Same sex vintage wedding in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jennifer and Beth had a wonderful wedding surrounded by family and friends. Jennifer had an absolutely phenomenal vintage themed dress that we just couldn’t get enough of. You can’t get a more beautiful ceremony location than Albuquerque’s own Botanical Gardens, and you can’t get a more unique reception location... Read more
Beautiful Same-sex Wedding in Michigan
This same-sex wedding in Stone Creek Michigan for Shawna and Tricia was beautiful! Shawna and Tricia, have been through so much together; cancer, crisis, and more. It has only made their bond even stronger. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us. Photographer:  Tammy LaBar Weddings Reception Venue: Stone... Read more
A Same-Sex Pagan Wedding in Scotland
The first same-sex Pagan wedding in the United Kingdom at a place called Marlin’s Wynd in Edinburgh Scotland. Thomas is Australian and Iain is Scottish and they run a Pagan store called Gemini Aspects which sells Pagan artifacts like wands and capes. Their Pagan Ceremony included a Handfasting and... Read more
Intimate LGBT Ceremony at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona
What a beautiful intimate ceremony at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona. Kate and Robin, a couple from Phoenix, loved the Sedona background and were wed in the waters of the creek. They had two of their friends come as witnesses and their pups Rosie and Danny at the... Read more
Same-sex wedding in New York
Kevin and Kevin celebrated their wedding in Flowerfield, New York. The details at their wedding were elegant, and they were surrounded by the love of their family and friends. Photographer:  Photography by Verdi Reception Venue: Flowerfield   Read more