot mess! We were at home, watching TV together and it was the season finale of one of our favorite shows where there was a romantic and emotional wedding scene which set us off. Tara and I were crying over the silly episode and we looked at each other and Tara asked me to marry her and of course I said yes! 🙂 Not long after we got our matching engagement rings to mark the occasion however other than it was very low key. But in reality we have been engaged since 2010!! It has been a long time coming. 🙂

Tell me one thing you love most about each other:


Nat: I love the way that Tara takes so much pride in her work and is always going above and beyond for others. She treats people with respect and dignity and will always take the time to help someone, no matter what else is going on.

Tara: Her loving, caring and positive nature and a cute butt too!

If you feel comfortable, I’d love to hear something silly or quirky the other person does.

Nat: Tara turns down the music when she enters a car park and it always makes me laugh. She also tells everyone that she hates our dogs, but when no one is looking she is giving them lots of love and attention.

Tara: She has to have a lip balm in every part of the house and every pocket of every jacket and every pocket of every bag (and in the car too!).

Hair Stylist:K & Co Hair Lounge//Transportation:Ogdens Coaches//Ceremony Location: Blue Wren Farm//Floral Designer: Shiralee Archer Florist by Appointment//Photographer: Henry Paul Photography//

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