Ultimate DIY Wedding! Ultimate DIY Wedding!
Today is Misti & Courtney’s anniversary so I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane with images from their... Ultimate DIY Wedding!

Today is Misti & Courtney’s anniversary so I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane with images from their wedding. These were two of the sweetest and coolest brides! These girls decided to turn their engagement party into a DIY wedding just days before the event. With an exciting “why wait?” attitude these girls contacted 2 Brides 2 Grooms Photography to capture their special day! With help from a ton of friends the girls were able to transform Rancho del Cielo into their perfect wedding spot high up in the hills of Malibu, CA. A pink theme was carried throughout the decor, including homemade goodies, and gorgeous wildflower centerpieces! The weather was perfect, and the views were amazing! Misti & Courtney were so excited and hopelessly in love. To watch them interact just for a few minutes felt so inspiring and beautiful. While guests arrived the brides put the final touches on their handwritten personal vows and spent time separately getting ready with their best friends. Good news travels fast… by the time all of their friends and family arrived everyone knew they were there for a wedding, and not just an engagement party.

The brides had recently returned from a long trip to Hawaii and were influenced by the spirit of aloha. They incorporated certain Hawaiian elements into their special day, including the iconic ceremonial blowing of the conch shell at the beginning of their ceremony, and the blending of sand and water before their vows! Perhaps one of the most special moments was when Misti walked down the isle wearing the wedding dress her mother wore years ago when she and Misti’s father were married. It was a beautiful and tearful moment for Mom when she recognized the dress! After the girls were wed and congratulatory hugs were given, the party really got started! Shots were poured and heartfelt speeches were made. The brides shared a first dance, and the rest of the intimate group of guests joined in. For a wedding that didn’t start as a wedding, it certainly turned out to be one the most beautifully special that 2 Brides 2 Grooms Photography has had the pleasure of capturing. The spirit and energy in the air that evening was very special. Happy Anniversary Misti and Courtney!

Photographer:  2 Brides 2 Grooms Photography//Reception Venue: Rancho del Cielo//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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