Vintage Inspired Same-Sex Wedding Vintage Inspired Same-Sex Wedding
Casey (long, red hair) and Ashley (short brown hair) are originally from southern California, but currently living in the Washington DC area while Ashley... Vintage Inspired Same-Sex Wedding

Casey (long, red hair) and Ashley (short brown hair) are originally from southern California, but currently living in the Washington DC area while Ashley is on active duty in the Navy. Their wedding on June 6, 2015 had to be planned from afar via their crew on the ground as well as on a $12,000 budget. Casey is a die-hard romantic who had an idyllic vision of being swept away in the gorgeous details of her big day…without compromising on fun entertainment, delicious food, and a highly-personalized wedding ceremony. Casey selected skeleton keys as her vintage yet rustic theme for their beauty as well as their symbolism. This burlap-free wedding featured painted mason jars with strings of pearls and all white floral arrangements adorning each table. Casey incorporated her signature skeleton keys in the ceremony, on the cake topper, in a custom monogram light projected onto the wall, and in the seating assignments. Along with Casey and Ashley, I created a completely customized ceremony that brought together Casey’s Jewish heritage (sharing wine, breaking glass) and Ashley’s Irish heritage (a hand-fasting ceremony). It was important for the brides to have their parents involved in the ceremony, so rather than me binding their hands together, their parents did. After a traditional Irish meal, many heartfelt toasts to the happy couple, cutting the cake, and a group photo on the dance floor, I opened the dance floor, and the guests enjoyed the arcade-style video photo booth and the color-coordinated candy buffet. To stay within the tight budget, Casey and Ashley and their crew DIYed the decor and flowers. They saved a ton with a bundle package from us that included photography, officiating, DJ, lighting, a candy buffet, and a photo booth. Ashley’s mom is a corporate event planner and handled much of the long-distance preparation and coordination. But the truly jaw-dropping savings was getting their venue, the club house at Ashley’s grandmother’s gated Laguna Woods community, for just $500! A few days before the wedding (June 6, 2015), Little Big Town’s song “Girl Crush” came out. I immediately recognized this as the missing piece of the puzzle that would put the cherry on top of the wedding day experience. I asked Casey if she liked the song. She gushed, “Of course!” Ta-dah, we have a last dance that was the perfect ending to a dream-come-true day.

Photographer: Nicole Lundgren at Revolution Weddings

Venue: Clubhouse at Laguna Woods

DJ: Staci Nichols at Revolution Weddings

Lighting: Staci Nichols at Revolution Weddings

Officiant: Staci Nichols at Revolution Weddings

Photo Booth: Brittany Garton at Revolution Weddings


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