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We believe, down to our core, that people are amazing just the way they are. No prop, no backdrop, no manufactured moment will ever surpass the beauty of real lives, real emotions, real relationships, and real love. We feel that staging moments and faking emotions robs us all of the real emotions and moments that happen on their own, so we just don’t do it.  We won’t ask you to run from imaginary giant dinosaurs to be photoshopped in later, and we will never, ever ask you to pretend you’re having an affair with someone in your wedding party because it’ll make a “funny” picture.  I mean, really?

If you see us posing anything like this, please call 911, because we have clearly suffered a brain injury.  We approach each wedding we photograph as an individual event, unlike any we’ve ever seen. You won’t find two weddings in our vast portfolio that look anything alike; we follow no scripts. Instead, we let your day take us where it will. Your personalities, your relationships, and the ‘feel’ of your day dictate our movements, our shutter clicks, our storytelling. We tell your story, and your story looks nothing like anyone else’s.

With a collection of honest, storytelling, beautiful photos from your wedding, we guarantee that you will never forget the weather on that day. The way the flowers smelled. The sounds of your guests clinking their glasses to get you two kissing for the ninety-eighth time. The way you looked at one another, and how you felt electric from your head to your toes. All those memories. All the glances and smiles. The little gestures, the big emotions, the tears and laughter, every ribbon and petal, every last detail. Perfectly captured for a lifetime of reliving and falling in love all over again.

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